I’ll Go Wait for the Super Slim Version Again, Sony

I have to admit, I feel a little jealous and gypped. In February, I finally took the plunge and purchased a PlayStation 4. I decided to pick up Sony’s new (but already 2 year old) console for the express purpose of playing the PS4 version of Street Fighter V. As Street Fighter V was exclusive to the PlayStation 4, I didn’t even look at its competitors, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U. Since I got my PS4, I definitely played more games than just Street Fighter 5. There was Metal Gear Solid 5, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Batman: Arkham Knight, just to name a few.

While I do have to say I’m very pleased with my purchase so far, I can’t help but feel a little cheated as well. That’s because Sony went out and released the PS4 Slim, a slightly more compact and, honestly, more beautifully designed version of their current video game console. The PS4 Slim doesn’t have the huge light strip on the top of the original “Fat” PS4 and the power and eject buttons are now cute little nubs on the lower “shelf” of the console, making accidental presses of these buttons virtually impossible. The edges are also rounded, giving the PS4 Slim a really sleek look when compared to the original PS4. Besides the rather striking new look, it’s also more energy efficient and the WiFi is actually much better.

Stupid sexy PS4 Slim.

Stupid sexy PS4 Slim.

With that being said however, I’m not scrounging up my loose change nor am I kicking myself for getting the “fat” PS4 just a scant 6 months before the PS4 Slim came out. It would’ve been great if Sony released the darned thing or even just announced they were going to revise the design a few months ago. But that’s water under the bridge. Even if the new PS4 Slim looked great and has some features that I would’ve enjoyed, I’m going to take a hard pass on the PS4 Slim because I have a feeling Sony’s going to make things much better in the future. That’s because they just did the same thing a few years ago!

If you recall Sony’s entry to last generation’s console wars, the original PlayStation 3 is a comical looking console by today’s standards. It had a rounded top and weird dimensions. But it was a fine console and it was my console of choice. I had a ton of pleasant memories playing on the bulky piece of hardware as the games on it were fantastic. And I didn’t just use it for games. I used it for other things, like watching YouTube on it and actually watching TV shows and videos through its media viewing functionality.

You know when I got my original fat PS3? In the month of March of 2009. You know what was announced and released just a few months later? The PS3 Slim! I heard the rumors that Sony was developing a better PS3 model but there was nothing concrete and I just couldn’t wait anymore! The PS3 had been out since 2005 and I knew I was missing a ton of games! So, when I finally scrounged up enough moolah to get the rather expensive PS3, I got it. But, man, Sony made me feel some deep level of buyer’s remorse with the PS3 Slim.

It's much lighter than the original PS3... it's even floating on air!

It’s much lighter than the original PS3… it’s even floating on air!

Still, I soldiered on with my OG PS3. I still looked on with jealousy on those gamers that were enjoying the immense benefits of the PS3 Slim, like the sleeker design and more power efficient architecture. It was still a PS3 and it could do pretty much everything the Slim version could, but, wow, the original PS3 looked ugly in comparison! I even felt shortchanged by the hard drive it came with as my PS3 came with a paltry 80 GB hard drive! I had to upgrade it myself!

My envy of the new PS3 Slim did slowly but surely faded away. I still enjoyed a lot of my favorite games on the PS3. I played a ton of games like Street Fighter IV, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Batman: Arkham City, Valkyria Chronicles, Mass Effect Trilogy, Record of Agarest War, Catherine, Grand Theft Auto IV and V and many more. I actually grew somewhat attached to Sony’s bulky console, which is why I was devastated when it finally started dying out on me. I even wrote an entire piece on its final days when I started this website.

We've been through a lot, haven't we, good buddy?

We’ve been through a lot, haven’t we, good buddy?

My original fat PS3 is now tucked in a shelf where it can spend its well deserved retirement. It had a long and beautiful career of playing lots of fantastic games but now it’s been put out to pasture. It would’ve been the right time to get the PS3 Slim, right? The very console that made me doubt my original PS3’s worth in the first place, right? Well, no. By the time my faithful fat PS3 started struggling and dying out, an even newer and tinier version had come out: the PS3 Super Slim.

I did get the PS3 Super Slim model and, while I felt it didn’t have the charm of my original fat PS3 (like I said, I’ve grown rather attached to that beast), my “new” PS3 Super Slim had the stuff that I actually wanted in a skinnier version of the bulky console. It didn’t have the annoying motorized Blu-Ray drive and, instead, had a sliding door where you put in the discs. It was much lighter and not just by a few grams, either! And the design was radically different, which made it even feel like it wasn’t just a new iteration of an old console! It felt like a fresh take on a classic console! The PS3 Super Slim is just fabulous!

Make mine white!

Make mine white!

So it looks like history may repeat itself again. Just as I got my PS4, Sony comes up with a PS4 Slim. They’re also coming out with the PS4 Pro, which is just a PS4 that can play 4K content. But I’m not interested with the PS4 Slim nor the PS4 Pro, not at this time, at least. I’m sure Sony will develop cheaper and more compact components in the future so that it’ll revise the PS4 and make an even smaller version. By that time, God forbid, my current PS4 may start heaving and dying out on me… but the timing would be just right.

Are you thinking of getting a PS4 Slim? Let me know in the comments section below!

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