Episode 9: Trying (In Vain) To Like Comics

So, last week I talked about why video game movies suck but I’ve become hopeful that they can get better because comic book movies used to suck, too. That got me thinking if it’s possible to even start reading and getting into comics because of the long history each character has. I mean, Superman stories have been made by DC Comics for almost a century now! How can I catch up with 100 years’ worth of stories?

Shouldn't Superman look more like this since he's more than a hundred years old?

Shouldn’t Superman look more like this since he’s more than a hundred years old?

I asked some guys who collect comics and I asked them how they started. From how I understood it, it’s generally a bad idea to start reading comics during the middle of a story arc, which seems obvious.  But they also said that it’s better to read an entire story arc when starting out. They said it’s best to borrow a collection and try to read it in one sitting (why one sitting? I don’t know).

I also asked them how am I supposed to catch up with all the things that happened to the characters. Their general answer: don’t. Knowing the basics and the origins of the characters is the most important thing. There’s just too much stuff to remember and keep track of. Even they have a hard time tracking down all of the characters from the different universes (which is a whole different thing altogether).

How many multiverses are there?

How many multiverses are there?

I also wanted to know if there were any particular comics that I should read as a beginner.  I was expecting to be told to read like an old Batman or Iron Man comic since they’re the most popular heroes now. One of them gave me The Walking Dead (Sorry, I know the show’s really big but I’m not really interested in the show or the comics) and Fables. I didn’t like any of them that much.

No superheroes but there's a flying monkey.

No superheroes but there’s a flying monkey.

Maybe I’m just not suited to be a comics geek. But I do like the twist that Fables did (putting fairy tale characters in the modern world). Speaking of which, I did ask them how they felt about the movies putting their own twist on their favorite series. And I’ll try to write up their answers next time!

If you have any comics that you think will interest me, please write them up in the comments section below.


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