I’ll Review Anything: Soy & Bean’s Chocolate Soy Ice Cream

I’ve just talked about being vegan for an entire week while also having a gout attack recently. I did mention some of the stuff that I did eat during that period and how I prepared most of my main meals. What I didn’t really talk about then were the desserts I ate during my week of veganism.

Actually, this was the biggest problem I had because, well, most desserts I know have some kind of animal product in them. Most baked goods like cakes and donuts have, at the very least, milk as part of their recipes. I know there are numerous recipes wherein you can substitute the animal product with a vegan option. There are things like aqua faba to replace eggs and use non-dairy milk instead of regular milk. But who’s got the time to source all of the ingredients and bake stuff, especially since I’m the only one going to be eating them? Certainly not me!

However, I did fine a really good alternative by pure happenstance. I happened across a place called Soy & Bean, a store that recently opened just walking distance from my place. Since I saw the word “soy” and I was indeed planning to cut out meat and dairy from my diet, I was thinking they had a lot of soy products like tofu and soy milk that I could consume during my vegan week. Besides, it looked like a nice place.

It even proudly says it’s “The Tofu Store”

Surprisingly, Soy & Bean was more of a one-stop place for more than just soy products, at least in the store I visited. They were also selling wine (which I can’t drink because I’m allergic), instant tteokbokki meals (which is a kind of Korean spicy rice cake dish) and, most surprising to me, Jamaican Pattie meat pies! I love those little Jamaican Pattie pies so I did buy a box of five to eat after my week of veganism.

Of course, Soy & Bean did have the requisite soy products, such as soy milk and even taho, which is basically very soft tofu mixed with a sugary syrup and tapioca balls. That could’ve worked by I was afraid it might spoil, even if refrigerated. I did find something that I really wanted and I knew wouldn’t spoil.

It was ice cream. But not ice cream made from dairy but ice cream made from soy milk. I did get myself a pint of Soy & Bean’s Chocolate Soy Ice Cream and that’s what I had for most of my week of veganism.

Why didn’t they color the ice cream on the package brown, though?

Before I do talk about the actual product, I do have to talk about Soy & Bean’s Chocolate Soy’s… price. One singular pint costs, wait for it, 350 Philippine Pesos! That’s a lot of moolah for a slightly half a kilogram of ice cream of any kind! Honestly, it’s a huge deterrent for a lot of people to buy! But, I did want to try it and I did leave out a budget for this kind of thing for the week. So I did take the plunge.

Now, the first thing I have to say about Soy & Bean’s Chocolate Soy is that, well, it looks like regular ice cream on the surface, at least when it’s been in the freezer for a while. It certainly hardens like your typical ice cream made from milk. Also, as I did get the chocolate flavor, look like regular chocolate ice cream and not some weird color. I will say it may look a shade darker than your typical chocolate ice cream. Then again, it just could be my eyes playing tricks on me. Anyway, it looks like ice cream for the most part.

However, there is one thing in its appearance that does make it look different is how much faster Soy & Bean’s Chocolate Soy Ice Cream starts to melt. Normal ice cream does take some time to start to melt but this soy ice cream alternative starts to become a liquid in a shorter span of time. I’m not sure why as I’m no ice cream scientist but I’m guessing it’s because of the lower fat content of the soy ice cream. The weird thing is that is also melts in a rather smooth way! The melted ice cream feels more viscous and thick, which I actually like!

Never realized how difficult it is to take a picture of chocolate ice cream and make it look appetizing

Of course, what it looks like doesn’t really matter if Soy & Bean’s Chocolate Soy Ice Cream doesn’t taste good. Well, I’m glad to report that it does taste really, really good. Now, the mouthfeel doesn’t exactly feel like regular ice cream. It doesn’t feel as stiff as regular ice cream and does come off as much lighter in feel. Since I mentioned it melts much faster, it does dissolve rather quickly when you dump it in your mouth. That actually adds to the lighter texture I mentioned. It feels, well, delightful.

Probably the best thing is that it does taste mostly like normal chocolate ice cream. Take note that I said “mostly” then. Like I said, it feels lighter in the mouth so, if you miss the “thickness” of milk based ice creams, Soy & Bean’s Chocolate Soy Ice Cream might feel a little weird. However, the flavor is mostly spot on but a part of me does notice the lack of milk fat in it. It’s not a bad thing but it’s does make it taste a little off.

With that being said, I did like Soy & Bean’s Chocolate Soy Ice Cream. It’s something I would normally wholeheartedly recommend, even if you don’t have any particular dietary restrictions. It does taste almost like the real thing and I’m not really sure if most people who would taste it and not know it’s not “real” ice cream would notice. I’m actually thinking of getting another pint of it or maybe I should try the other flavors. The only thing that’s really holding me back when it comes to me giving it a unabashed thumbs up is the price range. It’s just too expensive to buy on a whim and there are probably other kinds of plant based ice creams out there that are going to be much cheaper than this.

Still, if you have the budget and you do have diet restrictions, I say give it a whirl. But try to make it last, okay?

Have you tried Soy & Bean’s Chocolate Soy Ice Cream or any other alternative vegan ice creams before? How do they compare to regular ice creams? Let me know in the comments section below!


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