EMERGENCY Episode: A Wrestling Fan’s Theory on How Trump Won


So, I was going to write about my thoughts on Disney creating a brand spanking new High School Musical this week… but something momentous happened. On November 9, 2016, the United States proclaimed Donald Trump to be their new President, beating out the favored Hillary Clinton for the post. I’m betting some people were elated at the news while others felt like throwing up. Me? I don’t actually have a horse in the race but, in all honesty, I couldn’t believe that Donald Trump won. I mean, how can the guy who was flopping around the ring after getting hit by a Stone Cold Stunner at Wrestlemania 23 be the new leader of the free world?

It is kind of silly and unfair to just think of this one event and then question the people that voted into the highest position of the United States. After all, the world of the WWE and, well, the real world don’t usually intermix with each other. The rules and logic in the world of wrestling, a place where fights are resolved “in the ring” no matter what they may be about, don’t really fit real world logic…

…or do they?

Actually, the more and more I think about it, I think Donald Trump followed the laws and ways of reasoning found in Vince McMahon’s WWE Universe and this is why he beat out Hillary Clinton, the favored candidate for the presidency. Seems far fetched? Well, maybe. But hear me out…

Weird that there's no "E" in their logo.

Weird that there’s no “E” in their logo.

I grew up watching the WWE, more specifically, the Attitude Era. This was a time when the WWE made their programming less kid friendly and definitely more adult. This was also the start of the WWE bringing Vince McMahon out in the forefront and, instead of the kindly, good-hearted color commentator he was depicted before, he was reinvented into an sadistic authoritarian who would do anything to get his way. This was a big hit and, ever since then, it seems like the big bad guys in the WWE were always the people in charge of running the show. There were times when good guys would run the show, like Teddy Long and, strangely enough, Donald Trump, but these were usually short lived and inconsequential. In the long rung, it was groups like the McMahon-Helmsley Faction, The Corporation, the McMahon Family (again) and The Authority would usually run the WWE.

Each time the corporate suits would turn their backs at the general population and to what they want, there would always be Superstars who would oppose them and be the voice of the WWE Universe. These were usually tough talking loose cannons who would get in the face of the people in charge and show them what’s what. We got Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, the many personalities of Mick Foley, John Cena, D-Generation-X, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

WWE fans, including myself would hate the people on top making the decisions because they would make decisions to ensure that only their people would get the titles and stack the deck against the heroes. They would claim to do these despicable actions because they claim they know “what’s best for business” and are only giving us what we need. The good guys, in turn, would fight back and go face these impossible odds because they’re fighting against an evil group and they can’t stand for it.

Now, based on the above descriptions, who do you think Donald Trump is? Is he the hero who is standing up against the bad guys? Or is he the bad guy who is fixing the fight? Well, just because Donald Trump is a billionaire who seems to have been doing anything possible to win the election, like calling people names and acting all rude and stuff, you might jump to the conclusion that he’s the bad guy, right? Well, you’d be wrong. In the WWE Universe, Donald Trump isn’t the Authority. No, he’s actually Dean Ambrose!

The resemblance is uncanny!

The resemblance is uncanny!

Yes, throughout the entire election, you can say that Trump was actually the tough talking loose cannon who was trying to take down the controlling powers that be! That was his role for the entire election period! When he threw his hat into the ring and joined the race for the Republican party, people didn’t think he had a chance. He talked trash about his fellow Republican candidates, essentially calling them “roody poo candy asses” throughout the entire thing and disrespecting each and every one of them… and he won the nomination!

When it came to the actual election, the “authority” (the media outlets) proclaimed he had “no chance in hell” of becoming the President of the United States. The media were practically giving the announcement to “the corporate champion” Hillary Clinton even months before the results came in. Comedy shows made fun of him, thinking that Hillary Clinton would run away with the election easily! And guess who won? Yep, it was the underdog Donald Trump who managed to put one over on big, bad guys who run the entire country!

Donald Trump acted brash against impossible odds, was victorious over “the chosen one” and wrestled power away from “the powers that be.” If that isn’t a plot from wrestling, I don’t know what it!

And he couldn’t have done it without his fans… literally! Look, there’s no way he would’ve won the election unless he actually got people to go out and vote for him. I understand that, for a lot of people this year, it was an impossible task to pick between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. For a good number of voters in the United States, these weren’t the people they wanted to run the country as both of them have some really dubious qualities. Heck, I’m guessing some of them refused to vote due to indecision or just on the general principle of voting for a “lesser evil” isn’t a good way to vote.

But the people that did support Donald Trump stood fast and actually got him into office. And I’m betting a small portion of the people that wanted to get Donald Trump into office were people that looked at the man as an underdog who just wants to do what’s best for the country but was ridiculed. These same people were sick and tired of the higher ups telling us what to do even though it’s wrong and they couldn’t stand the elitist thinking that Trump wasn’t in touch with the common man, especially if their views coincided with The Donald’s. So, guess what? Donald Trump won because he was the underdog.

And that’s the reality of right now. If you didn’t vote and you’re disappointed about the results, well, you should’ve voted! If you voted for Hillary Clinton (who did get the popular vote), I sympathize with your pain. And, if you did vote for Donald Trump, well, congratulations.

Like I said, I didn’t have a horse in this race. However, I was really expecting Hillary Clinton to win as all of media was 100% sure she was going to squash Donald Trump in the election. I’m still stunned by the news that Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States.

Not as much as Donald Trump was when Stone Cold Steve Austin his that Stunner on him, though! Let’s go see that clip again!

Okay, that’s all I gotta say about this for now I’ll go talk about High School Musical next time!

What are your thoughts on how Trump won? Let me know in the comments section below!

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