Episode 10: Tell Me A Story


Last time, I wrote about my experience in trying to get into comics. I thought that I would be more interested with the number of superhero movies coming out but I was told that, sometimes, like video game movies, they aren’t faithful to the material.

The more recent superhero movies, for the most part, stay true to the origins of the comics. But there are going to be changes to them, whether very small or huge. I wondered how hardcore fans felt about these changes. So I asked them!

A lot of my friends who loves comics have very different viewpoints about different things. For example, in the comics, Spider-Man has to use some thingie to shoot his webs. In the older movies, shooting webs from his hands is part of his powers. A lot of them were pretty fine with it but there were 2 guys that totally HATED it.  The guys that hated it said something about Spider-Man should be smart enough to create them (like in the comics) but the guys that loved them said that it made more sense.

Well, he does whatever a spider can.

Well, he does whatever a spider can.

Some liked that Havoc was in the last X-Men movie (I liked him, too, because of his weird hula hoop energy attack thing he can’t really control) but some also didn’t like it since he’s supposed to be the younger brother of Cyclops in the original movies.  They did universally hate the bad girl that could turn into diamond. I actually thought they would like her since she was all sexy. Guess being true to the character is more important than hotness?

Reality has a hard time living up to reality, I guess.

Reality has a hard time living up to reality, I guess.

Since I don’t have any real basis as to what is the “real” version, I just think of the movies as the original version. When I do hear people saying, “Bane should be using drugs to be strong” in The Dark Knight Rises, I really don’t have any basis to complain. I don’t know who Bane is so I can’t really critique how bad it is from the original material. I just judge what I see if I like it or not.

My judgement: I think the mask looks ridiculous.

My judgement: I think the mask looks ridiculous.

I guess it’s sorta a blessing since any inconsistencies doesn’t distract from my enjoyment.

Anyway, I don’t think that making changes to the story isn’t going to be important if the story is actually good. Of course, the ending has to also satisfy and there are so many things that can go wrong with writing an ending. I’ll go deeper into that next time!

If you have any comments regarding how movies totally destroyed your favorite comic or video game, please put them in the comments below.


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