Excited about Star Wars: Rogue One?


Hey, y’all!

If there’s anyone late to the Star Wars party, it would have to be me.  My knowledge of Star Wars was so minuscule, I only saw all of the original Star Wars movie last year, and only in preparation for The Force Awakens.  It’s not that I didn’t have any interest in the cinematic universe, but just because I didn’t get much of the hype with the original movies.  I mean it’s quite understood that at the time it was released, the audience probably have not seen anything like it, and obviously, it was new and revolutionary at the time.  However, in terms of story, it felt like it was generic, and there wasn’t anything special.  And contrary to many that disliked the prequels, I though that they just made more sense and have shown more depth and maturity to the universe compared to the original ones.  Or, you know, it probably just goes to show what I know about Star Wars.  I must admit, it’s not a lot, but I am definitely interested.

Now, having myself acquainted with the Star Wars universe, and seeing The Force Awakens at least twice (and once in the UK), which I loved by the way, I have developed a keen interest in the stand-alone films.  Not only in Felicity Jones’s character and whatever we have seen with the teaser and the official trailer, but also with the fact that there’s a good chance that these films could redeem the franchise from the sheer simplicity of the first three movies, at least for me.  We only know for a fact that Jones, being a rebel, is being a recruited for a mission to investigate and/or find out how to stop a major weapon test from occurring, and it could definitely give the viewers an idea of how the whole Death Star thing in the first movies came about.  I am quite interested to know what exactly unfolded at the time our heroes are actually finding their place in the galaxy, and saving it from annihilation and from the clutches of Darth Vader, and seeing it in a different perspective than all of the 7 previous Star Wars movies.

Although this is, to me, unfamiliar territory, I very much want to see what events have occurred that lead to the first films we have seen.  Obviously, there’s definitely more to what we have already seen so far, and I am quite interested to see how the producers are able to flesh out more substance and make a more interesting story that may have transpired before the events of the first films.  Needless to say, here’s the official trailer of Star Wars: Rogue One.

I’ve loved Felicity Jones in Like Crazy and The Theory of Everything, and the fact that the producers have decided to cast who I think is a mainstream actress, to me is a breath of fresh air for this franchise.  As we can see in the trailer above, it seemed to me that the leads, Jones and Diego Luna, have easily quite piqued the interest of many audiences like me, on a story that has never been told before in this format.  It is uncharted territory in terms of Star Wars, and it would be something that fans would be encountering the first time in so many years.

That said, I believe that it’s really great that we are living in an era where we get to experience a galaxy far, far away at least once a year, either to follow characters we have learned to love over the years, or to join in a new adventure.

Are you excited to see the new Star Wars movie this Christmas?  Sound off in the comments section and let me know how you feel about the trailer.



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