Three Guest Characters Who Would Be Perfect for Street Fighter V Season 5’s Final Character

Man, Capcom has really been stepping up their Street Fighter V reveals lately! I have loved what they have been doing for the new characters in the roster as they’ve been revamping them in special ways while still retaining their old style. And they’ve definitely been hitting it out of the park with their reveal featurettes. The latest Spring Update show gave us a good, long look at both Rose and Oro and what they can do. We even got a peek into what Akira can do and I’m so happy to see her retain most of her moves; she even can launch her opponent into the air right into an aerial combos like she could in the Rival Schools games!

So, as of right now, Capcom has revealed four of the five characters slated for the ultimately final season of Street Fighter V, them being Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira. They have yet, however, to reveal the last character and he or she remains a mystery. Now, with all the secrecy revolving around the final character, all signs do point to him or her blowing our minds. It has to be someone really big and unexpected. Which is why I predict it will be a guest character from another game not from either the Street Fighter or Final Fight universe.

So, with that in mind, here are three guest characters who are incredibly unlikely but would be totally awesome to be Street Fighter V’s final character.

#1 Ruby Heart from Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Why ask “when’s Mahvel” when you can put a character from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in Street Fighter V?

There are so many other characters who are more popular than Ruby Heart. In fact, I don’t really know that many people who picked her during Marvel vs. Capcom 2’s heyday. But I do feel, when it comes to characters who would really surprise us if they appeared in Street Fighter V, she definitely would fit the bill!

The really weird thing about Ruby Heart is Capcom could technically rebuild her moveset to fit Street Fighter V game mechanics and she would still work incredibly well. I can actually see some of her old moves reworked in a way so that they can become her V-Skills. Her Fantome, the one that summons a pirate ghost, could work as one of her V-Skills and another could be something like Doctor Doom’s hidden missiles, which would involve cannon fire shooting at the opponent. She might need totally new V-Triggers but this just means Capcom can go all out and invent something totally insane that would fit the pirate princess!

#2 Rock Howard from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters

I’ve always found it odd that Street Fighter V had never gotten on board with putting crossover characters in their roster. What makes it even weirder is that they’ve had a ton of games where they’ve done crossovers like the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, Capcom vs. SNK and even the ill-fated Street Fighter X Tekken game. Heck, they even allowed Akuma to be a full fledged member of the Tekken 7 roster! So why not follow the trend and get someone like Rock Howard to make a surprise appearance as the last character in Street Fighter V?

While Rock isn’t a popular as his adoptive father by any stretch of the imagination, I think we’ve seen a little too much of Terry already. Whereas we haven’t seen so much of Rock Howard. It would be great to see him get some of the King of Fighters fighting mechanics so that would make him a totally unique character in the Street Fighter V roster.

Additionally, some of his moves could work as V-Skills and V-Triggers already. His traditional counter could be one of his V-Skills while his old TOP from Garou: Mark of the Wolves would be another. One V-Trigger could become an install that would power up his ReppuKen (turning it into the Double ReppuKen) and his Hard Edge. The second V-Trigger would be a weaker version of the Raging Storm. I’m just spitballing here but I could definitely see it work.

#3 Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII

If Tekken can get Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, why can’t Street Fighter get Tifa from Final Fantasy VII? I mean, that would definitely blow everyone’s mind if she did, right?

Tifa Lockhart has actually appeared in other fighting games like Ehrgeiz and Dissidia. However, we’ve never seen her in a more traditional fighting game like Street Fighter V. And with what Square Enix did with her in Final Fantasy VII Remake, she does feel like she would fit right in in Street Fighter V or any other fighting game for that matter.

Tifa could be one of the most unique characters in Street Fighter V by simply adapting a lot of her moves from Final Fantasy VII Remake and translating them into the game. Some of her abilities, like Whirling Uppercut, Dive Kick, True Strike and Overpower could work as her just some of her special moves. Unbridled Strength could become one of her V-Skills, which would allow her to link light attacks together and would be stackable. Her Chi Trap could become another V-Skill and would actually work perfectly to enable her to control space. Moves like Starshower and her Somersault would work as her V-Triggers while her Dolphin Fury Limit Break would be perfect as her Critical Art!

Oh, and you know if she was announced as part of the last character in Street Fighter V, you know sales for the game would go through the roof! Do it, Capcom! Do it!

BONUS: Sodom from Street Fighter Alpha and Final Fight

Now, I know I’m breaking my own train of thought as Sodom isn’t a guest character. This is why he’s just a bonus item on this list. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be ecstatic if Capcom revealed this Caucasian Japanophile to ultimately be revealed as the final character to appear in Street Fighter V.

The main reason why I would love to see Sodom as the final character in Street Fighter V is because I just love his overall design. He was never a top tier character in the games he appeared in but there was just something about his moves that just appealed to me as he was this weird mix of grappler and rushdown that just worked for me. I highly doubt Capcom would “waste” the final slot on Sodom. But if they did, I would be incredibly happy.

Who do you think will be the most suprising final character of Street Fighter V? Let me know in the comments section below!


One thought on “Three Guest Characters Who Would Be Perfect for Street Fighter V Season 5’s Final Character

  1. Rock Howard and Ruby Heart would be great additions. I didn’t even know they got Akira from the Rival Schools series there since I’ve been so out of the loop with video games. The Rival Schools games need more attention and Project Justice is easily one of the most slept on fighting games ever.

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