Episode 3: Here Comes A New Challenger!


My last post tackled my history with The Sims. I also mentioned that it’s one of the games that I can play. The other one, and I know it’s going to be odd, is Street Fighter 4. I noted last week that I don’t really play games because I panic a lot. And I still do in Street Fighter 4 but I think I can hold my own.

And, no, I don't have to rage quit to have a good record!

And, no, I don’t have to rage quit to have a good record!

Even online, I can beat quite a number of people with Vega. But how come I can play this game and not the others?

Honestly, I don’t know myself.

I looked at all of the characters in the game and I really wanted to be using a girl character. I mean, there are a lot of female characters in the game. So I should be able to pick one of them, right? Well, I couldn’t really play any of them. I really, really, really wanted to use Cammy. I love her British accent and all. And I like the fact that, although she’s a girl, they made her ripped! I mean, look at those abs!

Yeah, I know she's more popular for her butt, so I might as well show it.

Yeah, I know she’s more popular for her butt, so I might as well show it as well.

It turns out that I can’t play her since all of her special moves use circular motions. Remember when I said that I panic when I play games? Well, I can’t seem to get to do those circle motions to save my life in the heat of battle. Well, aren’t there any girl characters that don’t use circle motions? Why, yes!

Chun-Li has special moves that has her holding the joystick in the back or down position. Then, if you move the joystick in the opposite direction plus a punch or kick button, she can either throw a fireball (Kikoken!) or do some helicopter kick (Spinning Bird Kick).

Look, I know I’m not describing how to do it in a good way, but that’s how I think sometimes. Besides, what kind of bird is Chun-Li copying?

Fine. I tried using her and it was okay… for a while. Then it turns out that she has 2 move special moves where you press the kick buttons like crazy (Lightning Legs) and some flip split kick (…I don’t know what it’s really called). But the best way to really use her is to use her unique attacks, which is a combination of a direction and an attack. I learned this the hard way since they kept on coming out by accident! So, sorry, Chun-Li, I can’t use you as well.

Look at all those moves I have to memori... oh, it's called Hazanshu!

Look at all those moves I have to memori… oh, it’s called Hazanshu!

This is when I got really frustrated. Okay, so, if I can’t choose a girl character, who’s the closest one that looks like a girl? Let’s pick the character with the mask and the claw. And he sorta sounds like a girl, bouncing around the screen with a high pitched… what is it, a yodel? Anyway, I’ve stuck to using Vega ever since then. I tried using other “hold back/down” characters like Blanka or Guile. But I have gotten attached to the claw wielding, effeminate psycho.

Even his poses are girly!

Even his poses are girly!

Am I good at playing Street Fighter then? I’m… decent, I guess. I mean, there’s no way I’ll be able to join a tournament (like there’s anything here in the Philippines) and expect to crush the competition. I know there’s no way I’ll really, really be good in that level. But I do have fun playing online. And that’s all that matter, right?

But I’m still kind of sad that I can’t use Cammy or Chun-Li since, as a girl, I would like to use a girl in the game as well. But why do a lot of my guy friends like using girl characters? Well, I’ll give my thoughts on that next time!

If you have any idea what other games a girl like me can have fun playing, please put them in the comment section below!


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