Do Geeks Go Through Mid-Life Crises?

Where did the all the time go?

That’s something I asked myself just a couple of days ago as I realized I’m already 40 years old. 40! Wow, that sounds incredibly old, doesn’t it? Even I hate to admit that I’m probably getting up there in years. My body is starting to feel it in spots and I mentally know that I am not my spy self. And yet, I don’t really feel like I’m that old. Why, it seems like only yesterday I was watching cartoons and looking for new toys! Well, that’s because it was only yesterday!

I honestly don’t really feel that old but I am worried that, all of a sudden, I’ll go through a mid-file crisis. I’m afraid I’ll feel like my entire life will come crashing down and I’ll start questioning myself where did all of my time go? I’m worried I’ll start asking myself what have I been doing with my life and start doing the crazy things associated with going through a mid-life crisis. Heck, I’m frightened by the thought of going out and buying a sports car I can’t afford because I’ll feel the need to recapture my youth!

Zoom! Zoom!

Zoom! Zoom!

I tried looking at popular media to get some comedic reference about it. It’s easy to find pop culture references of some middle aged guy doing the typical tropes of something going through a mid-life crisis. I already mentioned the one about buying a sport car but there are the other stereotypical activities like buying “hip” clothes to show that they’re still “cool” and trying to live it up at an all-night party.

But all of those things I mentioned are usually pushed onto “normal” guys in movies and TV. Married guys living a boring life in the suburbs. Single aging men looking to hook up with young girls. But geeks? I haven’t seen mainstream media depict a geek or a nerd going through a mid-life crisis. Truth be told, I do have some signs of having a midlife crisis, such as checking for white hairs and actually coloring my noggin… but that’s just because I’ve been getting white hair ever since I was in my 20s like Taylor Hicks.

My hair would probably be as white as this if I didn't color it.

My hair would probably be as white as this if I didn’t color it.

But, that’s it. I don’t have the urge to do things life like go bungee jumping or run with the bulls or anything like that. In fact, I don’t know any of my other geeky friends who are the same age as me or older going through the same kind of mid-life crisis that mainstream media depicts. So, do geeks actually go through mid-life crisis? I actually don’t think so.

You see, a lot of the time, a mid-life crisis is actually a person transitioning from being “young” to “old.” It’s actually normal as, hey, everyone ages! But it’s how gracefully we accept the change. People that have the stereotypical mid-life crisis have something to prove. For men, it’s trying to prove that they’re still young and… virile, I guess. For women, it’s more on focusing on their relationships (if they have a family) and general success. Actually, if you really think about it, a mid-life crisis is pretty much looking at their past and seeing what they’ve accomplished and if they actually enjoyed their life.

Even Snoopy felt this way... until it was suppertime.

Even Snoopy felt this way… until it was suppertime.

But geeks? From my experience, geeks love the life they lead for the most part. That’s because we usually have a lot of hobbies. We have nostalgic memories of our life as kids and, well, we never really grow up too much. Geeks love reading comics, watching cartoons, playing video games and collecting toys. You know, the things we’re supposed to outgrow once we hit our teens. Geekdom has a kind of counterculture that we’ve embraced wholeheartedly and the thought of forgetting the “childish” habits hasn’t really crossed our minds.

It’s because of this mindset, the idea of keeping the child in us alive, Most “normal” people will look at geeks and think we’re wasting our lives with these childish pastimes. They look at a bunch of “old” guys watching cartoons and think it’s silly. They watch us obsess about comics and superheroes and think we’re immature. They see us playing video games as if we’re idiots. They look at our vast toy collections and only see a waste of money and space.

The truth about toy collecting.

The truth of toy collecting: your collection is never complete

I think it’s because we always have part of ourselves that never really grew up that we never actually experience a mid-life crisis. It’s almost like we’ve been having it our entire lives. But it’s totally different in that sense. We never feel the need to recapture our glory days or trying to prove that we’re still young at heart because… we are young at heart all the time! We never feel the sadness of life passing us by because it never did! We accepted very early in our life that we have to enjoy the things we have now and we rarely regret it.

Of course, this is just my theory. Will I actually go through a mid-life crisis in the future? If I will, it won’t happen any time soon. Right now, I’m looking at Transformers Masterpiece collection and I’m still eagerly awaiting MP-33 Inferno’s release on November. I’m enthusiastic to see the Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange. I’m looking forward to watching The Killing Joke once it becomes available here in the Philippines. I’m still playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain because I’m compelled to get a 100% completion rating.

Life is good. And it’s just the beginning.

Do you think geeks go through a mid-life crisis? Do you know any geeks that actually went through one? Let me know in the comments section below!

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