Five Inconsequential Questions from Spider-Man: No Way Home

If you’re wondering why we haven’t been reviewing any new theatrical releases over on this site, it’s because we just haven’t been able to get new movies in a timely manner. This is precisely why, as much as I wanted to, I didn’t get to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home when it was released. It was already too late when it came out in the Philippines anyway, as it was already showing in other countries before it made its way here.

However, you can bet I did watch Spider-Man: No Way Home when it came out digitally. Although I did watch it, I just felt it useless to give an overly belated review for it. But there’s nothing stopping me from asking questions about what I did see. Like before, most of these questions aren’t exactly me searching for plot holes and the like. Rather, these are all rather inconsequential questions I have about Marvel’s latest film regarding the Wall Crawler. And since I’ll be talking about some plot points/holes in the film, I’m putting out the SPOILER WARNING for this… even if this has bee out for some time now.

So, without further ado, here are five somewhat inconsequential questions I have about Spider-Man: No Way Home…

#1 What happened to Spider-Man’s nanotech suits?

By the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange cast a spell wiping out everyone’s memory of Peter Parker. This stops everyone in the vast multiverse who knows Spider-Man’s secret identity from coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s… universe. Anyway, while the world is saved, this means no one, including Doctor Strange and his closest friends, don’t know who Peter Parker is. Peter Parker moves to a low-rent apartment but still resumes his crime fighting as your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man but in a suit he sewed himself. In fact, it’s a replica of Spider-Man’s iconic original suit from the earlier comics. Neat Easter Egg, Marvel!

But wait. Why go through all the trouble of making a new suit when Peter Parker should still have a couple of the old nanotech suits in his possession? He already reabsorbed the nanobots that were integrated into Doctor Octopus’ arms after he was cured. The suit he wore during the final battle didn’t seem to suffer that much damage as well. So why whip up a generic skintight outfit when the much more advanced nanotech suits should still be working?

The only explanation is the scene is actually sometime in the future and Spider-Man eventually wore out the suits to a point the nanobots couldn’t replicate themselves anymore. He can’t just go to Stark Technologies to get them repaired since even Happy Hogan doesn’t remember who he is anymore. Even if this was the case, I would’ve assumed Peter, who has a genius level intellect and has fiddled with the suit before should have enough knowledge to find workarounds or, at the very least, still be able to use components from it instead of going all natural.

Speaking of the ending…

#2 Why no “What the fu-?” ending this time?

I thought there was a trend throughout the new Spider-Man movies. Spider-Man: Homecoming brilliantly ended with Aunt May walking in on Peter Parker trying out the new suit Tony Stark gifted him, causing her to punctuate her surprise with an expletive. It was a fun and cute way to end a movie.

Spider-Man: Far From Home followed it up with J. Johan Jameson exposing Peter Parker’s secret identity, thanks to Mysterio doctoring video and audio files, blaming the attacks that happened on that film on Spider-Man while also exposing Peter Parker as the Web Head. Spider-Man couldn’t do anything but say the same thing Aunt May did.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, we didn’t get this ending. Instead, we kind of got the Marvel’s take on the classic sweeping shot of Spider-Man swinging around New York. I get why they did this as it would just come off as awkward as putting Captain America’s shield on the Statue of Liberty. The entire somber tone of Peter Parker’s sacrifice would have been lost if they ended on this comedic stinger. Still, I feel kind of sad this new trilogy broke their own streak of ending it with the phrase.

Oh, and about the Statue of Liberty…

#3 Who the heck thought adding Captain America’s shield to the Statue of Liberty was a good idea?

In the climax of Spider-Man: No Way Home, all the Peter Parkers from the different movie universes decide to lead all of the villains, namely the Green Goblin, Sandman, the Lizard and Electro, to a fairly desolated area so no one would get hurt. They choose the Statue of Liberty because, by this time, there’s no one allowed to go there because, well, I guess the city of New York decided to give her a totally new accessory: Captain America’s shield.

Look, I get Captain America and his shield is iconic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They even made an incredibly big deal who was going to take up Steve Roger’s mantle in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. But I don’t get who would approve of adding a scale model of Captain America’s shield to the Statue of Liberty? For one, I don’t think the landmark needs something else to keep the tourists from coming. Second, I don’t think the original Captain America would approve of the shield being used as a merchandising tool like this. I mean, it has… but he wouldn’t like it. Honestly, I’m with the guy who calls to a program to complain about the construction.

Oh, speaking of Electro…

#4 Why was Electro transported to this universe when he didn’t know Spider-Man’s secret identity?

It was pure genius of Marvel to pull together most of the villains and the other Spider-Men from the previous movies in one film. But of course, they had to find a reason to get them all together. The reason is, because Peter Parker was too wishy-washy regarding who should remember who he is after Doctor Strange casts the forgetting spell, that something went wrong with the execution of the enchantment, leading the characters from the other universes who know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man into this universe. This meant villains like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Sandman, The Lizard and Electro to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe… universe.

But waitaminute. Electro never figured out Spider-Man’s secret identity. In fact, when the trio of Spider-Men zap his powers away, he’s actually surprised that the man under the Spider-Man mask is just a kid… and isn’t black!

If that’s the case and Electro never figured out who Spider-Man really is, why would be be taken to this universe if the only people who should be transported there know who he is? I guess there can be long-shot explanation that, in Amazing Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborne did tell Electro that Peter Parker is Spider-Man but he just never elaborated who Peter Parker is. If that’s the reason, are you saying just knowing there’s a guy named Peter Parker and he’s actually Spider-Man is enough? That just sounds lame, man!

By the way, I can sort of forgive why Venom got transported because, in the after-credits of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the Venom symbiote explains to Eddie Brock that all symbiotes across the multiverse have access to all their knowledge. And that would mean the symbiote from Spider-Man 3 survived long enough to transfer this tidbit of knowledge to the hive mind before he died. So yeah. At least that has a weird explanation.

And, finally, let’s talk about Peter Parker’s breaking the spell…

#5 Did Peter Parker just cause the most problems in his own movie… again?

So, the basic plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home is that, because Mysterio revealed his secret identity to the world, Peter Parker, his family and his friends’ lives have become topsy-turvy. This leads to Peter Parker going to Doctor Strange as he might be able to help him. The (former) Sorcerer Supreme then attempts to cast a spell so everyone in the world to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. However, since Peter Parker doesn’t want his friends and family to forget this, he messes up the spell and this leads to all the villains entering this universe.

If you really think about it, Peter Parker is the reason why all of the villains came to his world and causes all the problems, including his Aunt May’s death! And the really messed up thing here is that, in every one of these new Spider-Man movies, it’s always his fault! This is kind of a trend here and I actually wrote about this before. In Spider-Man: Homecoming: a lot of the havoc, including the incident in the ferry, happens because he interfered instead of asking for Tony Stark’s help. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, he gives Mysterio access to all of Tony Stark’s defense drones. So, this isn’t really a new thing here and you would think Peter Parker would’ve wizened up by now!

But, before I go, I do have to talk about Mysterio’s video…

BONUS: Why didn’t they just say Mysterio’s “confession” was a fake?

No, really. Why didn’t they just say this? I mean, I would think under really deep scrutiny, there would be people who would piece together that the video J. Jonah Jameson was spliced together, right? In fact, that’s kind of implied when Matt Murdoch tells Peter Parker that he won’t be charged with anything as there isn’t any real proof against him.

Even if that wasn’t the case, Mysterio’s video didn’t really show any real proof of Spider-Man’s identity. So why not just deny it? Deny it to the ends of the earth! Then figure out a way to prove it and it would actually be easy to do it. He could’ve had Doctor Strange cast a spell to create a quick doppelganger of Spider-Man or Peter Parker and then show them together in the same location. Or, better yet, contact any of the remaining Avengers to don a Spider-Man outfit, pretend to swing on a web at a very far distance while Peter Parker is walking around! I mean, they did that in the comics so many times before! Why wouldn’t it work now?

Oh, because it’s a movie and this Peter Parker isn’t that smart. I get it.

What other inconsequential questions did you have after watching Spider-Man: No Way Home? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!


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