Which Game of Thrones Character Would You Trust?

Hey, y’all!

Now that the Game of Thrones season is over, and now that there’s just about 15 hours left until the end of it all, each one of us would most likely have an idea who to trust had we been living in the GoT universe.  It is unlikely that it will happen, but let’s just say for the sake of saying, what if a giant orb in the sky transported us to Westeros, and our very lives depend on the alliances we forge while there, who are you likely to trust?  And just to add to the twist, what if you also wanted a shot at the ever elusive game of thrones?  Which character would you seek counsel from so you can win the most coveted title “First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm”?  Read further on to see my thoughts. Be wary though, there be SPOILERS abound for those who proceed further.  To be honest, if I spoil anything for you at this point, it’s on you.  It’s been 6 days since the season finale!  There also will not be any book plot points here because I simply haven’t read them.  If you’re down with that, then read on.  Now, if you have never seen any Game of Thrones at all, I’ve got one word for you– “Shame!”  But then again you wouldn’t know what I am talking about, so.

Since the scenario now is that I’m going against those who have “valid claim” on the throne, we can then assume that I am unlikely to trust the main players– Dany, Jon, and Cersei (I’m surprised there’s only three now!).  That leaves us with just a few.  Let’s start with those who have experience:


I never liked spiders.  But I don’t necessarily hate them.  I guess I can say the same for Varys.  There was an episode some seasons ago when we finally got to see the real nature of Varys’s motive.  His allegiance is to whoever it is he thinks can bring peace and prosperity to the realm.  He’s intelligent and usually knows what he is talking about.  He has at his disposal “little birds”, which for all we know now is also being controlled by Qyburn, so in terms of resources, we don’t really know if the intel he has been getting are clean.  Maybe Qyburn already knows that there’s an army bound for King’s Landing ready to take the throne.  Maybe Varys also knows that Qyburn knows that they’re on their way.  There’s little, maybe even no proof that Varys knows that his little birds are no longer his.  But then again, maybe the little birds are loyal to Varys.  If that is so, then we can assume that Varys has knowledge of the explosion that happened in King’s Landing.  And if he knows that, would he have done anything to prevent it, knowing that he’s all for “peace and prosperity”?  If his little birds aren’t his anymore, then there’s a lot of doubt now about his capability, and his being “Master of Whispherers”.  He’s coming back to the realm, and what he probably knows is already tainted.  I think a lot of his credibility and trustworthiness depend in large part on his resources.  Right now, we’re not even sure if he has resources.


Verdict: Given that his resources are being used by one of the enemies, and that he may not even know about that, I’ll pass.


Petyr Baelish

This guy is the hardest person to get a good read on.  Although he was keen on advising people not to trust him, almost all those he counselled had confidence in him.  It’s clear from the beginning, his allegiance is to himself.  He wants the throne for himself too. Somehow, despite him being upfront, he still manages to get anyone he decides to use for his own motives to trust him.  He has a knack for using a current situation to his own advantage, and very reliable in really tight spots.  He knows well enough the strategies to win a war, but never was on the frontlines.  Six seasons in and I am still struggling to figure this Littlefinger.


Verdict: Short-term, yes, but only when he proves himself useful.  Very big caution flag though: you need to play this guy in his own game.  Never ever think for one moment that he’s on your side.


Tyrion Lannister

Two things he does well:  He drinks and he knows things.  He said so himself.  So if my banner is well-equipped with wine, then we can assume that his counsel will be worth it.  The thing about Tyrion is he has some humanity in him, so I think he can be sympathetic to my needs.  He’s well-versed and eloquent, and has enough motivation to take the throne from his kin.  He has some sort of Varys-ness in him in that he actually wants what’s good for the realm, even if he knows that he would not sit in the throne himself.  Plus, he’s sort of know well enough the adversaries, what ticks them and what makes them sit uneasily in the throne.  The problem is, at this point in time, I don’t think that there’s anything left for Cersei to even think twice about whatever horrendous plan she has in that filthy little mind of hers.  So that could be a problem.  She could be hell-bent on making sure that Tyrion and all his allies feel her wrath.  Tyrion needs to be able to equal that, otherwise, doom.


Verdict:  Very entertaining counsel, so yes. But just by association, you will already endanger your life, so if you haven’t got three dragons, an armada, and a ship full of full barrels, you shuld think twice.



Well, she can be counted on if things go south… I mean “dead” south.  She may have the ability to bring you back to life if, you know, you die.  However, it seems like she’s becoming more and more uncertain about her faith– the thing she was so adamantly professing, apart from that certain time of day where there is limited illumination, and full of ghostly appearances.  Also, would you be happy to send a loved one to their doom to achieve victory?  Highly unlikely, but if that floats your boat then go ahead.  She’s also been a mood hoover recently, so.  I’m really leaning in to not trusting her, am I?


Verdict:  Considering that trust dies when you die too, I would assume that’s an easy No for me.  I don’t want to end like Stannis: A couple of wars, no victories.


Brienne of Tarth

The most trustworthy person who’s so bad at keeping promises, until, well, recently.  She’s full of valor and honor, but that’s not what keeps you alive in this universe, if you ask me.  She’s also very emotional and considering what she’s already been through, I think that she can easily be swayed by Jamie, especially now that he’s let her go unharmed.  But you know, all good things come to those who deserve them, and to be honest, this woman deserves more than what most in the show deserves.  For as long as she can swing that Valyrian steel, and you’ve got her loyalty, I think you’ll be good.


Verdict:  Based on her track record, uhm, she’s passionate, and honorable, and very trustworhty.  Would that win the game of thrones?  No.


It’s kind of difficult to even be a person living in the Game of Thrones universe, especially given that you could die anytime.  Actually, not just die.  It’s either there’s threat of someone crushing your head into a pulp, or burning you with wildfire, or shooting you with an arrow while you’re minding your “business”.  Imagine if you have to go against a wolf, a dragon, or even just a mad woman to sit in a chair made from swords.  So knowing what I know about these people in the very exciting world of Westeros, the task of trusting someone is in itself a very daunting task.

Who would you trust if you want a chance at that throne?  Tell me about it on the comments section below.

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