Episode 374: There’s Room For Two Live-Action Justice League Films


Well, if it wasn’t real before, it is now. There were already ads floating around for the Snyder Cut slated to come out on HBO Max sometime this year. However, after DC FanDome, the chances for the Snyder Cut being released is more than likely, to say the least. During the event, DC devoted a lot of time to getting the word out. They even had the man himself, Zack Snyder, as well as most of the stars making a cameo, come out and give little slivers of information about it.

Of course, we got a whole lot more than that because, during DC FanDome, we actually got to see the first full-fledged teaser for the Snyder Cut! We got glimpses of Darkseid, this world’s version of Iris West and even some spoilers such as Cyborg’s father’s death by Mother Box. We also got to see some updated visuals, like Steppenwolfe’s updated CGI armor and a black suit wearing Superman.

This is a huge victory for those who championed the cause for Zack Snyder’s original vision of Justice League be released. It kind of felt like a myth and it seemed like the only version DC wanted out there was version Joss Whedon put together in an attempt to salvage the project. Then again, thanks to DC and Warner Bros. wanting to up the subscriber count for HBO Max and get that sweet, sweet cash from people willing to pay for the service, we’re finally going to get it!

However, this does open up a question regarding the Joss Whedon version, affectionately (?) called “Josstice League” by fans who just love puns. Will it still be made available in the future? After all, the Snyder Cut, for all intents and purposes, will be the definitive cut of the film. It will essentially be the canon when it comes to events in movie continuity when it is released. Will fans still be able to go see the Josstice League film afterwards?

The question itself may sound silly. After all, why would Warner Bros. and DC limit themselves when they can have that version as well as the Snyder Cut out there? They can make a lot more money if they make both versions available because there will be fans from both camps who would want to see them. I can even see fans having both the Josstice League and the Snyder Cut in their Blu-Ray collection or whatever will constitute a movie collection in the future. They may even just re-release the Snyder Cut and the Josstice League cuts in one box set as well!

Well, there is a chance Warner Bros. and DC would like to distance themselves as far away from the Josstice League version. Imagine you’re part of the team who helped get the film on track. It should have been a sure thing as you had the greatest heroes in DC’s pantheon of superheroes all in one movie!

What could go wrong? Apparently, everything.

Despite it raking in around $657 million globally, everyone expected it to have made much, much, much, much more money. Compare Josstice League’s take to Joss Whedon’s Avengers film he made for Marvel, which made $1.5 billion globally, you can help but cringe just a little bit for the guys behind the film. So why keep selling the Josstice League cut, a reminder of one of the most disappointing films ever made and fans feel a whole lot of indifference for, when you can have just have the Snyder Cut out, which is the version fans are clamoring for?

Basically, there’s also the outside chance some insidious forces within Warner Bros. and DC who may want to George Lucas the Josstice League version. Isn’t it sad we can’t watch the theatrical versions of the original Star Wars Trilogy anymore unless we get an unlicensed version a fan put together by splicing and editing old copies into one cohesive cut? I mean, this is Star Wars, a global phenomenon which sparked the imagination of so many kids way back when! Even so, the only legal versions of the films we can see now are heavily edited and we’ll never get to see Han shoot first legally.

There’s also going to be the chance having two version of the same film will just be confusing and lead to a lot of people getting upset because they’ll have no idea why. Imagine, if you will, a future where someone wants to get either the Josstice League or the Snyder Cut version and they accidentally or are duped to getting the version they didn’t want. You can bet they’ll be a lot of complaining that all this confusion could’ve been averted if only “the better version” was out and the “lame version” isn’t made available.

However, that’s the thing, isn’t it? What would actually be the “better version” and what will be the “lame version” of Justice League? The Snyder Cut isn’t out so it’s too early to proclaim it’s actually better now, is it? There’s still a chance the Snyder Cut will suck just as much or even more than Josstice League! You just never know until it’s shown to us!

The thing is, I strongly believe there is room for both the Josstice League and the Snyder Cut in fandom because what is the “better version” and what is the “lame version” is going to be subjective to the viewer. Right now, there are so many versions of our favorite movies out there. We have several versions of Blade Runner running around. We have two cuts of Superman II, the theatrical and the Richard Donner Cut. Even several Zack Snyder films, like Sucker Punch, Watchmen and even Batman v. Superman, got the Director’s Cut or Ultimate Edition treatment yet the theatrical versions are still out there.

Both Justice League movies can co-exist with no problem and it’s only going to be the “hardcore” fans that will have issues with that. They’ll bemoan that only the “real” version should be out there and I think that’s stupid. Basically, they’ll be acting like how George Lucas treated Star Wars and they won’t even realize it.

I do hope Warner Bros. and DC recognize one of these versions will be the one specific fans will like. Maybe a kid will recall watching Josstice League in the theater and want to get that version to relive his nostalgia. Maybe a casual viewer just won’t have the patience to sit through the Snyder Cut, a 4-hour long cut of a film about superheroes, and decide to see the 2-hour version, which is basically the Josstice League cut.

Of course, the best thing they can do is just put both of them in one Blu-Ray package. Those things always sell like hotcakes, right?


Which version do you think will be better or more remembered by fans? The Josstice League cut or the Snyder Cut? Let me know in the comments section below!

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