Episode 167: The Robin’s Adventures Online Split Personality


Last week, I talked about a few of the things I feel the WWE has done and what they are still doing that I don’t like. One of the things that made the list was how they just loooooove to insert the entire social media agenda into everything they do. For one thing, I don’t like how they try to sprinkle in the “real” world with my suspension of disbelief that “wrestling is real.” I guess that’s the main reason why I don’t like that I have to “hashtag” something while watching something I want to believe is not fictional.

However, I guess I partially don’t enjoy the reminder of Facebook and Twitter in my wrestling programs is because, to be frank, I don’t really do the Facebook, Twitter or any social media with any regularity. Oh, I do have a social media presence. I have a Facebook account with a list of friends and acquaintances. I also have a Twitter account as well… but I don’t actually tweet anything. It’s mostly used to get information on celebrities and stuff.  but I will never, ever really post that kind of information on this blog or anywhere. Basically, I want to keep my Robin’s Adventures persona separate from my real life.

I'm neither online or in real life.

I’m neither online or in real life.

The biggest reason why I want to never mix the “real” Robin and my Robin’s Adventures persona is because, well, I actually believe that both of them are actually separate people! If “real” Robin and Robin’s Adventures actually meet in the outside world, I’m pretty sure their personalities would clash!

I’m pretty comfortable in saying that, in real life, I’m definitely more shy and conservative. The real me isn’t that comfortable with how pale and lanky I am. The real me loves going out with friends but is generally nervous when it comes to social events like parties. Oh, I’m not the wallflower type… but it’s pretty damn close! However, the persona I do try to portray here on this blog is a little bit more brash and confident. Robin’s Adventures is more willing to talk smack about other people and is definitely more brave and willing when it comes to expressing her actual thoughts.

This is pretty normal for most people when it comes to being on the Internet. Every one online has their own online persona. It certainly helps when you have this huge barrier of anonymity that is the Internet, doesn’t it? Being anonymous allows people to be the kind of person they actually want to be in real life. This is probably why you have a lot of online trolls! It’s much easier to act like a troll when you feel there will be repercussions for your actions!

Do not feed the troll.

Do not feed the online troll.

Thankfully, I don’t really subscribe to this line of thinking. Sure, my Robin’s Adventures online persona is definitely more extroverted but that doesn’t mean that I have to be an online troll or another disgusting creature. No, I’d rather try to be the person I want to be when I go online.

Another reason why I don’t like giving out my Facebook and Twitter is because I actually had a bad experience regarding this. I talked about my time on PlayStation Home. I really loved logging online on this virtual world because, like the example above, I do love the anonymity! In the world of PlayStation Home, I was definitely more confident and I could just be the extroverted (and rather curvy) teenager I always wanted to be in real life.

Never in a million years!

Would never wear something as skimpy as this in a million years!

So, being the more open and extroverted version of myself on PlayStation Home, I was pretty open with my private information… which was incredibly stupid. There was one guy I met online that I actually thought was pretty nice. So, when he asked for my Facebook information, I had no qualms giving him that information. And I bet you can kind of see where this is going.

He sent a friend request and I added him to my Friends list. But soon after, the guy became, well, rather clingy. He would send me messages day and night. It started really innocent as the start. However, he then tried to take things a little too far. He started asking for more naughty kinds of pictures and that really unnerved me. I tried to politely decline but he then said it was no big deal. And, to prove it wasn’t a “big deal,” he took the initiative to send me his “naughty” pics. And you know the kind of pics I mean!

Imagine this without the box covering it

Imagine this without the box covering it

Now, imagine getting that kind of picture… and you’re a 14 year old girl! I actually forgot to mention that the guy knew I was 14 years old! It was kind of traumatizing to say the least! I actually reported him to both Facebook and the PlayStation Home people. I’m not sure what happened but, after a week or so, he simply vanished. If you try searching for him on Facebook and the PlayStation Network, he’s simply not there. In my mind, I imagine he got arrested… which would have been nice!

After this, you bet I learned my lesson of giving out my private information to “friendly” people in the online world! That happened a long time ago, so I do treat it as something that I learned the hard way and something that I experienced. It was a tough lesson but it’s not like I needed to go into therapy or anything like that, thankfully!

Storytime’s over! But I do hope it sheds some light as to why I don’t want to share my real life information online. And, no, I don’t want dick pics.

Anyway, while we’re on the topic of social media, next week, I like to talk about celebrities like Kim Kardashian and the like who aren’t ashamed about oversharing and why I think it’s wrong to “slut shame” them. Because… feminism?


What’s your online persona? Let me know in the comments section below!

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