Episode 187: Thinking of Switching to the Nintendo Switch


When I was younger, I dreamed of growing up and making enough money to buy whatever I want whenever I want. I can say I was fortunate enough to come from a family that had the financial capability to give me the things I needed to survive as well as some of the luxuries that I had. That didn’t mean I could get the stuff that I wanted at every whim. I had to wait for special occasions like my birthday or Christmas to get the bigger extravagant items as a gift. So of course I wanted to be able to make my own money and get the stuff I wanted at any time because waiting sucks!

Well, now that I am older and I am making some money, I do have the capability to do just that! However, now that I do have cash trickling in, my mind turns to actually saving it up and putting the things I wanted to get on the back burner! I don’t want to be one of those schmucks who have all that nice crap all over their house but are buried deep in debt! So now I carefully weigh on decisions on the frivolous items I want. Kinda ironic that, now that I can buy the things I want whenever I can, I don’t want to!

Which brings me to the Nintendo Switch. I really want to get one when it’s released in March… but I don’t know if I want it bad enough to buy it myself or just wait for it to be given as a gift. Rich girl problems, I know. But it’s probably a common dilemma for a lot of gamers out there and not just me!

To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited for the Nintendo Switch when they gave the preview a couple of months ago. It looked fine and I get why a lot of people got excited for it. It’s a revolutionary piece of hardware as it’s both a home console and a portable gaming unit in the same package. But I just wasn’t sold on it as a whole. It looked fine but I wasn’t confident it would be as good as the current gen consoles Sony and Microsoft have out in the market today.

Part of the problem for me is that the debut trailer made the Switch look like Nintendo relying on what they do best: gimmicky setups. They had the Wii with their motion controls (that gamers eventually got tired of) and the Wii U added a touch screen on the controller so you can play without having it connected to a TV (which is just confusing). The trailer made it look like Nintendo was just smushing both gimmicks together and call it a day.

I guess I will say that I do have a kind of bias against Nintendo as well as I grew up on the Sony PlayStation and their consoles. Nothing against Nintendo but there was just something about their consoles that they put out while I was growing up that felt somewhat silly. My brother has a Famicom and a Super Nintendo and did play a few really awesome games on them. But their later consoles just failed to impress me. The Gamecube’s controller looked and felt really silly. And I never really cared for the Wii and Wii U with their motion controls. Give me a regular controller with buttons, I say!

I almost forgot all about the Nintendo Switch until just a couple of days ago when my gaming co-workers were talking about the Nintendo press conference and how it was going to be broadcast later in the day. I have to admit their excitement for the event was infectious so I decided to catch the replay after work when I got home. And I have to say I came out impressed with what it could do!

The Nintendo Switch press conference answered some of my bigger concerns with the upcoming consoles. They explained that battery life will last around 2 to 6 hours depending on what game you’re playing. I guess a game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will eat up a lot of battery if you’re playing on the go but at least you can charge it while out of its dock, which was something I was concerned about!

The little Joy Con controllers also look really nifty as they have more gimmicks that I earlier anticipated. Not only can can they become individual controller, they have other stuff in them as well. Nintendo is finally entering the 21th century as the left Joy Con now has a Share button so you can upload screenshots (and eventually videos) to social media. About time, Nintendo! Now, can you loosen your draconian standards regarding people uploading your games to YouTube? You’re only hurting yourselves, Nintendo!

The Joy Con also has a couple of more sensors, like an amiibo reader as well as a sensor that can… read rock-paper-scissor hand movements? Okay, that last one seems a bit odd and I can’t really see most games fully utilizing it that feature. But I am interested in what Nintendo is calling HD Rumble, which is a fancy way of saying that the rumble feature in the Joy Cons are really, really good! I do hope devs think of clever ways of using this little thing as, like how the original rumble controllers of old did, it could actually revolutionize how we play games.

I was also actually surprised that the Joy Con have motion controls! I thought that shipped has sailed as no one’s really capitalized on the entire motion control craze Nintendo launched with the Wii. But it seems like Nintendo is leaving that thing in the Switch and there are probably some games that will actually utilize them, like their new property, ARMS, where you throw punches using spring arms.

This actually leads to why, as much as I loved all of the potential the Nintendo Switch has and how much I love the technology, I’m having second thoughts about getting the console when it’s released in March. I don’t really see that many games that are going to be worth playing in the near future, especially at launch. ARMS looks like fun but I’m not sure if it’s going to have the longevity of something like Street Fighter. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looks like a fun party game as well. But those games aren’t going to be available when the console is released on March.

Right now, the only games that are confirmed as launch titles are 1, 2, Switch (a party game that doesn’t involve the video screen?), Just Dance 2017 (which, honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to), Skylanders Imaginators (which I couldn’t care less about), Super Bomberman R (which is another party game as well) and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And it looks like Nintendo is hedging its bets on this game to be the system seller.

I’m not going to front and pretend that I know everything about the Zelda franchise. I know just the basics about the franchise. However, I will have this to say about this new Zelda game: Wow! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like a really epic quest, filled with drama and great places to visit! If Nintendo was betting on this to sell the Switch, I’d say they put their money on the right place!

However, besides this, the gaming horizon for the Nintendo Switch looks rather bleak. There are some games like the obligatory Mario game as well as Splatoon 2, a cute little shooter that I wanted to get but I felt wasn’t worth enough to get a Wii U for. Maybe Xenoblade 2 can be cool. But everything else looks rather bland. Exclusives seem rather limited and I’m not sure if I need to get the Dragon Quest IX for the Switch when I can play it on my PlayStation 4. And some of the exclusives that they have feel uninspired. Look, I may love the Street Fighter series, but do we really need another version of Street Fighter II for the Switch? Yeesh!

Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying the day it comes out? Should I start saving up my pennies to get in line and be the one of the first gamers to get Nintendo’s sweet new home/portable hybrid? Or should I just start dropping subtle hints to friends and family that would be generous enough to get this for either my birthday or Christmas? Or is it even worth the time and effort to get in the first place? Honestly, I’m not sure.

Yes, rich girl problems… but definitely something that all gamers can identify with.


What about you? Are you hyped enough for the Nintendo Switch to get it on March? Let me know in the comments section below!

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