Episode 16: Gaming: No Girls Allowed


Last time, I mentioned how much I love YouTube but how I’m also disappointed with the immaturity of some of the people who place comments on them. Well, I have to endure that kind of thing when I play games.

I remember some time ago when Capcom had a reality show to promote Street Fighter X Tekken. It was called Cross Assault and it had five contestants who are experts in Street Fighter and another five who are for the Tekken camp. I thought it was a good and unique way to promote a new game and to also show great matches since they were all experts.

But the entire thing was marred with controversy when the coach of the Tekken team, Aris, started making lewd comments to his own teammate, Super Yan, who happens to be a girl. Apparently, it got so bad that Super Yan quit the show.

There’s always a stigma whenever a girl takes on a boy in a competitive game. First, there’s a lot of jeering to the girl since, well, they shouldn’t be playing games. Second, girls aren’t taken seriously and the guys will “take it easy” on them. Finally, if the girl does beat the guy, they will give the reason that the guy isn’t good in the game! It’s never attributed to the possibility that the girl may actually be good at the game!

There are some girl gamers that do garner respect, even in the gaming community. But they are few and far between! The only one I can mention on the top of my head would be a girl named Kayane who plays fighting games. But the only real reason I can think of her right now while I’m writing this is because EVO just finished and I was actually amazed she didn’t get any flak for being a girl in the fighting game tournament.

Honestly, I can understand a certain level of boys mentality when it comes to competitive video games. I mean, I guess it’s like telling yourself that you’re the best so that you build your confidence up. But, I do think there is a certain point when a guy has to tone it down.

Girls may not have any respect even when they’re not playing a competitive game at all! A great deal of harassment can be done in even games like Playstation Home. This was more prevalent in the early days of Home, where the mere fact that you have a female avatar walking around made you a target for pervs.

When you're a girl on Home, you're gonna get swarmed.

When you’re a girl on Home, you’re gonna get swarmed.

Now, I’m not saying that all guys that walk up to you are automatically going to be pervs. There are going to be some nice people who just want to strike up a conversation and meet people. And I’m okay with that. I mean, that’s why I’m in Home as well. I’m here to meet and talk with other people.

But what I don’t like is the expectation that just because I’m a girl, I’m there to satisfy their urges. Now, I’m not some naive girl that thinks that 100% of these guys are serious, of course. This doesn’t make them lesser jerks, though. This means that they are intentionally targeting me for their sexual comments just because I’m a girl. And that’s just as bad.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it feels much harder to be a girl gamer. I’m not a good gamer. I’ve mentioned that before. But I know I can hold my own in Street Fighter. But it seems that, as a girl, I have to work extra hard to gain some respect. And, honestly, I don’t have a lot of time to practice my skills in Street Fighter.

I just dream of a time when a female gamer can be accepted into the gaming community, not because they’re hot or that they can handily compete defeat 90% of the male population in games. Rather, we be accepted because we love the experience of playing games.

Wow! That was a pretty long rant… and I’m sort of in the mood for another one next week, like why girls aren’t represented that much in games!

What are your thoughts on girl gamers? Should the gaming community be harder or easier on them? Or should the gaming community be gender blind in accepting them? Leave your thoughts in the comments field below!

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