Defending the Gamer Who Broke Up with The Hottest Weather Girl on the Planet

When it comes to the hobby of video games, we gamers sometimes do have our priorities out of whack. We sometimes spend all our hard earned cash just to buy the latest video game or console instead of properly budgeting our money on the more essential things like rent or food. We can spend long, sleepless nights just to see what the next level is going to be all about even though we know we should be studying for that finals exam or that big business meeting tomorrow. We can sometimes injure ourselves because of those extended gaming sessions and our hands become something like a misshapen claw.

One of the greatest mistakes we can do as gamers is take the hobby to the next level and totally withdraw ourselves from the “real” world. We can start ignoring friends and family just because we can get to into video games. Of course, this is an extreme case of video game addiction and, even though I consider myself an avid video game fanantic, I do have to acknowledge that too much of anything is bad. However, like I said, these are extreme cases. This is definitely not the case for Doug Martin, AKA Censor, who went on YouTube to announce his breakup with Yanet Garcia so he can play more Call of Duty.

Who’s Yanet Garcia, you may be asking and why this is big news? Well, it’s because Doug Martin broke up with this…

After watching that clip above of Yanet Garcia discussing the precipitation levels and barometric pressure and all that, any normal guy is probably thinking the same thing: that idiot broke up with someone like that just so he can play more Call of Duty? That was my initial reaction when I first heard the headline. But, after mulling it over for a couple of days, I came to the conclusion that

Censor made the right decision for him. Yes, it may seem ridiculous for someone like you (if you’re a guy) and me to break up with someone as hot and as beautiful as Yanet Garcia just to play video games… but let me be the idiot who tries to defend him and his decision.

First off, I find it funny how everyone who is losing their minds over the breakup is treating Yanet Garcia as a piece of sexy meat. A lot of people automatically think Censor is dumb for breaking up with her because she’s incredibly beautiful and has a good body. Okay, the social image that she puts out herself doesn’t scream “I’m a serious meteorologist” most of the time. But still, most websites reporting on this piece of “big news” is basically focusing on the fact that Yanet Garcia is crazy hot instead of her being a person. Don’t get me wrong; she is. But I do hope she has more going for her than just looks!

I mean, what do they think Censor and Yanet Garcia did all they when they were together? Just doing the nasty all the time? Sure, that sounds like fun for the first week or so but, if I’m going to be in a relationship with someone for around three years (which is how long the two were together), I would like to, I don’t know, have more than just a physical relationship? I think everyone is like that but we’re just so flabbergasted by how pretty Yanet Garcia and can’t fathom not being with her. That’s because we don’t actually talk to her or anything like that and we’re just mesmerized by Yanet’s hotness, not taking into consideration that she’s a human being as well.

Also, I have to state how misleading the headlines make the breakup sounds. Most of the time, it mentions how a “gamer” broke up with the “world’s hottest weather girl” to “play Call of Duty.” Those are the general keywords websites used. Oh, some of them do replace “play Call of Duty” with “the most ridiculous reason ever” or something along those lines. One thing the headlines fail to focus on is that Censor isn’t just a “gamer.” He’s a “pro gamer.” That’s an important distinction.

When you just say that he’s a “gamer,” you generally picture a guy who likes playing video games a lot. It’s a hobby and it’s supposed to be some kind of pastime. In other words, he’s just any ordinary joe who plays Call of Duty. But Censor has the word “pro” before the word “gamer” and that puts him on a different level. That means that gaming is not his hobby; its his job. As a pro gamer, Censor is in line to make a whole lot of money thanks to the booming eSports craze that’s happening right now.

eSports has grown a lot the last few years and people are pumping a lot of money into it. Games like League of Legends, DOtA, Overwatch, Madden, Counter-Strike, Street Fighter and many more games are putting out tournaments with huge prizes, amounting to the millions. eSports is also growing in more than that as more and more people love watching it. eSports is big but mainstream media is still really slow on the uptake on how big it is right now.

It may sound ridiculous but training to be an eSports athlete is incredibly grueling. For team games, you have to practice drills and kind of feel what your teammates are going to do and that can only be achieved by playing with them for hours and hours. You have to practice your timing and even repeat the same motions over and over again just so they’re retained in your muscle memory and doing these same things in the heat of a match is becomes second nature. All of this does eat up a person’s time and this is why Censor felt like he couldn’t split his time between his career and his girlfriend. And, yes, playing Call of Duty is his career. That’s how he makes his living and earn the money needed to sustain himself.

What I’m saying is, when people say Doug Martin is dumb for breaking up with Yanet Garcia to “play Call of Duty,” it’s akin to saying Lebron James didn’t go to college because he just wanted to play basketball all day. Censor wanted to dedicate most of his time and energy to be a professional gamer and, unfortunately, he had to cut out some things in his life, including his super hot girlfriend Yanet Garcia. I can’t say it’s the right decision because, as much as I like watching eSports, I haven’t a clue on the entire Call of Duty pro league scene to see if he’s actually any good. All I know is he’s been playing Call of Duty professionally for a long time and he has been a part of a few teams that have won championships in the past. I do know that breaking up with the “hottest weather girl on the planet” must not have been easy because, look at her! Yes, I know I made the argument against treating her like an object… but look at her!

But I’m not a pro gamer nor am I Censor. His decision of breaking up with someone as hot as Yanet Garcia may seem insane to a lot of people but I get it. He’s trying to concentrate on his career and he’s trying to be incredibly focused on being the best at Call of Duty. Right now, he feels that, if he wants to be the best, he had to do it. Like I said, I may not agree with it but I understand.

Would you ever break up with someone to focus on your career? Are you Yanet Garcia and looking for a new boyfriend? Let me know in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “Defending the Gamer Who Broke Up with The Hottest Weather Girl on the Planet

  1. Hello,

    I just found up your blog by browsing in WordPress World and got a little bit angry.
    Now, what can I say about this case it is, Why not Breaking up ? I mean every person has the right to decide in life, it’s their life not yours. And if career is what they need to focus on, then why not?
    I mean, I believe that in life there is more than just looks, you may need someone with brains as well.
    In the end, if a person is destined to be with someone then life will bring them together anyway.

    So, stop being such a “defender” of persons who you may not even know in real life and start focusing on your own career and life!

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