Episode 219: Five “Guest” Character Ideas for Street Fighter V


When Abigail was announced during this year’s EVO, it was meant with a lukewarm response from most of the audience. Oh, there was a smattering of polite applause from the live venue, it was certainly wasn’t the boisterous ovation the other debuting characters from other fighting games. It was kind of hard to follow up the debut of Future Trunks in the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Geese Howard in Tekken. Did Capcom really think a big, burly guy would get a better reaction than one of the most iconic boss characters in fighting games? Double Reppuken indeed!

Now, I’ve noticed a trend here and that it seems like a lot of fighting game developers are working together to let some of their franchise characters appear in other video games. The aforementioned Geese and Akuma are now in Tekken. Mai Shiranui and the Virtua Fighter characters are in Dead or Alive. So, shouldn’t Street Fighter V also join the act? With that being said, here are my top five picks for characters that I would love to see join the Street Fighter V roster in the future.

1. Wolverine from Marvel vs. Capcom

This can be considered cheating since Capcom has been playing nice with Marvel for a while now. But, hey! It’s my list, right?

I don’t think anyone would mind if Logan made an appearance in Street Fighter V. I bet fans are missing him right now since he’s been excluded from the Marvel Cinematic Universe only character lineup of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Besides, Wolverine is kind of the “Ryu” of the Marvel vs. Capcom games so he would fit right it.

His current moveset would also work really well with Capcom’s latest entry to their flagship fighting game franchise. His Berserker Barrage and Tornado Claw are just fireball and dragon punch motions anyway. His V-Skill could be a variation of his Drill Claw (also available while jumping, of course) and his V-Reversal would just be his Berserker Slash. V-Trigger can be his Berserker Charge, the move where he gets a speed boost. Now, Wolverine should get two Critical Arts. Berserker Barrage X would come out when he doesn’t have Berserker Charge activated and Fatal Claw would become his Critical Art when his V-Trigger is active.

I’m guessing he would play a little like Necalli in a sense but with a lot of target combos to mimic his playstyle in the Marvel vs. Capcom games. I know I would play him!

2. Alisa from Tekken

Well, she was in Street Fighter X Tekken… as a paid DLC character. Boo, Capcom! Now, make it up to us by getting her into Street Fighter V.

Alisa would need a major revamp if she does appear in Street Fighter V, though. She can keep her Rocket Punch as some kind of a projectile but everything else would have to go because I have a unique idea for her V-Skill. It would be fantastic if Alisa’s V-Skill would revolve around using her arm chainsaws in that she could sheath and unsheath them, changing her fighting style. She would be kind of like Gen in essence. Her V-Reversal would be her “head bomb” move, which would be hilarious.

Oh, and I think fanboys would love it if Capcom would make dozens of outfits for Alisa, right?

3. Billy Kane from Fatal Fury

Because why should Vega be the only weapon wielding character in Street Fighter?

Billy Kane is probably one of my favorite characters from the Fatal Fury games. Although he’s technically just a henchman for big boss Geese Howard, the Brit with a stick is a lot of fun because of his incredibly cocky attitude, which should be easy because he’s got a huge tricked out staff he can use while fighting! Why anyone he fights against in the tournaments are okay with this, I’ll never know! But, if Vega can bring in a big pointy claw into battle, why not a stick?

Translating him over to Street Fighter V should be a piece of cake as all Capcom would need are a few minor tweaks. His V-Skill could be that weird kick where he uses his staff to vault over a short distance. This would go over low attack and, more importantly, projectiles. I think his V-Trigger should just be adding fire attacks to his normal staff attacks and not make him enter MAX mode (more on that later). He’s already a really decent character and I think he would fit in well with the cast.

Oh, and please port over London March, his godlike theme song! The one with lyrics, please!

4. Goro Daimon from King of Fighters

You were expecting Kyo Kusanagi or Iori Yagami, weren’t you? Well, they’ve been in Capcom vs. SNK and SNK vs. Capcom already. Let the big guy have his fun!

I figured we needed some kind of grappler character as a guest star and who better than the mountainous Judo Master himself. Goro would definitely be able to stand toe-to-toe with the rest of the cast as his throws would be incredibly powerful. The fact that he has a myriad of them, including an anti-air and one that can “hit” off the ground would make him really intimidating to get close to. But running away would be scary as well because of his ground pound, which would be his V-Skill.

Goro’s V-Trigger would be a play of the King of Fighters MAX mode system. However, instead of giving you access to EX attacks, his V-Trigger would allow him to combo into his command throws! This would definitely make him scary and potentially make him incredibly broken but I don’t care! I just like the idea of a V-Triggered Goro mauling his opponent by comboing various command throws! Imagine the combo potential!

5. Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat

I really couldn’t figure out which character from Mortal Kombat to join Street Fighter V… so I went with the least of the homicidal maniacs. I’ll get to that.

At least Liu Kang would be a unique addition to the plain old Street Fighter game. He would be have his fireball attacks and his flying dragon kick as he’s always had these moves in all of the games. His bicycle kick can be done by holding down a kick button like Birdie’s Bull Horn. However, what would make Liu Kang terrifying would be his target kombos (yeah, with a “k” because… why not?). The new Mortal Kombat games have a ton of these so it’s only fair for Liu Kang to be able to use them to pummel poster boy Ryu if he makes the jump.

Liu Kang already has a built in V-Reversal with his Dragon Parry and Capcom can just make a less brutal looking X-Ram move as his Critical Art. But I don’t know what his V-Skill and V-Trigger would because I don’t really play that Mortal Kombat that much. Honestly, the main reason why I would want the Shaolin warrior monk in because I would love to see him do his not-so Fatality from the first Mortal Kombat on Street Fighter characters when he wins two rounds.


Which guest characters would you want to see in Street Fighter V? Let me know in the comments section below!


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