I’ll Review Anything: Jollibee’s Ultimate Burger Steak

McDonald’s is the most popular fastfood burger restaurant in all countries of the world… except in the country where I live. Here, in the Philippines, the most popular place that sells burgers is a place called Jollibee. Yes, you can make fun of the fact that the restaurant has a giant bee for a mascot. But, really, is it any more ridiculous than having either a clown or a 9-year old girl as your mascot?

Who would you want to cook your burgers? A mutant bee, a clown or a 9-year old girl?

Who would you want to cook your burgers? A mutant bee, a clown or a 9-year old girl?

Of course, since this is the Philippines, burgers and sandwiches in general take a backseat to eating a meal that has rice. Jollibee has an item called a Burger Steak meal, which is their regular hamburger patty covered in mushroom sauce and comes with a side of rice and a drink. For one patty, it costs 49.00 Philippine pesos (a little more than one American dollar), making it really cheap! For two patties, it costs 81.00 pesos, less than 2 dollars. And, to be honest, they’re okay considering the low price.

Recently, Jollibee unveiled their “deluxe” version of the Burger Steak meal. It’s called the Ultimate Burger Steak meal. It has a 1/3 pound hamburger patty laid on top of a bed of french fries and smothered with mushroom gravy and garlic bits. It also comes with a side of rice, a fried egg and a large drink. Being an upgrade to the regular Burger Steak meal, it costs much more (at 119.00 pesos).

It seems like a good deal... but is it?

Here’s the ad for the Ultimate Burger Steak

First, let’s go to appearance. Take a good look at the picture above and just notice how the the burger is fried to a golden brown color. The patty lays perfectly on the golden bed of fries. The thick mushroom sauce appealingly cascades and coats the well cooked hamburger and the garlic bits just add that necessary contrast of color. The egg is, of course, prepared in a nice, round circle that gently lays on the rice.

Here’s what I got.

Hey, something's different...

Hey, something’s different…

Now, to be fair, I’m not really knocking the appearance of what I got too much. I never expected the actual product to look like what it does in the advertisement. I know it never does. I’m just emphasizing the point that, for any fastfood item, it will never look like the beautiful item shown in the pictures.

Besides, I wouldn’t really care how my food looks like. As long as it tastes good, I’ll be okay with it.

And that’s how I would rate the Ultimate Burger Steak: just okay. It tastes pretty much like the regular Burger Steak meal. The patty tastes the same. The mushroom gravy taste the same. So, basically, what makes this earn the “ultimate” moniker would be the added fries, egg and garlic bits.

Now, the garlic bits do not add anything to the flavor since the mushroom gravy just overpowers it. The fries, which I thought was a good idea, became soggy and loses it’s crispy texture since they absorb the gravy. Oddly enough, I had no complaints about the egg. I’m fine with an egg being cooked thoroughly so that, when you cut into it, the yolk doesn’t ooze out. But, if you like your egg a little bit runny, I guess you have to request for it to be cooked that way. 

The Ultimate Burger Steak meal? More like the Okay but Bigger Burger Steak meal!

The Ultimate Burger Steak meal? More like the Okay but Bigger Burger Steak meal!

Overall, Jollibee’s Ultimate Burger Steak tastes just like the regular Burger Steak meal. In fact, if you order the one with two patties and just get a side of fries with it, you pretty much have the same thing (minus the egg and the useless garlic bits). The amount of money you’ll spend for that combination will come to about 109 pesos, 10 pesos less than the Ultimate version.

I guess, if you really want the egg, you can go with the Ultimate version. But, for me, I’m fine with the normal burger steak combo.

Have you tried the Ultimate Burger Steak meal? What did you think of it? Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

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