Episode 29: In Space, No One Can Hear Me Scream


Okay, so last time I talked about my views on the Star Wars/Star Trek feud and in which camp I fall in. While I love how those franchises make it seem like space is a warm and fuzzy place, I know it isn’t. Space is a cold and terrifying place… and no place for little old me.

I actually read an article that there’s a company accepting applications for people to go and colonize the planet Mars. When I first read this, I thought no one would ever sign up for this. Turns out I was horribly wrong! There are actually more than 200,000 people willing to give up their lives and colonize the Red Planet, knowing full well they are going to die there. Look, I admire them for their courage… but I’m concerned if these people actually know how dangerous and life-threatening this is going to be.

My house is the weird dome thing on the left.

My house is the weird dome thing on the left.

I like to first talk about the arduous training these brave souls will need to undertake just to be physically fit before they can actually travel. Flying up in a rocket isn’t smooth sailing! I would imagine it’s like going down the steepest roller coaster you can think of… then multiplying that by 50! When you start measuring using how much G-forces you encounter, you can bet it’s going to be painful!

Then there’s the actual travel, which is the scariest part in my opinion. I recently watched the film Gravity. Very phenomenal movie and extremely well done. And it succeeded in making me more terrified of going into space than before!

It's a drama. It's a horror film as well.

Short review: Two thumbs up!

The film showed a lot of things to be afraid of if you’re traveling in space. I actually think there are too many so I’ll just mention the things that stuck out in my mind. One, you can’t rely on friction to slow you down. I don’t like the idea of careening through space without the immediate ability to stop. Two, you need air to breathe and, well, there’s no air! You have a limited supply of oxygen at all times and you want me to travel to a different planet? What if I run out of air? What if one of the tanks explode (they are pure oxygen, I would assume) or rupture? If there’s one thing I’m deathly afraid of, it’s suffocation!

Third, and, for me, the scariest part about traveling in space: no sound. Yes, having no brakes and no air only comes in second and third place to my fear that I won’t be able to hear anything around me. It may seem weird but hear me out (pun!).

I took an auditory exam around a month ago and I was rated to have exceptional hearing. I had the ability to hear extremely high pitched tones according to the test. Well, I actually knew that before since I seem to be like a dog, focusing more on the sounds around me to know what’s going on around me rather than using my eyes to look around. It’s kind of my quirk (or mutant power, depending on who you ask). Since there’s no air to carry sound, I wouldn’t be able to do this and that actually scares me a lot!

Even after to get to your destination, you’re still not safe! As far as I know, Earth is the only planet we know of where we can live without any difficulty. So, if you do land on an alien planet, you better pray you still have some of that backup oxygen or else you’re not going to last long!

Also, if what I learned from history is correct, colonizing other lands is a pretty tough endeavor. You got to erect homes, plant crops and the like. I would think you’d need to work a little more than extra hard to terraform a planet! I don’t think you can just shoot a missile at it and, boom, you’re all good!

Remember when I said I extremely afraid of suffocating? Well, most planets have an atmosphere humans cannot breathe! You think the carbon monoxide levels on Earth are bad! Well, wait til you get to Mars!

So, to the people who are eventually going to go live on Mars, more power to ya! I just hope you’re volunteering because you really want to go and colonize a planet or you want to make it a liveable planet for future generations. If you’re doing it just so you can put it on your Facebook or to get famous, I’d rather be anonymous and safe on Earth, thank you very much!

Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

Well, now that I got that off my chest, next time I’ll talk about other things that scare me, specifically the movies that frightened me when I watched them! I know it’s a little late since it’s Halloween today but better late than never!


Did you volunteer for the Mars One mission? Would you want to go explore space? I’d like to hear about your ideas! You can put them in the comments section below!

Well, now



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