Episode 47: The Return to PlayStation Home: New Stuff!


Last week, I talked about getting a new look for my PlayStation Home avatar. But I was just getting warmed up! Besides getting a makeover, I decided I’ll go ahead and actually look for the stuff that I missed out during my sabbatical!

Actually, the biggest thing that caught my eye didn’t have anything to do with clothing or even a new apartment. I realized that everyone was doing dance moves that I’ve never seen before. It turns out that nDreams have been churning out new poses and dance moves that your avatars can use. Well, I got 25$ in my account just laying around doing nothing! I may as well put it to good use!

The first thing I had to get was the cutie pie poses since I actually love the sarcastic walking movement (and I cannot believe anyone would walk that way in real life). Still, it just looks so unique I just got to have it!

I love the fact that you can just highlight any character that has the item you want to get and purchase them instantly. It makes it so much more easier to buy instead of having to search for it through the Mall or to ask them directly where they got it. Anyway, I purchased it and, in all honestly, I just love it! I’m planning to make it my default “item” to carry around!

Aww! Aren't I the cutest lil' thing?

Aww! Aren’t I the cutest lil’ thing?

But I just wasn’t there for mere poses! No, I had to get my hands on the other movement thingies! I just kept on buying and buying a lot of stuff! While at the mall, I found a girl with a “conspicuous” chest. I hate to say it but I got jealous. In my real life, I have to say my “chestal” area isn’t very prominent. Oh, it’s there! But I just wish it were a little bit more “visible.”

Well, if I can’t get that in real life, I can certainly get the necessary augmentation surgery in PlayStation Home. So I highlighted her and purchased it. I put it on and, well, it just didn’t go well with the pants. It looked more like it was suited for a schoolgirl… and I just so happened to have the “proper” skirt and accessories that’ll go well it it!

But, it wasn’t enough! Just having a new sexy outfit didn’t complete the package. Just looking sexy wasn’t going to cut it for me anymore! This time, I actually looked around and found a new “sexy” dance pack in the mall. It was just the thing I needed to complete my new look!

Not seen: numerous people taking pics.

Not seen: numerous people taking pics.

Once I put this outfit on, all of a sudden I was flooded with PM messages… and not the nice kind! Well, just because I “dress” like this, it doesn’t mean that I wanted to be treated like a piece of meat. Okay, I have to say it was a bit hypocritical for me to just say that. I liked the attention I got! I really did! But I just felt I was attracting the wrong kind of crowd!

Eventually, I decided to go back to my original after makeover look. It suited me better. I have to say I’m not really that sexy and extroverted like my “schoolgirl” version and I just couldn’t really take the attention for long. I guess I rather be kind of unnoticed by the general public but get hit on for my mind.

What's all that commotion behind me?

What’s all that commotion behind me?

Anyway, I’m done shopping! So I guess I’ll try to purchase The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC since I’m currently playing that game… waitaminute! I spent $22 on all of this new stuff? Still, I think it was worth it! I’m pleased with my new and outgoing personality image my avatar now has, which is in sharp contrast with how I am in real life!

Speaking of which, I like to talk about why it seems to be so much easier being an extrovert online. And I will talk about that… next time!

What’s the most expensive thing you purchased for an online game? Let me know in the comments section below!


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