My Thoughts on 2015 Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

E3 is back and, like last year, Microsoft is trying to pull the rug under from Sony. Will they succeed this year?


My thoughts on Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One several weeks ago, I don’t think they expected the gaming public to be so angry with all the restrictions they implemented on their upcoming system. Because of this, it was extremely important for Microsoft to have a great showing for their press conference in E3. Now that they just…

Here’s the first trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins

With all the hoopla with the announcement of the Xbox One and the teaser for the PS4, it can be easy to forget about the current console generation and their upcoming games. If the trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins is any indication, it would be a shame to ignore them. Here’s the trailer in its…