Episode 166: My List of Five Things the WWE Did (and Does) Poorly


Last week, I talked about how much I think the new WWE Universal Championship is a dumb name. It’s an ugly and just not a tough name. But this isn’t the first time the WWE has done something stupid. Oh, they’ve done a lot of good things, no doubt. But they’ve certainly pulled off a lot of bonehead decisions over the years.

There have been some really idiotic decisions made by Vince and Stephanie McMahon (Shane McMahon gets a pass since he just returned) since time immemorial. There’s the incredibly early push of Roman Reigns even though the fans haven’t even remotely gotten behind him. There’s Shane McMahon managing to get a controlling stake of Raw even though he lost his Wrestlemania match to the Undertaker. Oh, it was an awesome match… but a deal’s a deal! Shane lost. He shouldn’t have gotten any form of control of the Raw or the WWE because of “what the fans want.”

Those decisions were terrible, no doubt about it. But there are far greater idiotic things the WWE had done before and after those plans. So, with that in mind, here are five things the WWE did and are actually doing really terribly.

Misuse of NXT talents

NXT is supposed to be the future of the WWE. A lot of their wrestlers, excuse me –Superstars-, come from NXT, the WWE’s developmental program. They even have their own weekly show on the WWE Network. I love myself some NXT as what the performers can do there are just phenomenal. In fact, there are some people that actually prefer the NXT shows more than the WWE main shows, Raw and Smackdown. That’s how good the performers are over there.  A lot of the more popular wrestlers in the main roster did come over from NXT. You have Xavier Woods and Big E of The New Day. Charlotte. Sasha Banks. Becky Lynch. Kevin Owens. Sami Zayn. And, of course, you can’t forget the duo of Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

These guys are pretty hot now. Unfortunately, not everyone from NXT have gotten the attention. So many NXT wrestlers who were brought to the main roster were inexplicably forgotten. Guys like The Ascension, The Vaudevillains, Emma, Bo Dallas, Tyler Breeze and Neville debuted in Raw and Smackdown but were never used in the same way that made them hits in NXT. And that’s such a shame.

The WWE knows these guys are talented which is why they’re bringing them over. Yet they seem to forget to also bring over the magic that made them popular in the first place. If they really want these guys to flourish in the Raw and Smackdown shows, they have to put them over hard. Make them compete and dominate the mid-card wrestlers for a while. Give them the opportunity to strut their stuff.

While we’re on the topic of not pushing the right people…

Not promoting the fan favorites

The WWE will be going to the Philippines next month and I really want to buy a ticket to the show! There is something, however, that is preventing me from actually purchasing a ticket and that’s the seating chart. All of the front row seats have been taken and, while I really wanted to sit there so I can be one of the jerks that reach out and touch a WWE Superstar when the action spills out of the ring, that’s not exactly where I want to see the action. No, I want to be seating in the Cesaro section!

Cesaro is definitely one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE right now. Despite being one of the more favored wrestler by fans, it’s almost like The Powers That Be are actively getting in the way of his success. He’s never been in the running for the WWE Heavyweight title and he’s usually relegated to losing out to the people The Authority want to promote. This also happened to another popular wrestler, Dolph Ziggler. But at least Dolph Ziggler has a few months as champ!

But there are tons of other wrestlers that have gotten the shaft. Cody Rhodes was a fantastic performer and could make practically any gimmick given to him work on some level. There’s also Wade Barrett that managed to become super popular with weird gimmicks like… giving bad as Bad News Barrett. And there is Damien Sandow, another multi-faceted performer that was given pretty much throwaway gimmicks but that only seemed to make him more endearing!

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, despite having to wrestler in the minor leagues of the WWE, have dedicated fanbases because of their own dedication to the business of wrestler. This is why reading about them leaving the company is incredibly baffling. These were guys that were drawing people in and the WWE decides to let them go?

Oh, they have to give Roman Reigns and Sheamus a bigger locker room? I see! I’m kidding, of course… or am I?

The Divas Revolution

I’ve already talked about the Divas Devolution *ahem* Divas Revolution before but it does deserve mentioning again because, although they’re done with it, it was a serious misfire on Stephanie McMahon’s part. Yes, I’m placing the blame solely on Stephanie since she’s the on-screen face that promoted the entire snafu!

I made an entire post about my issues with the Diva’s Devolution before which you can read right here. But, to summarize things, putting the Women wrestlers into different teams severely hurt the entire thing. It just made them a bunch of girls in different cliques and never focused on what makes them interesting characters. Even the Spice Girls knew that you had to identify each and every member of the group. But the WWE didn’t think that far ahead! As such, it took the NXT Divas to establish themselves to the fans of the main roster.

Thankfully, things are definitely looking up nowadays. The focus is now on the NXT Divas… but there is a little too much focus on them, if you ask me. Mixing in a little of the more veteran female competitors wouldn’t hurt, ya know.

Hornswoggle is [insert something that should’ve been cool but isn’t now that Hornswoggle is in it]

Hornswoggle isn’t part of the WWE anymore. I was fine with him becoming the Cruiserweight champion because he slid into the ring when the bell rung during the Battle Royale for the title. I’m fine with him when he does the Tadpole splash on an opponent and the opponent is super hurt. While I do like him a lot of things, I don’t like it when he’s the punchline or the twist in the story. This is especially true when he turns out to be the “something” in a long, drawn out storyline.

Hornswoggle’s been a lot of things. He’s managed to land wrestling hotties like Maxine and AJ Lee. I’m not being prejudiced against little people but you know the WWE just played this out for laughs. D-Generation X even made him their official mascot (as if a wrestling faction even needs a mascot). But there have been a lot worse things. It was revealed that he was the Anonymous Raw General Manager which doesn’t make sense in the slightest. But the positively worst thing the WWE Creative division did with Hornswoggle was make him Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son.

Oh, it was eventually revealed that all the illegitimate son business was Finlay’s doing. But it was such a terrible reveal as there were so many better choices! I guess WWE Creative just couldn’t think of any more stupid ideas on how to make Hornswoggle a walking punchline and the company let him go.

Promoting their social media and stuff

For me, this is currently the worst thing the WWE is doing. I know social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is like the best way to get your brand across. This is why Michael Cole and the rest of the announce team continuously plug in the use of hashtags and stuff while a match is going on. They even had a scrolling bar at the bottom showing the tweets of people watching the show on Raw and Smackdown!

Yeah. Join in on the "discussion."

Yeah. Join in on the “discussion.”

But they seem to forget that the WWE Universe works in its own parallel dimension! Whenever I watch a WWE program, I want to forget that there is such a thing as a “normal” world. I’m entirely aware that wrestling is fake and scripted. But showing us the “real” lives of the wrestlers while outside the WWE Universe is counter-intuitive. I think it was a big mistake to make Lana tweeting about her being engaged with Rusev as an actual storyline as it hampered the momentum the Lana-Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev-Summer Rae feud. There was no need for that real life bit of information to be a script!

WWE fans in general know that wrestling is fake… but we like to pretend it’s real. So we disregard the evidence that the WWE performers have a regular life outside the WWE Universe. Leave out the hashtags and the like and let me just enjoy my make-believe world where people settle getting beat up in the parking lot in the squared circle and not in a court of law like I would do in real life!

Well, those are the things that really peeved me about the WWE. While we’re on the topic of social media, I guess now would be an excellent time to explain why I don’t reveal my social media presence here on this blog. I’ll delve into that a little more next time!


What were some of the things the WWE did that pissed you off? Let me know in the comments section below!

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