My thoughts on Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One several weeks ago, I don’t think they expected the gaming public to be so angry with all the restrictions they implemented on their upcoming system. Because of this, it was extremely important for Microsoft to have a great showing for their press conference in E3. Now that they just finished it, did they manage to dig themselves out of their hole?

First off, they mentioned a few things regarding their current system, the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 got a new look now, making it look more like the upcoming Xbox One and is available right now. Also, starting July 1, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be getting two free games each month! The first two games that will be made available will be Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3. No word yet if you can keep this games if you end your subscription though.

Won't this be confusing if you do get an Xbox One as well?

Won’t this be confusing if you do get an Xbox One as well?

One of the major complaints during the Xbox One reveal was the apparent lack of any games! Well, this time, Microsoft showed a boatload of exclusive games in the hopes of enticing people to get excited with their upcoming system. 

The exclusive games were pretty hit or miss. I mean, Minecraft? Really? Even Quantum Break, which actually looked promising to me when they revealed the teaser trailer looked pretty boring when they actually showed the gameplay and the gimmick (you can move objects that have been frozen in time).

There were a couple of exclusive games that may be gems. Sunset Overdrive from Insomiac may seem like a stupid name for a 3rd person shooter with parkour elements but the overall look of the game appears like good natured fun, which is totally the opposite of the usual dark and gritty shooters we usually get.

Forza Motorsport 5 was also announced and will use the console’s touted cloud computing capability by getting the playstyle data of other gamers and use it as the AI for the other cars in your game. Pretty interesting idea but I hope it doesn’t make the game into a demolition derby simulator with all of the other gamers just crashing into each other.

Titanfall was the last exclusive game shown and it looked pretty good! It’s a FPS set in the future. You have a jetpack so you can jump ridiculous distances. Also, you can call for a giant mech to pilot, which is always a good idea!

Microsoft also gave a few additional features of the Xbox One, such as the ability to save, edit and upload gameplay videos directly off the console itself. I wish they would make the option available to export the videos to your computer/PC in order to edit them using better editing software since the built in editing software looked extremely bare. They also mentioned they were partnering with Twitch TV so you can stream your gameplay directly to the Internet.

The "acting" of the two people playing the game, I can live without.

The “acting” of the two people playing the game, I can live without.

One thing I didn’t like was they kept on pushing their SmartGlass integration with the system. Look, I don’t think I or anyone will get SmartGlass just to get a few additional features to play a game. And I hope Microsoft will not handicap other gamers for not using SmartGlass. Besides, you already have Kinect, right? Do we need another input method besides that and a controller?

Sadly, Microsoft didn’t get into any details regarding the issues most people had with the Xbox One needing to connect to the Internet, not being able to lend a game to a friend, etc. I guess their refusal to clarify anything about this means everything is true.

What region should I get you in?

Xbox One: I’m a pretty demanding piece of hardware

The price and date for the Xbox One was also announced. Microsoft’s newest console will be available this coming November for the price of $499.

Overall, I think Microsoft did a good job in showing what the console can do. But it still didn’t change my mind regarding getting the console, especially if the initial problems (always online, etc.) are still available.

Did you watch Microsoft’s press conference? Have you made up your mind about the Xbox One? Please leave your comments below.

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