I’ll Review Anything: Sony’s E3 Press Conference for 2013

Yes, this is a very odd thing to review. But, like the title says: I’ll Review Anything. Besides, this is more of an excuse for me to blog about the Playstation 4.

I have to hand it to Sony. They sure know how to hold an E3 press conference! Not only did they focus on the upcoming Playstation 4, they got me excited for it in a big way. Also, they managed to answer my concerns that shouldn’t have been concerns in the first place thanks to Microsoft.

They pretty glossed over the PS Vita and any upcoming content for their handheld system, which is something to be worried about if you own one, I think. They mentioned a few games which will be ports of older titles. I don’t know if that’s the right way to advertise the Vita: as a dumping ground of old classics. Like all systems, the Vita needs a game that will want you to get it and porting over games to it won’t do it.

According to this graphic by Sony, girls are attracted to PS Vita owners. Yeah, right!

According to this graphic by Sony, girls are attracted to PS Vita owners. Yeah, right!

They showed more love for the Playstation 3, highlighting five titles coming to the system. These include the universally praised The Last of Us, a new upcoming game called Rain, the highly anticipated Beyond: Two Souls, the graphically stunning Gran Turismo 6 and the prequel to the Batman: Arkham franchise, Batman: Arkham Origins.

Am I the only one that actually liked the Knightfall outfit?

Am I the only one that actually liked the Knightfall outfit?

While those announcements were all okay, most gamers wanted to know what the Playstation 4 will look like. And they finally did during the press conference. The console looks pretty… blocky. Almost like Microsoft’s Xbox One to tell you frankly. Okay, so it’s angled a little bit so it looks more like an angled box. I didn’t like the overall look that much. But then again, I didn’t like how the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 looked when it was first revealed. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

It's boxy but good!

It’s boxy but good!

They went through their speech as well where you’ll be using your Playstation 4 to link up and download the latest music, movies and television shows as it will integrate with other branches of Sony. I guess that’s… okay. It’s noting really spectacular. Thankfully, they didn’t focus on that aspect too much.

Oooh, look! Community!

Oooh, look! Community!

Besides, your console could look like crap and have a huge library of movies and it wouldn’t matter as long as it plays the best games. And from what Sony showed, they pretty much convinced me that they did! There was a slew of games that looked pretty interesting.

One of those games that stood out for me was inFamous: Second Son from Sucker Punch. It’s probably going to play like the how the original two games played but with fire powers instead of electricity. But, still, the thing looked fun to play.

Sony also addressed their desire to make the Playstation 4 a haven for independant developers. To show this off, they actually showed eight new games on the stage at once. This may not seem impressive since there should be more, but the fact they devoted time to showing these indy games was great.

One of these games is the original Oddworld!

One of these games is the original Oddworld!

Square Enix also made a big splash during Sony’s press conference. They showed two new games. The first one was Final Fantasy XIV… which is actually Final Fantasy Versus XIII. That’s a good thing because calling it Final Fantasy Versus XIII if it’s going to be a totally new Final Fantasy. But what really got me excited was Kingdom Hearts III. I always wondered when they were going to make it and I finally got my answer!

The last game that they showed during the conference was Bungie’s Destiny. Much like the Halo series (which Bungie developed for Microsoft), it’s a first person shooter but the gameplay was fantastic! They had a great co-op mode where people can apparently drop in and out. But the best thing was when they had whole teams entering a public battle to take down a boss like monster. I’m not much of a FPS guy but Destiny looked like something I would have fun with!

The press conference was far from flawless. The pre-show and post-show hosts weren’t anything to call home about. However, the worst thing happened during the presentation for Assassin’s Creed IV. The game lagged and then eventually crashed during the demonstration! It’s probably because it’s still in beta and all that but it totally didn’t look good and pretty embarrassing, especially if the game is supposed to display the power of the console and it just dies out because it can’t handle it.

Even with all of the awesome titles, Sony closed the show with the best announcement ever. The Sony Playstation 4 will not have to “check in” with their servers and you can trade and share games between your friends. They basically explained since you bought the game, you have the right to share it and resell it if you want. In fact, Sony put up a video poking fun at Microsoft’s new policy.

Not only that, the Playstation 4 will be $399 at launch. That’s a pretty decent price, especially if you consider the Xbox One will be sold a whole hundred dollar more!

Better start saving up!

Better start saving up!

All in all, Sony’s press conference killed Microsoft’s press conference. They managed to hype the console’s features, show off some spectacular games and address major concerns of the gaming community. I am a bit disappointed that they wasn’t much focus on their current consoles, the Playstation 3 and PS Vita, but with all of the content that they showed, it made me finally excited for the next generation of gaming.

If you have around 3 hours to kill, you can watch the entire press conference below:

What did you think of Sony’s press conference? Did it seal the fate of the Xbox One? Please feel free to add your personal thoughts and comments below!


2 thoughts on “I’ll Review Anything: Sony’s E3 Press Conference for 2013

  1. i guess Sony did
    but i am still confused whether i should build a new PC or buy ps4
    ps4 price is attractive but ps4 games will cost around $70 and PC games are around $20 to $30
    but ps4 got exclusives too, so it’s very difficult for me to decide.

    • After I wrote the review, I forgot about something as well. I think you’ll need to subscribe to Playstation Plus to actually play games online (much like how Xbox Live Gold works now). So, the console costs $399 but you’ll need to pay a $5/month subscription.

      Better factor that into the price as well.

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