Four Children’s Party Game With Evil Hidden Messages

I actually had fun writing my article regarding the bad lessons I learned from movies. So I was actively looking for other stuff I could write about where I could put that kind of spin on it. And I think I found it! While at work the other day, I noticed the company I was assigned to was holding a children’s party next door. They were playing a bunch of party games and I realized some awful hidden messages within the games they were participating in.

So, if you’re a good parent, please make sure to teach your kids that the lessons from these games should not be followed… unless you want your kid to grow up to be a bad person!

The Game In Question: The Boat is Sinking…

The Rules of the Game: As you can see from the video above, the object of the game is for the participants to group themselves into a specific number of people based on what the host says. So, for example, the host says “The boat is sinking… group yourselves into four!” The participants will then have to form groups of four. Those who cannot find a group with that specific number are eliminated. This goes on until only a certain number of players “survive” the boat sinking.

The Evil Hidden Message: When it comes to life and death situations, it’s pretty much every man from himself. Imagine a real life situation where a boat is sinking and the passengers evacuate to life boats. The instant each life boat hits the recommended number of passengers, they kick out anyone trying to enter!

Hey, sorry, pal! You were too late! Looks like you’ll have to drown!

The Game In Question: Simon Says

The Rules Of The Game: Just in case the video didn’t understand the HowCast instructions noted in the video, here’s another breakdown of the rules of Simon Says. The game can be played by a huge number of people. The host will issues orders to the players and the players are only expected to follow the instructions if they were preceeded by the phrase “Simon says.” Players are eliminated if they follow commands without the “Simon says” phrase or if they do not comply if the host did say “Simon says.” The game will continue until there is a winner.

The Evil Message Within: Don’t believe the video when it says it will teach kids listening skills, coordination and increase their vocabulary. That’s what the Simon (or whoever made the game) wants you to think!

The real agenda of Simon Says is to instill into kids at an early age to follow instructions to the letter without asking any questions! Essentially, the game teaches children to be drones and destroys critical thinking!

The Game In Question: Musical Chairs

Looks innocent... but this game hides a nefarious motive!

Looks innocent… but this game hides a nefarious motive!

The Rules Of The Game: First, you have to determine the number of initial participants. Based on this number, arrange chairs in a circle but the number of chairs should be less than the number of participants. The players will then stand around the vicinity of the chairs and will start walking in a circular pattern when the host starts the music. When the host interrupts the music, the players will have to find a seat around the circle of chairs and those that cannot are eliminated from the round. The game will continue until there is a winner.

The Evil Message Within: This may seem like a very benign game but Musical Chairs is actually a very deceptively evil game! It teaches children at an early age to fall into conformity and educates them to rebuff individuality!

As the main goal of the game is to sit when the music stops, anyone that does not integrate to this are booted out, making them outcasts even though they just want to join in. What an evil thing to do!

And finally, the worst of them all…

The Game In Question: Breaking open a pinata

Once again, it looks innocent...

Once again, it looks innocent…

The Rules Of The Game: The participant is blindfolded and given a stick. The goal is to use the stick to strike and break open a pinata, a hollow object filled with candy. If he/she does actually break the pinata open, the contents will spill to the floor and everyone rushes in to gather as much candy as they can.

The Evil Message Within: Violence is a good thing! If you want something, just bust out a large stick and hit things until you get it! Oh, and since most pinatas are shaped like cuddly animals, it also teaches animal cruelty!

In closing, if you’re a good parent, never let your children participate in these so-called “innocent” games unless you want them to grow up as hooligans! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

If you can think of any other children’s games that are not really for kids, please leave them in the comments section below!


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