Episode 87: Looking to 2015


2014 has come and gone! Wow! What a year it’s been! You can probably name a bunch of stuff that’s happened to the world but… I can’t right off the top of my head. The year just whizzed by at a breakneck pace. I know there were a few world changing events I wanted to write about when I decided to put up a post about what I’m looking forward to in 2015.

But, with all of the celebrations, parties and what-not regarding ringing in the end of the old year and bringing in the new, I forgot about it! So, while it may be egocentric of me, I decided to go with it and just write about the things I’m looking forward to in 2015! Besides, I wrote a list last year. And, seeing that all of them came true, it’s time for me to be a bit more selfish and see if they come true this year!

1. My very own PlayStation 4

This is a bit of a cheat since I already have one! This was the thing I wanted for last Christmas and I got one! And it came with one of my favorite games, too!



It’s sitting right next to my TV right now! And I do have to say playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on it is fantastic! It’s taking me some time to get used to the overall interface of the PS4 since it’s so different from what I’m used to with the PS3. But I am getting the hang of it!

I don’t think I’ll be playing on the PS4 since I’m still too busy playing Street Fighter IV. But, speaking of which…

2. Playing more Omega Mode in Street Fighter IV

When this was announced I didn’t know what to think. Now that I got my hands on it, I kinda like it!

It’s not something I would play too seriously but it is fun trying out the new moves they’ve added. I love the changes they did with Blanka, especially the burrowing electric attack! It’s fun to just pop out of the ground and surprise the opponent. The sad thing is not many people are playing Omega mode online! I wish they were.

I do understand why people are hesitant about playing in Omega mode; it’s completely broken! Some characters have easy to perform infinites where you can just spam attacks and your opponent can’t do anything about it! I’ve been hit by this playing online and I didn’t like it. Not one bit!

I still think Street Fighter 4’s Omega mode is still fun! I just wish there aren’t idiots who try to abuse the infinites!

3. Traveling to the United States

This is actually the thing I’m most excited about! I’ve only gone to other countries within Asia but I’ve never been to the Land of the Free and all that! The furthest I’ve been to is Japan (which is a really great place) but I’ve always wanted to go to the United States but I never have! I mean, there’s so many places to visit there!

There are so many things I want to do while I’m there! I’d like to see a Broadway show in New York… any show would do! I’d love to go to the place where you can see the Hollywood stars’ hand and footprints in the sidewalk! I would also go to Disneyland there! Sure there are Disneyland’s here in Asia but I want to see the one in Florida!

Another thing I want to do and, this may sound weird, I really want to go to a WWE event and watch Monday Night Raw live! I really love wrestling, especially Monday Night Raw, and I’ve never seen the stars of the WWE or watched a live event ever! I’ll be the one holding up the big sign saying “Robin Adventures is finally on RAW!”

Weird that there's no "E" in their logo.

Weird that there’s no “E” in their logo.

Too bad that, by the time I go there, AJ Lee probably won’t be part of the roster anymore. With all of the hoopla regarding the things CM Punk said on a podcast, I do think AJ Lee (my personal favorite wrestler and girl crush) will eventually become as disillusioned with the WWE as her husband is.

Speaking of which, I do like to talk about CM Punk and I’ll talk about that next time!

What are your plans for 2015? Let me know in the comments section below!

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