The Ups and Downs of DC FanDome (Day 1)

With 2020 still being a crapfest, a lot of companies, especially the ones in the entertainment industry, have been trying their best to fill the void people have been feeling since we still can’t gather around and celebrate things. These companies are now trying alternative methods to basically keep the spirit of geeky conventions alive. DC Comics recently tried their hand at this with the very first ever DC FanDome.

DC FanDome is actually a two day event as, apparently, there was just too much content to stuff in one single day. Day 1 is already in the can but DC FanDome Day 2 is still ways off in September. But it does look like DC stuffed some of their big announcements in the first day already. That doesn’t mean that everything they did in DC FanDome Day 1 was all great. Some of them weren’t all that hot, if I’m being honest. So, with that being said, let’s go look at the ups and downs that happened during DC special day!

On Film Trailer Reveals…

The Batman gets an Up

It’s weird to say but the upcoming movie, The Batman, had a lot of really prove. This is because of the rather controversial casting of Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Come to think of it, there have been so many previous contentious casting decisions with many a Batman movie! I mean, Michael Keaton as Batman? Heath Ledger as The Joker? Well, Robert Pattinson is just the latest one. Well, for me anyway, the first trailer for The Batman pretty much dispelled most of my worries about it.

There is a whole lot to like about The Batman’s first trailer. The tone looks on point. The story shown in the trailer is just cryptic enough to keep you asking all the right questions without revealing too many details that’ll spoil stuff. The biggest thing is actually Robert Pattinson and how good he looked in Batman’s cape and cowl. I guess this was the biggest concern fans had because of the comment the actor made that it’s stupid to work out for a role since he can just put on a costume and he’ll look like the superhero without any fuss. I will admit, that did irk me but, well, after seeing the trailer, I guess he’s kinda right.

Basically, The Batman trailer eased a lot of my concerns about the film and I’m betting it did for a lot of others as well.

Wonder Woman 1984 gets a Down

DC FanDome only had another full trailer shown and, unfortunately, it was Wonder Woman 1984. And since The Batman trailer got the Up, I have to give Wonder Woman 1984 the Down.

This isn’t a complete knock on the trailer itself; I actually think the trailer looked pretty cool. But, at the same time, it really didn’t do all that much for me. It didn’t expand on the first trailer, so a part of me was a little bit disappointed with it. Okay, I got to see what Cheetah will look like and much more of Maxwell Lord. But these were superficial elements and I wanted to see a bit more and, since this was the second trailer, I just expected just a little bit more. It’s not bad but, especially if you compare it to The Batman’s trailer, it just didn’t hit as hard as it needed to really leave an impact.

Like I said, Wonder Woman 1984’s trailer is good but just wasn’t great.

On Film Sneak Peaks…

The Suicide Squad (both of them) gets an Up

You can tell DC had a lot of confidence with The Sucide Squad as they had, not one, but two Sneak Peek featurettes, shown during The Suicide Squad panel. The first was the reveal of who are the members of this iteration of Task Force X and the “real” behind the scenes look at the film. Both of them were excellently made and put together.

The thing that made both of these sneak peeks work is the attention to detail on what fans wanted to see. We all wanted to find out what villains will be part of the film and who was going to play who. We also got to actually see what they looked like in their costumes and how they would look like in real life. We also got to see a lot of the characters in action. And, based on the sneak peeks we got to see during DC FanDome, I have to believe The Suicide Squad’s production is doing incredibly well.

Black Adam gets a Down

Not even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s charisma can help this sorry of a sneak peek for the upcoming Black Adam.

Then again, it’s not his fault. I mean, they only really showed us what is basically concept art. Black Adam is just in the planning stages and I don’t even think they started filming it yet. My problem with this “sneak peek” is that they shouldn’t have shown it at all because, well, they didn’t have anything to show yet! DC FanDome has a second day coming in September and, while they might not have anything to show even then, it would’ve given them a buffer to make something much better than this.

On the Panels…

The Suicide Squad gets another Up

All-in-all, DC FanDome’s segment devoted to The Suicide Squad was a home run. Not only did they have two sneak peeks for the upcoming movie but the panel itself was just so much fun. James Gunn himself helmed the panel with the main cast joining him!

It couldn’t have been easy to make a cast this huge come off like one big family, especially under the circumstances. It’s much easier for the cast to seem like they’re having fun in a setting like Comic-Con where they can feed off the energy of the crowd. But here, this was basically a teleconferencing video call with all of them sitting at home! Yet, the energy was there and the panel was actually a hoot and a holler to watch thanks to James Gunn making them play a trivia game, which I also played along, of course.

Titans gets a Down\

I will be upfront and say I haven’t watched the Titans series. Despite it getting positive reviews, it just doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe this is one of the major reasons why I’m giving this panel a down.

However, the real issue I had with the Titans panel is that it wasn’t really a panel featuring the cast or them interacting with one another. Rather, it was more of a clip show and then the actors just giving a sound byte reaction to them. That’s not engaging because they’re not really interacting with each other! It’s just them reacting to a video! I guess the clips they did show were supposedly pivotal moments and the one featuring Conner did pique my interest to actually go and watch the show. But, as a panel, this just did not work.

On Video Game Announcements…

Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League gets an Up

What is it about Suicide Squad just knocking it out of the park during DC FanDome? The sneak peeks were incredible. The panel was amazing. And the upcoming video game, Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League, even if it was just a trailer, just felt amazing!

While I will admit I am still very skeptical regarding the gameplay as we only saw a pre-rendered trailer, the fact it’s being made by Rocksteady, the developers that made the good Arkham games, I have confidence it’ll be, at the very least, playable. Even so, the trailer does show they understand the characters and how they interact. They also showed the bare concept of how the game is going to play and the unique gimmicks each Suicide Squad member will be able to use. We got to see King Shark brutalize enemies with his freakish strength, Deadshot zipping around on his jetpack, Captain Boomerang can teleport around using his trick boomerang and Harley… I guess she has a bat.

It’s a fun trailer and, if Rocksteady can nail the gameplay and combine it with a good story with charming characters, Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League can be a huge new franchise for them.

Gotham Knights gets a Down

This is the only other game reveal shown during DC FanDome so I had no other choice but to give Gotham Knights the Down slot. Yet, even then, based on what they showed here, I definitely wasn’t impressed.

There’s just a stiffness to the characters in Gotham Knights that made everything look off. They don’t move like human but more like robots! This is very obvious when they went and gave us a glimpse of the gameplay, specifically the one where they had Batgirl on her motorcycle. She looked like a statue as she didn’t move a muscle as she accelerated through the streets of Gotham! There are some moments of brilliance, like when they show the characters gliding through the air and stuff. But these moments still looked stiff as well.

I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on Gotham Knights as they only had a pre-alpha build on hand and things can definitely change from now until the game is ready for release. Still, I wasn’t impressed by what I saw.

On the Funny Moments…

Beyond Batman gets a huge Up

There were actually a good number of funny moments sprinkled throughout the DC FanDome experience and a couple of them were really good. I liked the entire Shazam! “we have nothing to show but we have to do a panel” gimmick with Simbad, of all people. There was also Harley Quinn answering fan questions the only way Harley Quinn can. But the best moment was the short little clip called Beyond Batman.

This was comic gold with the characters from Batman Beyond getting a look at the live-action Batman series from the 60’s. It’s basically a rifftrax take on the show with some of the silly observations on how different both shows are. I’m not sure if they got Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle, who play Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis, respectively, for this bit. If they didn’t, these were some excellent soundalikes! The jokes were nothing we haven’t heard before, such as The Joker having a visible mustache under his makeup and how lame the costumes look by today’s standards. It was mostly the execution and how they just poked fun at themselves with a good nature.

DC’s Worlds Funniest gets a huge Down… way, way Down

Really? You call this World’s Funniest? It’s not even World’s Funny?

I don’t want to be hard on this as it’s probably a bunch of kids talking and someone thought it would be funny to make their interactions as if they were superheroes like Superman or Batman. I also know these are old videos and just supposed to be filler. But, man! This was rough! The things I gave a Down to, I didn’t actually hate. But this? This I actually hated with a passion!

What was your favorite moment from DC FanDome? How about your least favorite? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!




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