Episode 362: Robin’s Street Fighter V’s “Last Chance” New Characters Wish List


Street Fighter V isn’t dead yet, apparently. Just when we all thought they put a close to all the support they were giving it, Capcom recently announced they are extending the game’s lifespan just a little bit longer but in a big way! They are going to add V… I mean, 5 new characters to the roster! Now, that’s big news for me because I get to once again dream of who I want Capcom to put in the game! This is basically my “last chance” to see them in Street Fighter V!

I don’t really want to see any new characters anymore because I think it would be a waste of a slot. I also don’t want Capcom to finally add “guest” characters to the game because, well, that ship has sailed! They should’ve done it long ago! I want to see them focus on the World Warriors who still have to get a Street Fighter V makeover! Since they are hinting at 5 new characters and there just so happens to be 5 other Street Fighter games before this one, I’m kind of betting Capcom will pick one character from Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV! Here’s my personal list of characters I want to see (even though I know they probably won’t make the cut… but I girl can dream, can’t she?)

Adon from Street Fighter 1

Let me hear that shrill, annoying laugh one more time, Capcom!

This was a very easy one to pick. While I did consider the stick fighter Eagle for a quick moment, Adon is still one of the OG characters from the first Street Fighter who people still really remember as he’s been in other games of the series. Adon may not be a personal favorite of mine but his history with Sagat does stick in my mind and I would love to see what he thinks of the King of Muay Thai now that he isn’t the bloodthirsty killer he was when he was a student.

Most of Adon’s moves and special attacks could transition well into Street Fighter V but I can’t really think of what would be his V-Skills or V-Triggers moves. Maybe one of his V-Skills could be something like Sagat’s where either his Jaguar Kick or Rising Jaguar attacks are powered up while activating one of his V-Triggers would power up his punch attacks and make it multi-hitting like his Thousand Jaguar variant of his Super in Street Fighter IV. I’m just spitballing here but I think they would work for him!

Fei Long from Street Fighter II

Rather slim pickings here but I believe Fei Long would be the best one to pick over the remaining World Warriors who didn’t make it to Street Fighter V.

I can’t help but feel sorry for T. Hawk and Dee Jay as they are the other characters from Street Fighter II who don’t appear in Street Fighter V but, honestly, does anyone really want to see T. Hawk or Dee Jay again? Nope, it’s easily Fei Long who’s the overlooked character as he was incredibly popular and fun to play with when he made it to Street Fighter IV. Besides, I love Rekkas!

Porting over Fei Long to Street Fighter V should be easy and they can even give him some improvements, like making his command grab do actual damage! Giving him good V-Skills and V-Triggers would be easy as well. One V-Skill could be a counter move like Ryu’s but better or maybe give him a 1-inch punch that can destroy projectiles or break through blocks! His V-Triggers could give him 5 Rekkas instead of 3 or even just make his Rekkas do more hit and block stun. Did I mention I love Rekkas?

Sodom from Street Fighter Alpha

We do need a grappler and a representative from Final Fight. Well, Sodom is both!

This was a tough pick as I really wanted Rose to be the representative from the Alpha series. However, when I really thought of it, we kind of have a Rose facsimile in Street Fighter V already in Menat. I mean, Capcom even gave her her master’s Soul Spiral and Soul Throw. Putting Rose would kind of be redundant by this point. That’s not to say this former Final Fight boss would be a lame duck in Street Fighter V. It’s actually the opposite because, while I’m thinking about it, Sodom has the potential to be the next fearsome grappler next to Birdie!

For one thing, Capcom can give Sodom some changes to his grappling moves, which do kind of suck in the Alpha games. They can give him 2 alternatives to his Bustumetsu Buster/Power Bomb. The first one is just a instant grab but, if you hold down the button, Sodom would do the quick hopping motion like before that does more damage and has more range! His Daikyo Burning/running grab should work like Zangief’s Running Bear Grab wherein the EX version has some armor. His V-Skills could be him sharpening his sais or just be his Shiraha Catch counter. One of his V-Triggers could be his old Tengu Walk or something like that.

Oro from Street Fighter III

While I’m very sure Makoto is a sure thing, I still like to think Oro can still make the cut.

Picking between Oro and Makoto was actually really tough because I like both characters. Both characters would have really good moves that would fit nicely in Street Fighter V and they already have built-in moves which would work well as their V-Skills and V-Triggers. The reason why I’m giving the nod to the old mystical fighter is because he hasn’t been seen outside Street Fighter III.

I would still leave Oror as a charging motion character just to keep him consistent but the thing that really would make me play him would be the potential V-Skills and V-Triggers Capcom can implement for him. He could get V-Skills like a floating move like Dhalsim and something that would power up his projectile attack wherein it would track the opponent much like the EX version in Street Fighter III. One of his V-Triggers could be him controlling various object around him like his Tengu Ishi. However, the V-Trigger I want him to have is one where he unbinds his arm for the rest of the round! It would be like Necalli’s in so it would be a permanent power up!

C. Viper from Street Fighter IV

The only likable newcomer from Street Fighter IV, in my opinion of course.

Okay, I may like her but C. Viper but she is one of the most technical characters because of her unique abilities like her super jump and the choice to cancel her special attacks as a feint. Well, I think we need a super technical character in Street Fighter V! This makes her a prime candidate by itself!

Oddly enough, I would like her to get a major revamp in her movelist. After all, her old weaponized outfit should have some upgrades by this time. She’ll get to keep stuff like her ground pound and burning kicks as those are her signature moves but I would make them her V-Skills. She will be able to cancel them by either forward or backward dashing, yes, even her burning kicks will be cancelable! With respect to V-Triggers, well, they can all be new as well! Just make her technical as she was in Street Fighter IV.

BONUS: Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter Alpha

Oh, where oh where is Dan Hibiki, Capcom?

You can say Dan Hibiki is a joke character. A parody Capcom made to make fun of SNK’s Art of Fighting games. You can say he’s just too weak to be a viable character and no one would play him. However, Dan is still a huge fan favorite and I’m still surprised he hasn’t been put in Street Fighter V! I guess it would be tough to design Dan as he’s supposed to be a loser character… but why should he be? I say design him in a way that’s just fun but with enough strengths to make him viable. Granted, it would be a tough balancing act but, hey, we all would love to see Dan!

Give Dan some moves that would fit him being both a joke and a parody. Maybe one of his V-Skills has him putting on padded armor like his training dummy costume in Street Fighter IV. There would be a long startup time but, if Dan does put it on, damage done to him is halved for 1 attack. His other V-Skill would be him powering up his V-Gauge ala SNK’s Art of Fighting Chi charge. One of his V-Triggers would give Dan a taunt that can deplete his opponent’s V-Gauge or Super Meter while his other can be his Haoh-Gadoken or, just to add some more parody to the mix, a version of Ryo’s Zanrestuken.


What would be your “last chance” character for Street Fighter V? Let me know in the comments section below!

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