Burger Month: Green Pastures’ Blue Ribbon Burger

It’s September. And for me, that means one thing! It’s Burger Month once again! This is actually going to be my fourth year doing this and I really enjoy doing this. That’s because it gives me an excuse to go all around the city to try out burgers (my favorite thing to eat, by the way) that I may not have tried for one reason or another. And I always have a great time doing it! Still, doing it on September always felt strange as it happens pretty late in the year.┬áMaybe next year, I’ll move it to May which is actually National Burger Month.

I didn't even know this was a thing until a few days ago!

I didn’t even know this was a thing until a few days ago!

But before I do move it to May, I will make a slight change to how I do Burger Month this year. This time, I’m not going to put it in 3rd World Geeks’ I’ll Review Anything section because there’s a lot of us nowadays and I don’t want to occupy a prime spot where reviews can be highlighted. This year and probably moving forward, I’ll be using my section to deliver my thoughts on the burgers I’ve eaten. A really minor change and it won’t really interfere all that much with how I convey my thoughts throughout Burger Month. They’ll still be technically “reviews” but just not on the I’ll Review Anything section.

This year, I’m starting out with a really fancy and pricey burger. This is Green Pastures’ Blue Ribbon Burger. Now, I’ve eaten at Green Pastures before but mostly because I like the salads over there and only the salad. Not because I don’t like the other options, but because I never really bothered to try their other offerings. Green Pastures kind of prides itself for serving all organic ingredients, making things pretty expensive over there.

Rustic but expensive

Rustic but expensive

But this is Burger Month! And Green Pastures does serve burgers. In fact, there is a burger that I’ve been wanting to try out. It’s the Blue Ribbon Burger. I like the idea that the beef comes from cows that only ate grass and none of that chemically treated feeds we usually get. But, at 530 Php (not including taxes), The Blue Ribbon Burger is usually out of my price range. This year, I decided to drop it and splurge. I may as well make a big splash to start out Burger Month this year!

Now, the Blue Ribbon Burger always looked enticing to me┬ábecause of the name. Blue ribbons, as I’ve seen in cartoons, are usually awarded to something for being the best at what it is. So, I’m going to assume that, while the Blue Ribbon Burger isn’t the most expensive thing on Green Pastures’ burger menu, it has to be the best, right? Well, that’s the flimsy logic I was going for when I did decide to get it, anyway. And it does come with a side order of fries, so there’s that.

When I did get the Blue Ribbon Burger, I do have to say I was rather underwhelmed with the way it was presented. The Blue Ribbon Burger doesn’t come with anything at all. No cheese. No lettuce or tomatoes. Nothing. Well, the menu did describe it as just coming with bleu cheese butter and nothing more so I shouldn’t have been surprised. I did like the way the fries were all placed in a neat little metal bucket, though.

Not a vegetable in sight!

Not a vegetable in sight!

But looks shouldn’t really matter as long as the burger tastes good. And, boy, does the Blue Ribbon Burger deliver in burger flavor! I do have to say that the flavor of the meat patty really came out the instant I bit into it. It was just pure, unadulterated beef flavor in every bite. It was deliciously simplistic and, in retrospect, maybe not having any extras like cheese was totally intentional by the person who envisioned the Blue Ribbon Burger. If there was cheese, lettuce or any other extras, those things would have gotten in the way!

The meat was cooked perfectly. I requested that the patty be cooked to Medium doneness. And the guy behind the grill got it right! I even cut up the burger in half (something I rarely do unless I really want to check on how well the burger is done) and the center of the patty was a brilliant pink. Also, the meat was juicy but not too greasy that it’s meat juices would splut out all over your hands when you held the burger. The brioche bun did a fantastic job holding everything together despite being a little bit soaked in the beef’s juicy goodness.

A perfect look at what a good burger looks like on the inside.

A perfect look at what a good burger looks like on the inside.

I actually do have only one nitpick and that would be the bleu cheese butter the Blue Ribbon Burger; I didn’t really notice it. I guess it was spread on the inside of the brioche bun or smeared on top of the burger patty. But, in all honestly, I didn’t really detect any flavor like that. Maybe my palate isn’t sophisticated enough to really differentiate it from the intense (and really awesome) burger patty. But I still didn’t taste it. A really minor and actually negligible complaint on a really tasty burger.

While the Blue Ribbon Burger itself is practically flawless thanks to its simplicity, I can’t say the same for the fries it came with. No, the fries were actually pretty good. The fries are far from ordinary; they’re just the right level of crispiness and dusted with Parmesan cheese and parsley. They’re incredibly good but because of how complex the fries were, it didn’t really pair perfectly with the simplicity of the Blue Ribbon Burger. However, I wouldn’t mind ordering these fries again!

Let me reiterate: the fries are still really, really good.

Let me reiterate: the fries are still really, really good.

So, the Blue Ribbon Burger is incredibly good. But is it worth the high price tag? While I do have to say the Blue Ribbon Burger and the fries it came with were fantastic, I can’t imagine myself going to Green Pastures once a week and plopping down 530 Php just to indulge in its burger-y goodness. It’s big enough to be satisfying and I did feel pretty full after eating everything but it’s just too expensive for my tastes. The price is just a little too high and it’s more of a once-in-a-while indulgence. Green Pastures’ Blue Ribbon Burger is something that I would consider to be great if I want to reward myself with something great.

I guess it’s big enough to split it with someone else and then order something else with it. Well, Green Pastures is known for their salads, right? Guess you can split that with a friend, too!

Have you tried Green Pastures’ Blue Ribbon Burger? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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