Episode 293: Five Worlds that Kingdom Hearts III Should’ve Added


So I’ve been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts III lately. I’ve liked the overall experience for the most part. The gameplay is fun and I really love all the fighting, even though it can get somewhat repetitive. The mere idea of going on adventures with Donald and Goofy just makes me giddy. I still have some trouble following the story, however. There’s so much talk about Heartless, Nobodies and other nonsense that I have to wrap my head around; I guess it would’ve helped if I took a Kingdom Hearts refresher course but there’s just too many games in the series! It’s actually kind of hilarious that this is “just the third game” in the franchise!

That may be a huge problem but I’m still having so much fun with Kingdom Hearts III. It gives you something you’ve never been able to do before: explore the worlds of the Disney animated films! I mean, my trip to Arendelle and listening Elsa belt out “Let It Go” to an almost frame by frame recreation from Frozen was just awe-inspiring!

As much as I have enjoyed going to worlds like Olympus from Hercules, The Kingdom of Corona from Tangled and the toy world from Toy Story, I still wish there were more worlds. In fact, I think Square Enix and Disney missed out on the opportunity to include some of them!

Now, it would be an easy out to say I would want to see the Marvel properties or Star Wars since Disney do own those franchises, that would be too much. Yes, I would like a lightsaber Keyblade and team up with the Avengers. But that would be unfair since there are so many “official” Disney worlds they could’ve added in Kingdom Hearts III! In fact, Limiting my list to just five (six if you include the typical BONUS entry I typically add just for fun) was hard as it and I wouldn’t want Marvel and Star Wars taking up precious slots.

So, on with the list!

Radiator Spings from Cars

Okay, technically, this is a Pixar film… but it’s still known as a Disney film, right?

The Cars franchise isn’t my favorite or even something I exactly like. I only really liked the first film but the second and third films kinda blow, in my opinion. However, I do like the world Disney and Pixar created with Cars. I mean, a world populated by anthropomorphic cars is pretty cool and creative in its own right.

I am intensely curious with how Square Enix would design car versions of Sora, Donald and Goofy. The only really sticking point would be that, well, cars don’t have hands! So how would our heroes fight? Simple: they won’t. Change the gameplay to just focus on things like racing or performing crazy stunts. Make the Cars world the “diversion” world where no fighting is needed to clear the world like with The Little Mermaid stages in Kingdom Hearts II.

Duckburg from Ducktales

Like is like a hurricane…

I wasn’t even born when the original Ducktales cartoon was out but I am super familiar with the 2017 reboot of the show and I positively love it! I love how there’s actually a continuous storyline and how past events will influence future stories. The action and comedy bits are great as well! It’s a show that’s I’m assuming pulled off the rare successful reboot.

I will say that, if they did include Ducktales, it would pose a curious problem since Donald Duck is in the show but it’s not the Donald Duck from the game. Then again, that supposed problem can be turned into a positive with all the humorous possibilities of having two Donalds on screen at the same time!

But basically, I love the new Ducktales show and I really wanted it to be in Kingdom Hearts III.

Riley’s Mind from Inside Out

You can’t go more imaginative than inside someone’s mind, can you?

I loved Inside Out when it came out and I still love it even now. I even got the Blu-Ray of the movie and I still like to pop it in now and again whenever I do feel blue so I’m reminded that it’s not wrong to feel sad.

But me liking Inside Out doesn’t really factor into why I wanted it in Kingdom Hearts III. I was mostly considering how it would fit so well in the overall story of Heartless trying to invade worlds and the plot of Inside Out. At one point in the film, Riley, where all the emotions live, is in a downward spiral as her “personality islands” are destroyed. This would work well with the Heartless causing the destruction of the worlds they invade, wouldn’t it? In fact, I would suggest the stages be set on the “personality islands” themselves just so we could explore those areas and really get to know what’s being threatened!

Fix-It Felix, Hero’s Duty, Sugar Rush or Slaughter Race from Wreck-It Ralph

Would the characters from Wreck-It Ralph know that Sora and the gang are video game characters? So many questions!

It’s really a shame that Wreck-It Ralph is just a summon character and you don’t get to explore his worlds. Yes, “worlds” with an “s” at the end. As in plural and more than one. It would definitely have been incredible with Sora and company had the chance to explore areas like Hero’s Duty, Sugar Rush and Slaughter Race from Wreck-It Ralph. Heck, I would also find it incredibly cute if they shrunk them down into little-bitty 8-bit sprites if they got to be in Fix-It Felix!

While exploring these world would be incredible, I guess I would feel a twinge of emptiness since these worlds would feel rather empty without the other video game characters populating them. I mean, the Kingdom Hearts franchise is already a major crossover between Disney and Square Enix! I don’t think they’ll be able to get the permission to have characters from Street Fighter, Super Mario and Pac-Man here as well!

Zootopia from… Zootopia

Donald and Goofy are already animals. I wonder what kind of animal Sora would be?

Zootopia wasn’t a movie that I expected to be good. I was right… because it was GREAT! I loved everything about the movie! I loved the story. I loved the characters. I loved the animation. I loved the plot twist… imagine! An actual plot twist in a Disney Animated film! It also had a message that’s both kids and adults should take heed, especially in these confusing times.

Zootopia would have been perfect for Kingdom Hearts III because of the multiple districts! The creative possibilities would have been almost limitless with what the game makers could’ve made. Make Sora and his group fight off against Heartless while tiny little critters scurry around in Little Rodentia. Explore a modern looking city in the main town of Zootopia. Have Donald go au naturale in the Mystic Springs Oasis. It would’ve been grand!

BONUS: Sky High from Sky High

Am I the only one who remembers this movie with wistful nostalgia?

While I did say that none of the Marvel franchises can be included in Kingdom Hearts III, that doesn’t mean that all superheroes can’t be in it! This was a movie that I didn’t actually watch because I didn’t even know it existed but when I caught it on cable one time, I fell in love with Sky High!

I think Sky High is generally one of those movies that most Disney fans overlook. It’s not an animated classic nor does it seem like it belongs in the classic pantheon of Disney films. But if Pirates of the Carribbean can be in Kingdom Hearts, why can’t Sky High? Besides, who wouldn’t want to fight off supervillain-like Heartless?

BONUS 2: Golden Saucer from Final Fantasy VII

Why should Disney have all the fun?

Am I the only one who thinks it’s unfair that Sora only goes to Disney themed worlds? Isn’t Kingdom Hearts supposed to be a crossover between Disney and Square Enix? So, why doesn’t Square Enix have their own worlds?

If they did include a world from the Square Enix catalog of games, I would pick Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII because it’s the most distinctive world from all the areas! It’s unmistakenable from being in any other game.


What world would you have wanted to see in Kingdom Hearts III? Let me know what it is in the comments section below!

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