Episode 170: Battling for Video Game Bikini Babes


So, last week I talked about one of my guilty pleasures, watching the TMZ television show. It’s not like I love the gossip and the snarkiness they have about celebrities and their bodies. I just like watching the show as if it’s a regular comedy program. However, as they do talk about celebrities in swimsuits very often, that reminded me of a rather weird controversial topic that’s hitting the world of video gaming. It seems to me that there are suddenly a lot of people who are taking offense to virtual women in bikinis.

It seems odd that, all of a sudden, there are more and more groups coming out of the woodwork who are complaining about how women portrayed in video games are just sexual objects. There seems to be a lot of people nowadays complaining how they’re just used to attract the male dominated video game market. It’s weird because I don’t really remember a lot of people grumbling about why female characters usually wear more revealing outfits than their male counterparts. This is something gamers would usually point out and joke about. But actually get all riled up about? Never really happened until recently.

I can’t really pinpoint when this started happening exactly. But I’m pretty sure this all started around the time Anita Sarkeesian started doing her video series which actively stated that practically all depictions of women in video games is sexist. Or it could have happened around the time the entire GamerGate hullabaloo exploded on the Internet. Honestly, it doesn’t matter when it started. It’s just important to know that these days, the Social Justice Warriors have taken the banner of GamerGate and Anita Sarkeesian and they’re demonizing the practice of scantily clad women in video games.

The (extremely bored) face of evil of gaming?

The (extremely bored) face of evil of gaming?

And it started off really slowly, too. At first, the Social Justice Warrior community just criticized how the male gamers were bullying the girls that wanted to get into gaming. Honestly, I was okay with that. No matter how far the gaming community has progressed with accepting gamers from all sexes, there is still a level of prejudice. However, I never really liked how the SJW crowd acted themselves. They were always so higher-than-thou. I also didn’t like how they lumped together the entire video game playing world into one disgusting blob of sexist misogyny and never tried to see that the sexist pigs of the gaming community are just the vocal minority.

But I guess they took notice of Anita Sarkeesian videos and they actively started to go after not just the gaming community, but the video games themselves. Some game publishers didn’t want to deal with the wrath and the negative publicity so they dealt with it in various ways. The biggest example has to be the issue of Koei Tecmo deciding not to release Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to Western shores.

Hit her with that butt!

Hit her with that butt!

The official reason why Koei Tecmo decided not to release Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in Western locations is because there isn’t a market for the game in the United States and in Europe. Never mind the fact that the first two games in the series was released on the original Xbox and Xbox 360, two consoles that didn’t do particularly well in Japan. Okay, the logic is sound, somewhat. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have it up on the US and EU digital store. Make it downloadable in Western markets! That should be easy with globalization and such! They could do that, you know!

So, there is an official non-SJW reason why Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 isn’t coming to Western shores. But what about the seemingly weird number of complaints against females in video games? We have a guy complaining that Overwatch’s Tracer’s original win pose was too sexy and didn’t really match the character… which is silly but okay because it’s lore friendly, I guess? There are gamers that are getting bent out of shape over Tekken producer Harada tweeting that Tekken 7’s swimsuits may not be available due to SJW complaints. And we also have to deal with Capcom’s odd self-censoring of Street Fighter V’s more risque poses involving butts.

Now, the changes to Tracer’s victory pose, new camera angles in Street Fighter and the availability of swimsuits in Tekken 7 don’t really affect how the games play. These are all aesthetic so it’s still fine. But, at the same time, I don’t really see why the companies that make these games have to take into the SJW whims. Why? Because I don’t thing the people that do complain about the more risque things in video games actually play games themselves!

I have to go to a recent thing I read on the Internet. This was around the time when Suicide Squad was released. Being incredibly excited for the movie, I decided to go on the Internet and just look up a few nuggets of information about the movie. I then came across a Tweet from someone who had issues with Harley Quinn. She was saying that no one really knew who Harley Quinn was until they decided to give her less clothes for the Suicide Squad film.

What? Really? No one knew who Harley Quinn was before Suicide Squad? Isn’t she one of the more popular Batman villains that came out as of late? Wasn’t Harley Quinn in the recent Batman: Arkham games? Didn’t she have her own comic series for a time? Don’t other girls who are familiar with the comic, the cartoon series and video games want to dress up like the “puddin'” obsessed Harley Quinn? And isn’t the way she’s dressed in Suicide Squad actually draws inspiration from her earlier appearances? The woman is saying that no one knew who Harley Quinn was… and she’s wrong. The problem is that she didn’t know who Harley Quinn was before the Suicide Squad movie.

And I think this is how a majority of SJWs work. They’re more on making sure the world is politically correct without a sense of history. It’s like going to a different country and taking offense that their ways don’t match up with what they believe in. They complain without understanding the sometimes rich history or the attitude of the characters and why it works better to be politically incorrect. They don’t understand why these things have become so appealing to fans; they just see something and give a knee-jerk reaction to it. They complain about caucasian actresses like Scarlett Johansson and Tilda Swinton playing roles that are meant for Asians. They want Danny Rand to be Asian in the upcoming Iron Fist series… even though Iron Fist has always been a white guy in the comics! This one just saw Harley Quinn in a t-shirt and short shorts and decided that, since she didn’t know who she was, no one else knew… even if she’s been a popular character for a decade or so.

Pick your Harley!

Pick your Harley!

However, like how the SJW community have painted everyone who plays games with the same brush even though it’s only the vocal minority in the gaming community that are bad, I think it’s just the minority of the SJWs that are raising up all this bad blood. It’s only a few of them that are giving the SJW community a bad name.

I personally don’t mind how some video games feature scantily clad women. As long as it fits with the tone of the overall product and it doesn’t try to be just a piece of trash, the game can be as saucy as it wants to be. If it were up to me, bring on the bikini clad video gaming babes!

Well, while I’m talking about SJW and how they don’t like whitewashing in Hollywood, I’ll go ahead and talk about a show that should’ve been up the SJW’s alley: the television series adaption of Rush Hour! That’s next week!

What’s your take on how women are dressed in video games? Let me know in the comments section below!

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