The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man is His Own Worst Enemy

In around a month’s time, Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to be released in movie theaters. I can definitely say the excitement for this film is palpable because of the premise behind this. Thanks to Peter Parker reneging on his wish to have everyone forget he’s Spider-Man, he and Doctor Strange cause a rift in the multiverse. This leads to various Spider-Man supervillains like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman and The Lizard coming into the current Marvel Cinematic Universe and trying to get their revenge on this universe’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

While having a lot of supervillains in one superhero movie isn’t that notable, what is notable are the specific villains that are going to be in No Way Home. Because it’s not just going to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of the villains. No, the villains that are going to show up are their previous incarnations! Basically, if they’ve appeared in a live-action Spider-Man movie produced by Sony Pictures, they’re going to appear! Honestly, that’s a really cool idea and I hope Marvel and Sony can pull it off.

This does lead to the question: who’s going to be the main villain here? Right now, it looks like it just might be Doctor Strange as the trailer does show him gunning for Spider-Man because he stole some magical macguffin from him. So it might just be one of those stories where the good guys have to fight because of their motives. However, in all honesty, the real “villain” here, and actually the real “villain” in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man movies, is actually Spider-Man.

No, I’m not kidding. In each of the very recent movies, the one where Marvel has direct creative control over the direction of the films, it’s Spider-Man who actually causes the most problems. It’s hard to believe but, if you’ll indulge me, you’ll see that I am, at the very least, partially correct in that statement.

Let’s go look at the very first Marvel helmed Spider-Man movie, Homecoming. Peter Parker is still a neophyte to the superhero game and spends most of his days solving very simple crimes like bicycle theft. That’s all well and good with Iron Man/Tony Stark as he knows Spider-Man is still not ready. But Spider-Man disagrees with that assessment. Spotting an ATM robbery, the young Webslinger tries to stop the heist but, because of his interference, the robbers attempt to take Spider-Man out with the high-tech gear. This leads to a ton of destruction as well as his favorite sandwich shop blowing up. What’s worse is he wasn’t even successful in catching the robbers!

In the same movie, he also spies a low-key criminal named Aaron Davis attempting to buy some of the same high-tech weaponry but he gets careless and steps on a twig, alerting the criminals. This leads the criminals to almost shooting Aaron Davis because they think he’s a snitch and also The Vulture almost killing Spider-Man. He is rescued by Tony Stark and even warned to not get involved too deeply and just alert him if he sees something like this happening again.

Peter Parker still didn’t listen to his mentor as he gets into a couple of more scrapes afterwards. He nearly kills his friends by accident because he didn’t tell Tony Stark he had one of the high-tech components from the previous night. Turns out the component he has was highly explosive and Spider-Man has to save the day at the last minute. Later, he tracks down The Vulture who’s selling more high-tech weapons on a ferry boat. His meddling leads to the ferry being split literally right down the middle and Tony Stark has to swoop in to save all the people on the boat as well as Peter Parker.

So, let’s recap. Spider-Man attempted to catch some bank robbers and that led to his local sandwich shop exploding. He nearly gets Aaron Davis killed because he wasn’t careful. He nearly gets an elevator full of teens killed because he kept something dangerous. And his actions led to a ferry being broken in two and almost costing the deaths of everyone on board. Now, if Peter Parker just did what Tony Stark told him to do and report the crimes instead of trying to stop them, there’s a good chance none of these things would’ve happened. Would’ve been a very boring movie, yes. But a whole lot of lives would’ve been out of danger and so much property wouldn’t have been needlessly destroyed.

Let’s now go to the next film, Spider-Man: Far From Home. To be fair, Peter Parker only causes one issue. However, that one issue almost leads to the death of thousands and millions of property damage.

In Far From Home, Peter Parker is just trying to be a normal teenager. But when Elemental monsters enter the picture, he has to don the costume as well as join forces with a new hero called Mysterio. Oh, and he also received special glasses from Tony Stark, which was bequeathed to him after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The glasses are actually an interface for a global defense system Stark was working on. Peter Parker thinks Mysterio would be a better person to hold these glasses even though he essentially just met the guy and, wouldn’t you know it? It turns out Mysterio was a bad guy and he arranged the entire Elemental monsters to trick Peter Parker into giving him the glasses! This gives the villain almost unlimited power to create super realistic illusions and trick the world into thinking he’s a genuine superhero. But first, he does have to kill all of Peter Parker’s friends as well as cause the destruction of an entire city to make his deception look real.

So, while Peter Parker only makes one boo-boo in Far From Home, it’s this boo-boo that causes the most amount of problems! Besides, the reason why Peter Parker gave the glasses to Mysterio is because he didn’t want the responsibility of having all that power. The film is actually hammering the idea of “with great power comes great responsibility” into Peter Parker’s head but he still didn’t get it into his thick webbed head!

In just a few weeks, Sony and Marvel are going to release the third installment and, even from the trailer, you can already tell Spider-Man is going to be the reason why everything goes to crap. Doctor Strange mentions that, because he interrupted the spell, all of the Sony Spider-Man villains are invading the Marvel Cinematic Universe world. Right from the outset, Doctor Strange says it’s Peter Parker’s fault that this is happening.

Doctor Strange also reveals that all the villains they’re encountering die when the face off against Spider-Man. Well, that’s not exactly true because I don’t remember Sandman dying. But when Peter Parker learns about this, he then tries to steal some mystical thingamajig from Doctor Strange, possibly trying to avoid this from happening. The trailer then hints that Spider-Man will have to fight Doctor Strange!

So, when you really examine the events of all three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man movies, didn’t Peter Parker inadvertently cause the problems there? I can’t say this to be a fact for No Way Home but, from the trailer, this seems to be the case, doesn’t it?

Now, I generally don’t have a problem with that. They’ve all been very entertaining films but it does seem funny how, despite being a hero known for jumping off tall buildings, should really look before he leaps in the more metaphorical sense.

Which villain are you looking the most forward to in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Let me know in the comments section below!

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