Episode 249: Predicting Wrestlemania 2018’s Results


Wrestlemania is just around the corner and I have to say I’m pumped! I wasn’t all that excited at the start of the year but things have definitely picked up the past couple of weeks with some really interesting storyline developments and great matchups popping up just in time for the Grandest Stage of Them All. There is still something I’m very wary about this year’s Wrestlemania and it is its apparent length. Including the pre-show matches and the unannounced as of this writing John Cena vs The Undertaker, this year’s Wrestlemania will have a total of 14 matches! That’s a ton of wrestling you gotta cram in around 5 to 7 hours!

Like every year, I’m planning to review Wrestlemania but I usually put my predictions on the same post as my review. Considering the number of matches that I’ll have to review for it, that’s going to be a long enough post as it is. So this year, I settled on posting my predictions a week before the actual show, review the Wrestlemania pre-show matches in my regular Robin’s Adventures section and then write up my Wrestlemania card thoughts in the I’ll Review Anything. Since this is the week before the actual show, here are my predictions for this year’s Show of Shows!

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Also know as, “The match where we just throw every other Superstar who doesn’t have a match in Wrestlemania.”

It’s actually troublesome to predict the Andre the Giant Battle Royale since there isn’t an official list of Superstars that are going to be participating. I am assuming that it’s going to consist of the like of Heath Slater, Rhyno, Tye Dillinger and the like. So, it’s not going to be a total surprise that someone as hot as “Woken” Matt Hardy will take the win here.

I think it would be a mistake, however. I love the entire “Woken” Matt Hardy gimmick and all but having him win doesn’t do anything for the WWE as he’s already popular and doesn’t need the push. Unfortunately, there’s no one I can think of that has the star power to actually win it. So, right now, I have to give it to him.

Prediction: Delete! Delete! Delete!

Fabulous Moolah Women’s Battle Royal

Also know as, “The match where we just throw every other female Superstar who doesn’t have a match in Wrestlemania.”

This is the match that, right now, has both Sasha Banks and Bayley in. It seems like a waste as they probably have one of the better storylines and feuds leading up to Wrestlemania, which is why I’m predicting that The Boss and The Hugger will be the final two. At the end, it will be Sasha Banks who will come up on top and signal her full heel turn.

Sasha Banks needs to win the Fabulous Moolah Women’s Battle Royale because, well, she’s The Boss! She can win it, turn full bad instead of a tweener and then lord it over Bayley and the entire Women’s Division. It just makes sense and it’ll definitely push her storyline and character.

Prediction: It’s Boss Time at Wrestlemania!

Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali for the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Championship

This is going to be difficult for me to guess who’s going to win for one huge reason: I don’t really watch 205 Live so I’m not totally familiar with both Cedric Alexander nor Mustafa Ali. I’ve only seen them during, usually, tag team matches when the Cruiserweights are brought into RAW to fill in time. I’ve heard good things about the Cruiserweights as of late and I really need to go watch it.

With that being said, I have seen both of them in the ring before and, right now, they appear to both be good guys and good friends. So, I predict a heel turn by one of them during the match. It’s going to be a heated match with some excellent high flying action. But then Cedric Alexander will get frustrated and then attack Ali with a low blow when the official isn’t looking to get the pinfall victory.

Prediction: Cedric Alexander to win the Cruiserweight Championship… finally

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

There is a stipulation that, since Same Zayn and Kevin Owens were fired a couple of weeks ago by Daniel Bryan, the leaders of the Yep! Movement would be rehired if they win. So, it’s seems pretty obvious that they will get their hands raised at the end of the match. However, I do have to predict something else that will happen…

…that would be Shane McMahon betraying Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania.

It’s going to be a shock and, honestly, it won’t make a lick of sense why, after several months of Shane McMahon antagonizing Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, he would actually be on the side of the duo. But I’m betting the WWE has some convoluted story in place. Oh, I bet my bottom dollar they do! In the end, this will result in Daniel Bryan becoming a part-time wrestler, which I guess is the goal, anyway.

Prediction: Shane McMahon joins the Yep! Movement

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Nope! I refuse to call her “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey!

Anyway, when has a celebrity ever lost at Wrestlemania? Okay, Ronda Rousey is supposed to be a “full time” employee of the WWE now but we all know she has some celebrity status. Also, has Triple H won at Wrestlemania recently? Didn’t think so. This is pretty cut and dry.

Prediction: Another celebrity wins at Wrestlemania

The Usos vs The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

This is the first match on the Wrestlemania card that’s hard to predict who’s going to win as there are good arguments for all teams as to why they should win. I can make a case for any of the three teams to take the gold at Wrestlemania and I can also make a case why they shouldn’t win as well.

My brain can’t decide who among the three will win so I guess I’m going to let my heart decide and my heart wants The New Day to bring home the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. It’s probably going to be an amazing match with The Usos, Bludgeon Brothers and The New Day delivering a stellar match but I do want The New Day to win at Wrestlemania.

Prediction: The New Day are Tag Champs again, BAY-BEE!

The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) vs Braun Strowman and a mystery partner for the RAW Tag Team Championship

I’m going to have to make two predictions here. First would be who’s going to emerge as the RAW Tag Team Champions. Second would be who Braun Strowman’s partner will be. I’ll go with the last one and, I know it’s a wacky idea, it’s going to be James Ellsworth. Why James Ellworth? Well, it’s because he’s going to get pinned and lose so that The Bar doesn’t lose face to The Monster Among Men.

While it would be a hoot for Braun Strowman to win the RAW Tag Team Championships, the stipulation that he needs a partner was probably written in so that he can lose to The Bar without him looking “weak.” Braun losing at Wrestlemania wouldn’t damage his push at the least, anyway.

Oh, and we’ll probably get to see Braun Strowman beat down poor James Ellsworth once again and that’s always a fun sight!

Prediction: The Bar sets the bar again

Asuka vs Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Will Charlotte break Asuka’s undefeated win streak? Not at Wrestlemania, nope.

There are a couple of reason why Asuka will be the new Smackdown Women’s Champion. Right now, she’s red hot popular now and Charlotte, well, she isn’t all that without someone to bring out the best from her. Also, I’ve heard that Charlotte got injured recently. While the injury doesn’t seem too bad as they haven’t scrapped the match, I believe the WWE would want to protect Charlotte and give her time to heal up after Wrestlemania. Having her drop the belt to Asuka would allow her to rest up and then go after Asuka to beat her undefeated streak. And, yes. I’m predicting that Charlotte Flair will beat Asuka and give The Empress of Tomorrow her first loss. But that’s not going to happen at Wrestlemania.

Prediction: The Empress of Tomorrow will reign supreme

Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax for the RAW Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss will win. You need more information why I think teeny-tiny Alexa Bliss can take on the large and in-charge Nia Jax? It’s because she’s Alexa Bliss!

It may seem cruel to predict that Alexa Bliss would still win after being so mean to Nia Jax but this is the world of the WWE and professional wrestling. This is a world where the bad guys can still beat the good guys. This is precisely what’s going to happen at Wrestlemania. Besides, Little Miss Bliss has managed to worm her way into more victories due to her just being lucky and I’m not seeing a reversal of her fortune in the near future.

Prediction: Little Miss Bliss with a cheap win

Randy Orton vs Bobby Roode vs Rusev vs Jinder Mahal for the WWE United States Championship

Wow, this match got bloated real fast, didn’t it? I guess the WWE figured out that Randy Orton and Bobby Roode needed a little extra “oomph” for their Wrestlemania match.

As much as I would love to see Rusev win and proclaim that Wrestlemania is now Happy Rusev Day, I sadly don’t think the WWE will let it happen. They just added Rusev in because he’s a hot commodity now and the WWE wanted to make sure that this isn’t the match that people skip to go to the bathroom. I think they’ll have Randy Orton will take the win but it won’t be from pinning Rusev as that’ll upset the fans. He’ll probably deliver an RKO on Jinder Mahal and retain but there won’t be a celebration for Rusev Day on April 8th.

Prediction: RKO from out of nowhere

The Miz vs Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Another multiple person match for a championship at Wrestlemania? Well, at least the competitors for the Intercontinental Championship seem to have some good chemistry with each other and doesn’t look like it was thrown together at the last minute!

My prediction for this one would be Finn Balor taking the gold but will lose it probably at the RAW show after Wrestlemania. I guess my choice is a rather biased one as I like Balor’s in-ring work style and I think he’s just been wasted as of recent months. The WWE will give The Demon the win and he’ll be the IC champ for a day before The Miz cashes in his rematch clause on RAW to take back his belt.

Prediction: Balor Club is too sweet!

John Cena vs The Undertaker

Although not officially announced, you can bet the WWE has been working on this match for a while behind the scenes for a while. I guess they’re betting this’ll get people’s butts in the seats. Then again, if that’s what they’re thinking, why hadn’t they made it official as of this writing?

I’ve already made my feelings clear about The Undertaker possibly returning at Wrestlemania but, to paraphrase The Rock, it doesn’t matter what I think. If The Deadman (or by a longshot, The American Badass) does compete against John Cena, it’s The Undertaker who should come out on top. This may be John Cena’s last Wrestlemania and it may also be The Undertaker last one for realsies. I honestly think John Cena would like to bow out to The Undertaker on The Grandest Stage of Them All so that’s what’s going to happen.

Prediction: The Undertaker rises up one more time

AJ Styles vs Shinusuke Nakamura for the WWE World Championship

The dream match. They’ve battled before but never on The Showcase of the Immortals.

This is still going to be a classic but, in the end, I believe AJ Styles will retain as the World Champion. There are some factors that are making me doubt this outcome, such as The Phenomenal One being injured coming into Wrestlemania. But I think the WWE has to make AJ Styles win over Shinusuke Nakamura as he’s one of the biggest named wrestlers in the company now. I’m not downplaying Shinusuke Nakamura’s star power by any means but Styles is just better at the moment. Not that I wouldn’t mind The Artist to win instead but, hey! This is still my prediction.

Prediction: A Phenomenal win

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship

Let’s see… we have the current guy being pushed by the WWE as the next big thing going against a guy who’s probably leaving the world of wrestling once again. I wonder who’s gonna win?

I’m not going to say this will be a trash match. Roman Reigns is, in all honesty, a decent in-ring performer. Brock Lesnar is actually good at delivering a solid match as well. It’s just that the WWE has done a terrible job of promoting The Big Dog. But all that doesn’t matter as it’s pretty much a done deal that Roman Reigns will win. The WWE is confident enough in Reign’s popularity level so they can let him win the biggest prize in the WWE.

Prediction: The beginning of the Roman Empire… again


What are your predictions for Wrestlemania? Let me know in the comments section below!

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