Episode 242: Five Geeky Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day! It’s supposed to be a day for expressing love to your significant other and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, this is one day where most geeks go the traditional route and do all of the traditional things like buying flowers and chocolates, going to a fancy restaurant, slow dance and all that smoltzy stuff you see in all those non-geeky romantic movies. There are a lot more creative stuff out there for those lovey-dovey geeks on the Internet nowadays but the hard fact is, Valentine’s Day seems to be one of those days where we want to play things on the safe side.

Well, I say no! Just because the general public wants to be unimaginative with the way they express our love, that doesn’t mean we have to follow their boring convention on how to do things! So, here are some geeky things to do for Valentine’s Day!

1. Watch a superhero movie… and count how many people leave before the end credits scene

It used to be that the only movies that would be released during Valentine’s Day are romantic movies and chick flicks. It was the safe bet because Hollywood assumed that this is the only thing people wanted to watch at around this time. It appears they’re finally wisening up now! They don’t have to be romantic films. What we want are good movies that you can bring a date on and have a good time! And someone got the bright idea to start releasing superhero blockbusters on Valentine’s Day! Last year, it was Deadpool. This year, it’s Black Panther. Mark my words, this is going to be a trend!

Of course, this isn’t the geekiest thing you can do as movies like Deadpool, Black Panther or superhero movies in general have become mainstream entertainment nowadays. This does mean that you will be in the cinema enjoying a flick with a bunch of non-geeks. But you can still enjoy the movie in a way that non-geeks don’t seem to get: staying until the end credits scene. Make a bet with your significant other on how many people will leave before the mid-credits scene and the final end credits scene… then laugh at their foolishness for not wanting to spend an extra 5-10 minutes because they still don’t know about end credits scenes!

2. Binge watch your favorite cult classics/B-Movies… and make fun of them together

It may be hard getting tickets to Black Panther on Valentine’s Day. At the very least, the movie will probably be extremely crowded because everyone’s going to be watching it so you can’t really interact with them. Then again, it would be really rude to talk with him/her while watching any movie. So, instead of going out and watching a movie, why not stay in and watch? But instead of watching some blockbuster or film that everyone agrees is good, why not go for the movies that are so bad, they’re good? It’s not like there’s a shortage of cult classics and B-movies out there.

The best thing about watching a movie at home is, unlike at the movie theater, you can actually talk as loud as you want. This is actually going to enhance the experience as you’ll probably want to make fun of the film you’re watching! It’s plain fun to just point out all the little stupid things and laughably poor acting and effects some of these films have. But that’s precisely why they became cult classics! I mean, you can’t watch a movie like The Room and not laugh at how brazenly dumb and endearing it is!

3. Play an online co-op video game together while in the same room

You’ve all heard that one story where a boy and a girl met online, fell in love, met each other in real life, got married and lived happily every after, haven’t you? Those stories of finding love online is great and all but what about those geeks that fell in love because they’ve known each other for so long that their love blossomed into something beautiful? Well, they can do things like that in a more low-key fashion. Just sit in the same room with your significant other with two laptops that has your favorite online game, hop on the same Wi-Fi connection and log in!

There are huge benefits to doing this with your loved one in the same room. One, you don’t have to talk through a headset as you can just blurt out what you want to say to him/her since they’re right there. Two, it’s much easier to be in total sync with someone else online if you can actually see what’s on their screen. Sure, it can be considered “cheating” for games like Overwatch but, hey, all’s fair in love and war… or something to that effect.

I said laptops! Not desktops!

4. Go out in public in full cosplay

When two people find each other, it’s usually because they have that one thing they have in common that started that spark of love. For geeks, that thing could be a whole lot of things. It could be their love for movies and television shows like Star Wars or Star Trek. It could be a love of video games like The Legend of Zelda. Well, if you met your better half because of that, why not go on a night on the town dressed up as the characters from that thing that brought you two together?

This would be a lot of fun but also rather intimidating. Sure, you’re going to get a few strange looks if you’re eating dinner at a fancy restaurant dressed as Star Trek officers or strolling along the park hand in hand while dressed up as Link and Princess Zelda. But why should you feel ashamed, especially if that was the very thing that brought you two together? It’s something you should celebrate and not be ashamed of!

Oh, and bonus points if you actually re-enact one of the scenes while you’re out there looking like them! Heck, get a couple of friends if you need to do it for added fun!

5. Build something out of Legos together in total silence

Who doesn’t love Legos? It’s one of those toys that just sparks the imagination and there’s always that feeling you can build just about anything if you just have enough of those blocks. Of course, when we build something with Legos, we always have a plan in mind. We usually start building stuff with them with the final product in mind. However, what if there were two people, who supposedly know each other so well they say they can read each other’s minds? Well, why don’t you put that to the test? Why not get as many Legos as possible and try building something with them?

“Hon, I think we need more Legos.”

Have you and your significant other start building one thing. The problem is you can’t say anything while constructing whatever it is you have in mind! You just have to keep building while trying to guess what your partner is building. There’s a lot of things that would make building with Legos in complete silence. Will you figure out what your significant other is going for? Will you forego your plan and just go along with his/her idea or will they?

It would be also fun to see what the final product would look like. Would it actually look like everything was well thought of or, more likely, would it be a monstrosity with deformed proportions like some Lego Frankenstein’s monster. If it’s the latter, at least it’ll be a Lego Frankenstein’s monster the both of you put together!

BONUS: Just go and watch some porn parodies

If you’d rather forego all of the niceties and romance and go straight to the hanky panky part, there are some geeky ways to get your motor running! Oh, some of them may ruin your childhood… but as least you’ll be ready for the bedroom!

Oh… ew.


What other geeky Valentine’s Day’s activities can you think of? Let me know in the comments section below!

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