Five Inconsequential Questions from the Marvel Phase 4 Announcements

The revelation of Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 plans has me asking several questions about the franchise’s current state. Read on!

Do Geeks Go Through Mid-Life Crises?

Yes, that’s the plural form of “crisis” in the title! But, in all seriousness, is it even possible for a geek to go through a form of depression when you’re halfway through your journey in life?

Episode 10: Tell Me A Story

Hiya! Last time, I wrote about my experience in trying to get into comics. I thought that I would be more interested with the number of superhero movies coming out but I was told that, sometimes, like video game movies, they aren’t faithful to the material. The more recent superhero movies, for the most part,…

Episode 9: Trying (In Vain) To Like Comics

Hiya! So, last week I talked about why video game movies suck but I’ve become hopeful that they can get better because comic book movies used to suck, too. That got me thinking if it’s possible to even start reading and getting into comics because of the long history each character has. I mean, Superman…