Microsoft changes Xbox One’s online and game sharing policies

In a press statement released earlier today, Microsoft announced that they will be changing their online and game sharing polices for their upcoming Xbox One gaming console.

The full press statement can be found here, but here are three important highlights:

First, the Xbox One will not need to connect to Microsoft’s servers every 24 hours anymore. You will need to be online when setting up the system for the first time but that’s it.

Second, software purchased on a disc can be traded, resold and shared with others without any restrictions. This means gamers will not need to go to “participating retailers” to lend their games to others. Additionally, this also means that the Xbox One will support used games.

Finally, the Xbox One will not be region locked anymore. So, people in third world countries (like me!) will not have to wait an extra year for the Xbox One to be released in my area.

It’s great that Microsoft finally changed their stand on these policies, especially after the shitstorm it raised when the public found out. But is it a story of “too little, too late” to mend fences with consumers?

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