I’ll Review Anything: Sprite’s Lebron’s Mix

There’s something about slapping the words “limited edition” on something that sparks consumer interest. Maybe it’s the thought that something will be available for a short period of time and then gone forever. Or maybe it’s because people instinctively want to be part of that exclusive number of people that experienced something so they can rub other people’s noses in how “special they are. Whatever the case, I’m also a sucked for the “limited edition” hype… if it does feel like it’s something special.

So, while in the supermarket the other day, I happened to pass by the soda aisle and found a new “limited edition” flavor of Sprite. Essentially, it’s supposed to be the same lemon-lime flavored soda with some cherry and a hint of orange. Now, that doesn’t sound all that special. I mean, I’m guessing you can mix some Sprite, Cherry Coke and orange soda and you could get the same thing. But it’s not the flavor that made it special. No, what made this “limited edition” Sprite flavor stand out to me was that it was labeled as Lebron’s Mix. As in NBA great Lebron James! Apparently, Coca-Cola approached him to make a soda flavor that suits him!

Now, this is going to be my first soda review ever… but hey! This is “I’ll Review Anything” and soda does fall under the category of “anything!” But, more importantly, I did want to review this because it’s not really being advertised here in the Philippines! You would expect Coca-Cola to go full force over here and just assault us with ads featuring the great Lebron James’ special Sprite flavor, right? For some strange reason, they didn’t! I had to stumble across it by accident. So, this review is like free advertising. I’m not getting paid by Coca-Cola to shill this product… but if they would like to pay me for it… well, the Coca-Cola company can call my people. Wink, wink!

Now, what can I say about Sprite’s Lebron’s Mix? Well, let’s go talk about the look of the can first. I think it’s available in bottles overseas but not here in the Philippines. I actually have a issue with the can: it has the same color as a regular Coke can! It certainly doesn’t stand out, especially if you set them up in your typical supermarket shelf with the rest of the Coca-Cola products! It just blends in with the red canned Coke products!┬áMake the can mostly yellow/gold with red lettering, which would be the scheme of Lebron James’ current team! It would certainly make it stand out more!

Tell me that doesn't look like a regular can of Coke!

Tell me that doesn’t look like a regular can of Coke!

Moving on, let’s go check out what the actual soda looks like. Honestly, I didn’t really know what it was going to look like. Like I said, Lebron’s Mix wasn’t advertised over here so I never, saw any pictures of videos of what the liquid refreshment looked like. I was half expecting it to actually have some color in it because it wasn’t just your regular lemon-lime soda Sprite is famous of being. It had cherry and orange… and the can was red. So, I thought the soda would have a tinge of red in it. I was actually surprised that Lebron’s Mix still kept the clear and colorless look.

But enough about how the can and the soda looks. Let’s go tackle what it tastes like! Personally, I both liked and hated how Lebron’s Mix tasted. Let’s start with what I liked about it. First off, it does earn it’s “limited edition” label somewhat because Lebron’s Mix definitely doesn’t taste like your regular Sprite. There’s still the lemon-lime flavor the fizzy drink is famous for but with something a little extra. I did like the way the cherry flavor comes in while you’re actually gulping it down. It isn’t exactly subtle but it also doesn’t hit you over the head with how much cherry flavor there is. I didn’t really notice the orange until after I swallowed. It’s more of an aftertaste so there are a myriad of flavors in this one soda!

Look at that clear fizzy soda.

Look at that clear fizzy soda.

However, while the cherry and orange flavors that add a lot to Lebron’s Mix, it also comes with a few negatives. While I did like the way the cherry flavor tasted while it was in my mouth, it also leaves a rather strong medicine-y after taste, which I didn’t care for. It also didn’t go well with the aforementioned orange after taste. The two after tastes just clashed with each other too much.

Despite my mixed feelings for Sprite’s Lebron’s Mix, I would have to give it a thumbs up. It does feel like it’s something special and I do recommend people who love a refreshing beverage just try it once. I don’t think it’ll be all the rage or become a “regular” flavor because of how “complex” Sprite’s Lebron’s Mix tastes. But that’s fine. Like Lebron James, his soda mix is something that feels like one-in-a-million… for better or worse.

Have you tried Sprite’s “limited edition” Lebron’s Mix? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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