Episode 462: Five Inconsequential Questions from Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness


I bet most of everyone reading this now has already watched Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Like with what I said in my review of the movie, as much as I liked it, this latest Marvel Cinematic Universe entry isn’t exactly the best written entry. There are some leaps the story takes and this is probably why I have so many questions about the movie. However, I do want to narrow it down to just 5 to keep things short and sweet because we might be here for ages if I go through all of them.

While I do have some major issues with the story, I don’t want to delve into them here. Rather, I like to focus on the more inconsequential questions which have postulated through my mind after watching it.

Before we do go through the list of inconsequential questions, though, I do have to put the up requisite SPOILER WARNING here. While I’m assuming all of you have seen Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it’s better to be safe than sorry and warn everyone of the incoming SPOILERS!

With that out of the way, on with the questions!

#1 Where’s Vision on all of this?

I mean, where is any Vision here?

So, in Doctor Strange 2 (we’re all okay with me calling it that, right?), it turns out Wanda was the big bad all along. She wants to get America Chavez’s power of jumping throughout the multiverse so she can enter a universe where her children are still alive. Unlike with what happened in WandaVision, she got to keep the twins and never had to give them up. In fact, it turns out Wanda gets to keep the twins in almost other universe she’s in!

There is another figure from Wanda’s life who’s missing, though. That person is Vision. In each entry of the multiverse where we see Wanda, we don’t see Vision at all. Not even the new White Vision from WandaVision pops his android head in to intervene here, despite his greatest love slowly going mad and all. So I do gotta ask, why didn’t Vision appear all throughout Doctor Strange 2?

The most obvious answer is Marvel didn’t get Paul Bettany to make an appearance but that’s a very boring answer. What we do need is an in-movie explanation as to why the android never appeared, even when Wanda was living in suburbian bliss with her twins. Was he too busy crunching the numbers for Mr. Hart?

By the way, I have a ton more questions about Wanda’s happy life with the twins, like if that means, in those other universes, everyone was okay with Wanda subjugating Westview as that was why she still has her kids. Like I said, I have so many questions…

…but I’ll just talk about one more thing dealing with Wanda.

#2 What’s stopping Wanda from making more kids?

Wanda’s central motivation as to why she wants the power to jump to multiple universes is so she can stay in one where her children are still alive. I get why she wants that because it was very heartbreaking when she had to let them go at the end of WandaVision.

So, what’s stopping her from getting her kids back? Why not just recreate the twins again? She practically has the power to rewrite all of reality as seen when she deleted Black Bolt’s mouth and turned Mr. Fantastic into spaghetti noodles. If she can do that, why go through all the trouble of creating monsters to get America Chavez’s powers, finding a universe where the kids are still alive and then getting rid of the Wanda of that universe to be with them? Those are, like, a couple of extra steps when she could just recreate them like before? Seems like a lot of trouble when you have the power to command anything with a thought.

Speaking of America Chavez…

#3 What exactly are America Chavez’s powers?

One of the things I complained about in my review for Doctor Strange 2 is how there isn’t any consistency with everyone’s powers. You can sort of chalk that up to characters like Doctor Strange and Wanda being able to do practically anything they want as they both wield magical abilities and can conjure anything up they want. America Chavez, however, does not get a pass.

From the onset, it appeared as if her powers were limited to trans-dimensional travel to other universes. I’m fine with that. However, after she gets a pep talk from zombie Doctor Strange, all of a sudden she can throw hands with Wanda! What’s even more amazing is that America Chavez’s punches and kicks actually hurt Wanda for a moment!

So now I’m totally confused with what America Chavez’s powers and abilities actually are? My confusion stems from not exactly understanding how being able to create star shaped portals to other universes can translate to being able to do laser punches and explosive kicks. I can’t really see a connection between the two!

Speaking of America Chavez’s going into different universes…

#4 Why is America Chavez so amused that’s there’s a spider themed hero?

It’s strongly hinted America Chavez has been traveling to different realities since her powers were accidentally unleashed when she was a child. It’s seems like she’s been going from universe to universe in search for her parents. Since she’s already a teenager by the time Doctor Strange 2 starts up and is being chased by some demon/monster and hasn’t found them yet, I’m betting she’s be to more than just a handful of different universes by now.

So why hasn’t she ever encountered a reality that has a Spider-Man yet?

I mean, in Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are at least a couple of Spider-Man variants bouncing around in different universes. Even the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, specifically during the climax where Doctor Strange tells his universe’s Peter Parker that there are hundreds of individuals invading that reality because they all know who Spider-Man is! Are you saying, throughout all her travels, she hasn’t landed in one where Spider-Man exists? That seems highly unlikely. Even if that universe didn’t use the Spider-Man moniker, I would guess she would’ve known of someone who has “spider-like powers” in at least one of the universes she’s traveled to by then.

Speaking of Spider-Man: No Way Home…

#5 Why didn’t an incursion event happen in Spider-Man No Way Home?

Doctor Strange 2 does say how the multiverse has to remain separate from each other. If they don’t, a cataclysmic event called an “incursion” can occur. From what I understand, it’s like if two universes try to occupy the same space, it results in the destruction of both of them. You actually see the result of an incursion when Doctor Strange and the other universe’s Christine Palmer is transported to one and we get that fantastic music battle between a good and bad Doctor Strange!

So, if an incursion is caused when several universes collide with each other, why didn’t an incursion happen during Spider-Man: No Way Home? All of the elements were there as we had, not one, not two, but three Spider-Man characters from three different universes in one universe! That’s not even accounting for the various villains who was also inadvertently transported to that reality! Why didn’t having all those characters from different universes start an incursion event? Maybe I just don’t fully understand what they mean by incursion but I would think that meets the definition!

BONUS: Isn’t anyone going to be concerned about a Doctor Strange missing from a random universe?

The opening of Doctor Strange 2 was a nice fakeout. We see America Chavez and Doctor Strange running away from a monster while trying to get a magical macguffin. Doctor Strange then decides to absorb America Chavez’s powers so the monster can’t get it. However, this Doctor Strange is killed by the monster. Thankfully, this isn’t the Doctor Strange we know but another one from another universe.

However, that does mean a different reality is now sans one Master of the Mystic Arts. That’s kind of a bummer, huh? What makes it even more of a bummer is no one in his universe will know how he died! Basically, this Doctor Strange will have seemingly just vanished! Double bummer!


What other inconsequential questions did pop into your head while watching Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness? Let me know in the comments section below!


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