Burger Month 2022: Farmery’s Farmery Burger 2.1

It’s the second week of Burger Month for the year 2022. The beauty of having to eat and talk about a burger each and every week is that I have an excuse to splurge a little bit on a high class burger I may not normally choose to buy. I mean, money is hard to come by and I understand it’s okay to spoil yourself once in a while. However, I still have the need to find myself an excuse to spend an exorbitant amount of money when there’s a cheaper option out there.

This week, I decided to splurge on the Farmery Burger 2.1 from, well, Farmery. You could say that Farmery is a pretty pricey place to eat as, according to them, they only use organic and all-natural ingredients. This goes for their meats as well as the cows where they get their beef are all grass fed as well. The servings are also rather large. So it’s kind of expected that there would be a price bump.

The Farmery where I went to wasn’t exactly close to my home as it’s in a mall. But the mall, Estancia Mall to be precise, is generally a short drive so it wasn’t a bother. Even though the Farmery branch isn’t exactly in a restaurant, the place still looks really decent… and crowded. I guess the Estancia Mall sort of caters to the upper middle class if there’s a lot of people willing to pay for the higher prices.

Sorry the Farmery sign isn’t that visible because of the glare.

Before I do talk about the Farmery Burger 2.1, I do have to mention one thing I really liked about the service at Farmery: they actually ask for what kind of doneness you want for your burger. That’s not something you get asked in most burger places nowadays. Then again, Farmery isn’t a burger joint; it’s more of a steak restaurant so it should be customary to be asked how you want your meat done. Still, I really appreciate the fact I can have an actual medium cooked burger and not the usual well done stuff I’ve gotten accustomed to in fastfood places.

On paper, the Farmery Burger 2.1 shouldn’t be anything spectacular. It’s basically a typical bacon cheeseburger with the same old fixings like lettuce, onions, tomatoes and pickles. However, there are a couple of things that do make the Farmery Burger 2.1 special. For one, as I mentioned before, they only use organic ingredients, which goes from everything from the bun until the ground beef they use. Maybe not the cheese because I’m not really sure if there’s such a thing as organic cheese. The burger patty itself is quite large, weighing in at a somewhat hefty 200 grams, which, if my math is right, comes up just a bit shy of half a pound. Also, they top things off with an organic fried egg.

It’s much taller than it looks in the picture.

Right off the bat, I will say the Farmery Burger 2.1 is an almost perfect burger with just a couple of minor hitches stopping me from giving it top marks. The bun was really good. It was nicely toasted on the inside while still remaining soft on the inside. This really helps as the burger patty itself was incredibly good. You can already see in the picture above that there is just a smidge of meat juice off to the side. Well, it was incredibly juicy but not overly so. What I mean by that is, while it was super fatty, it wasn’t obnoxiously so that it never got incredibly messy and you had meat juice all over your fingers afterwards. There was a little mess but I still didn’t really have to use a paper towel or anything like that. Really impressive, especially when you consider how thick it was. The bacon was also cooked perfectly as it was crispy and would snap off easily with every bite. The lettuce, onions and tomatoes also came off as really fresh tasting as well.

But, like I said, there were a couple of things I still didn’t like. The cheese was only slightly melted. It still came off as rather solid and definitely not exactly gooey. That’s just a very minor infraction on the level of me being nitpicky. The other small issue I have is the fried egg. Like the cheese, it was very solid. I just thought the yolk would come off as still runny but it was not. I guess they did it so it wouldn’t be messy. But, in these cases, I just expected the egg yolk to sprut out when broken. It’s not a big deal but just a little disappointing.

Look at that solid, overeasy egg.

Now, you may have noticed that I didn’t order any fries with my Farmery Burger 2.1 as it doesn’t actually come with any sides. I could’ve ordered a side order of fries or potato wedges separately, which Farmery does offer. However, like I said before, the prices at Farmery are rather pricey. The Farmery Burger 2.1 costs around P390 Philippine pesos without any service charges. That comes out to around $7 US. That may not sound like a lot to some but it does for me! I know a separate order of fries or potato wedges would be something like an extra P100 Philippine pesos or roughly $2 US and that seems rather measly since I already bought a high priced burger. However, even though I was sort of splurging, I still couldn’t really muster up the will to pour in more cash to my meal this time around.

The Farmery Burger 2.1 is a gourmet burger through and through, though. While rather expensive, I will say it’s actually worth the somewhat high price tag. I went away supremely satisfied with it. It really felt like I just ate something really filling but not overly heavy or greasy. My minor problems with it are just that; nothing to really get all worked up about. I will say I am willing to go out and eat another Farmery Burger 2.1 in the future. Maybe when payday rolls around?

Have you tried the Farmery Burger 2.1? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!


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