Episode 173: Five Upcoming Original New Shows I’m Eagerly Awaiting


Last week, I talked about the plethora of movies that are being made into TV shows as of late. I’m not really for or against the practice. As long as they make sure these shows are actually good and worth watching, I’m fine with television networks not giving us new stuff. After all, I watch the boob tube to be entertained, not to complain about not getting anything new and original!

"They took my cousin twice removed!"

“They took my cousin twice removed!”

Of course, with the new US Fall line-up just starting up, I do hope there are now more shows that I would love to tune into. But I’m not going to mention the shows with new seasons like the countless shows based on superheroes as they’ve already earned a huge following of viewers. Nor am I going to mention the aforementioned TV shows that are based on movies as they already have  a built in fanbase. What I would like to talk about are the totally new shows that have caught my eye and intrigued me at the possibility of getting added into my viewing line up. Let’s go through them right now, shall we?

1) Son of Zorn

Sure I didn’t grow up watching He-Man, Thun-darr the Barbarian, Herculoids and other animated shows featuring a gruffy, buff out barbarian… but I do know an interesting premise when I see one!

Son of Zorn is all about the hero of the land of Zephyria, Zorn, and his attempts to reconnect with both his ex-wife and his son, Alan (Alangulon is actually his real name). This has the barbarian leader leaving his homeland and moving to Orange County. Basically, this is one of those “fish out of water” type shows but, instead of Zorn being an actual actor, he’s fully animated just like those old Hannah-Barbara cartoons!

I do have the feeling that some of the humor may fly way over my head because I’m not really familiar with the old animated tropes. But, from the trailer above, I did feel like I understood and got a lot of the jokes shown and I totally loved the idea of a cartoon barbarian trying to adapt to the “civilized” world.

2) Designated Survivor

You had me at Kiefer Sutherland!

While the basis of the entire series of having a certain politician hidden away just in case the entire government is wiped out during special gatherings is pretty far fetched, it’s actually a real thing! The idea is pretty horrific because that means the entire structure of that country’s way of living is pretty much crippled. But that’s what also makes it incredibly interesting.

Also, may I say that Designated Survivor made a brilliant casting choice of hiring Mr. 24 himself, Kiefer Sutherland, to take on the role of the aforementioned government official. He certainly got the acting chops to make it seem like he’s tough but still in over his head.

3) Bull

I sure hope this show isn’t bullcrap!

I’m honestly on the fence regarding this show but I’m ultimately going to give this show a shot. The idea is that Bull is a psychologist who specializes in getting the right kind of jury to get his clients acquitted. I like the idea of a man who’s a master of manipulating people, especially jurors, because that’s actually how I feel. Sometimes the facts may not be actually the thing that pushes people to deliver a guilty verdict. It could be an emotional connect with the person, prejudice and the like. I do feel like emotions can be more powerful than logic when it comes to determining a person’s fate. And it certainly looks like Bull is going to be doing it.

However, I am worried that Bull and his team are only going to be involved in cases where the person is actually innocent. That wouldn’t be too bad but it would be totally unrealistic. There should be some wealthy low lives willing to pay big bucks and he should be morally ambiguous enough to actually accept it. That would make it an incredibly interesting show!

4) The Good Place

Well, it looks like I’m going to the “bad place”.

I’m what you call a rather extreme agnostic. I like to believe there is a higher power but I just don’t believe that any religion has ever gotten what this higher powers really wants or what he/she/it is like. As such, I don’t subscribe to most of the religions in the world but I do love what they preach. I think that’s one of the reasons why The Good Place called out to me.

But besides that little factoid, it looks like a really good show. It already has Frozen’s Kristen Bell as well as Cheers’ Ted Danson in it, so The Good Place already has the acting big covered really well. But I like the idea of a really surreal comedy that’s going to be totally different from the other comedies out there. And setting the entire thing in the afterlife is as different as it’s gonna get!

5) Pitch

A girl playing professional baseball? Inconceivable!

I never really liked shows that portray females doing things the same as males because of “girl power” and all that. They’re usually preachy. They usually make the women all smart and strong while the guys are always misogynistic, unskilled dolts. But Pitch doesn’t seem like it. The trailer actually shows that a woman can’t throw a baseball as hard and as fast as a guy due to… biology! That’s why the main character’s father had to teach her a special kind of pitch so that she could compete with the men. That’s fantastic as her being a girl actually is woven into the story!

I also like that the trailer shows her being unsure of herself and not all the guys on the team want to see her fall. That’s the way the modern world works and it’s great. While Pitch may be a “true story on the verge of happening,” I love how it does feel like a true story and that everything seems believable. Great work and I can’t wait to see if Pitch is as good as the trailer made it look.

Now, those are just five shows I’m looking forward to. Of course, if all of them don’t really click with me, I guess I’ll be relying on older programs that I haven’t seen on HITS. And I’ll tell you the “new” shows that are on HITS and whether I like them or not. See you then!


What are some of the shows you’re looking forward to? Let me know in the comments section below!

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