I’ll Review Anything: Sky High


It’s been a couple of years (at least) since Disney purchased Marvel Comics lock, stock and barrel. With this acquisition, Disney immediately becomes a powerhouse company with the rights to all of the superheroes of Marvel’s history. So, it only seems logical for Disney to produce superhero films using the license. What I didn’t know is that the House of Mouse already did that when they made a little known movie called Sky High.

Sure, the movie doesn’t have big hitters like Iron Man or Captain America. But it does have… who the heck is The Commander? And why does he look like Kurt Russell? And why am I watching this on Fox Family Movies and not the Disney Channel?

Honestly, I wouldn’t have watched this movie if it wasn’t a lazy Sunday afternoon and there was nothing else good on TV at the time. But, to tell you the truth, I’m glad I did. Sky High was actually an incredibly enjoyable movie!

I could actually end the review right there, but, of course, I gotta be a little more specific. So, read on to get my SPOILER-FREE detailed review of Sky High!

Sky High is the story of Will Stronghold, the son of The Commander and Jetstream. A lot is expected of him since his parents are two of the greatest (if not the greatest) superheros. He is sent to Sky High, a school where all children of superheros go to school. The problem is, as the first day of school happens, it appears Will didn’t inherit neither of the Commander’s super-strength not Jetstream’s flying power. So, as a child without powers, he is regulated to “sidekick” status with other misfits.

Of course, that’s not the whole story. There’s the drama of being a teenager, love, bullies, yadayadayada. Basically, it should be your typical Disney high school story with super powers. But it turns out it’s much more than that! Sky High does a lot with the simple premise and runs with it all throughout the movie with great gusto and panache! It can be a little silly but it is a story about high school so I can let that slide.

One of the things I enjoyed about Sky High were the characters. Each one is just so distinct from each other, making it easy to relate and distinguish from one another. Usually, teenage movies like to blob each character into archetypes: the mean girls are just fashion-crazed, popularity-seeking bullies or the nerds are anxious and nervous shy dweebs. I never felt that with any of the people here. Of course, it does help that each one of them has a superpower, so that helps.

I also like the visual style they adapted from the film. It doesn’t look like today’s comic books, though. Rather, the movie takes a very childish and, well, comical tone when it comes to its look. The colors are very bright and just pop out at you, which is excellent! Also, everything is so pristine and clean, which is in direct contrast with the “gritty,” “emo” and “dark” look of most superhero films. I’m looking directly at you, Man of Steel!

Oh, boohoo, you big baby! Just walk it off!

Oh, boohoo, you big baby! Just walk it off!

Of course, the characters are amazing! While you have no idea who these characters are since they were created specifically for movie, you sort of understand who they are because of they stereotypes and tropes most comic book superheros fall prey to. You got the super confident and upright The Commander (I don’t know if “The” is part of his name like “The” Batman” so I just left it). You got the always angry and mopey Warren Peace who has the power to control fire. And, of course, you’ve got the innocent young outstanding kid in Will Stronghold, who wants to live up to his parents “super” standards.

Of course, no hero is going to be interesting without having a good villain. And I love the main villain in the film, Royal Pain and sidekick, Stitches. They make a great pairing with Stitches being the bumbling idiot and Royal Pain playing the straight man, so to speak.

One thing I didn’t like is the movie’s title. Like I said at the beginning, I wouldn’t have watched this movie if I knew it came out here in the Philippines solely because it has such a stupid name! If you really think about it, there’s nothing really “super” sounding or exciting about it. It just sounds silly. I would’ve preferred if they called it something like Hero High or something like that…

Whaddaya mean “Hero High” has already been taken?



Also, I didn’t like the ultimate “punishment” the bad guys got at the end. So, the bad guys tried to take over Sky High and essentially rule the world and that was their only punishment? I realize that ranting about it without revealing anything makes it sound super-intriguing (no pun intended). But just watch the movie and you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, besides the stupid title and the fate of the bad guys, I would have to say that Sky High is a really fun movie. It doesn’t take itself seriously, which is appropriate if you consider how ridiculous the premise of the film is. There’s a lot of potential overall for this movie to have sequels or even its own television show. Too bad Disney won’t do it since they already got Marvel…

…which isn’t a bad thing come to think of it!


Anyway, have you seen Sky High? What did you think of the movie? Leave your thoughts and comments about the film below!

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