Episode 36: How I Conned My Brother Out Of His Old PS3


During the past weeks, I’ve been writing a lot about my experience in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s the game I’ve been playing a lot of. I have to say I really love the game and I haven’t even started with the actual story of the game! But now, I can actually play it. It’s something I don’t really do since I haven’t played a lot of games before; I usually watch my brother play instead.

The reason why I don’t play is mainly because I’m not really that good at games. I tend to panic a lot and I forget which button does what. But I think the reason why I’m like this is due to the fact I’m kind of shy. Yeah, it’s odd for me to say that since I’ve been writing on this blog for almost a year now. I try to keep my private life and online life separate for personal reasons. However, being shy also prevents me from playing games for long periods of time since the game console that I can play is hooked up to the television of the living room… where everyone can see me make mistakes!

If I can't see them, they can't see me!

If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!

But now, since I have my very own PlayStation 3 hooked up in my room, I can now play without anyone looking at me! Sure, it’s not brand new but it’s something I worked to get. And I got it for free! By conning my brother to give it to me!

Bear with me because there’s a long story that goes with this…

Around 5 years ago, my brother purchased his first PlayStation 3. I was 13 years old at the time but I can still remember when he unboxed it for the first time. Now, I wasn’t a “gamer” then (I don’t even consider myself as a gamer now!) but my brother’s excitement for this monolith of gaming goodness was infectious. He was the gamer in the family and, when he played games, I would just watch him play.

I enjoyed it when he would play games like Silent Hill 2 in his room with all the lights out and I would just watch the story unfold. For me, it was like watching an episodic television show… but you can control the outcome. When my parents sort of questioned him as to why he would let his sweet little sister watch him play a game with such violent imagery, I told them I just watched it for the story since it was so good. I’m not sure if they were okay with it afterwards but I never heard anything about that afterwards.

How did you know, game?

Creeped me out then. Still creeps me out now.

But this time, the PlayStation 3 seemed… bigger. The worlds were bigger. The stories were more epic in scope. I loved watching it. In fact, for the first time, I tried my hand in playing games on it. I started small with PlayStation Home and then Street Fighter IV (but I don’t want to bore you guys with details since I’ve already detailed my experiences in Episode 5 and sort of in Episode 15). I tried playing other games but I never became a real hardcore gamer.

It didn’t matter. I wanted my own PlayStation 3 after than. And I felt legitimately sad when his original fat PlayStation 3 started to get the Yellow Light of Death. He did try to get it fixed at a local repair shop here in the Philippines but, even after they fixed it, it only lasted for a couple of months before it died again.

Like Green Lantern, the color yellow is the PS3's greatest weakness.

Yellow used to be my favorite color

Anyway, just around 6 months ago, he decided to buy a new Super Slim PlayStation 3. And in my favorite color: red! I don’t care what most people say about the Super Slim PS3. I think it’s a beautiful looking piece of technology. I love the weird grate-y look it has. I love the fact it has actual Power and Drive Open buttons and not the touch sensitive ones the fat one had. I even love the fact that the top part slides to reveal the Disc Drive!

But my brother was a hater, like the rest of the world. I guess he also had a lot of sentimentality attached to his original PS3. So, while he enjoyed playing PS3 games again, it wasn’t the same for him. Besides, this was around the time when its successor, the PlayStation 4 was revealed to the public! And he was really enthusiastic about getting one. In fact, he wanted to get it on the day it was released.

There was just a small problem with that: his TV only has one HDMI connection. So, if he wanted both his PS4 and PS3 to be in his room, he would need to reach around the back of the television to switch the HDMI cable… or get a new TV. Both options were out of the question. So, I “suggested” that I get the PlayStation 3 “that he doesn’t really like” and “take if off his hands” since I’m such a good little sister!

And he agreed!

So, he reserved a PlayStation 4 and, the day of the console’s launch, I got his old PS3 and put it in my room! Yay me!

It's mine! All mine!

It’s mine! All mine!

Well, my brother doesn’t feel the least bit “conned” so I guess the title for this article is kind of misleading. I’m just surprised that I managed to snag my very own PS3 without having to work for it. And just in time for the holidays as well! I just hope he won’t claim it’ll be my Christmas gift!

Besides, because it’s in my room, I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto Online every night (evident from my previous “adventures) and I get to play Tangled in glorious HD quality.

Speaking of Tangled, I only realized that a lot of people are apparently putting down the idea of the Disney Princesses. And I’ve got a lot of to say about that… next time!


How did you get your first consoles? Let me know how in the comments section below!

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