The Biggest Nintendo NX Questions

When Nintendo announced their plans for E3, people were surprised about the lack of anything NX-related information. There was some speculation on Nintendo delaying their production of the NX, perhaps to add some VR functionality or compatibility. Thankfully, Nintendo recently confirmed that they’re still on track with their planned March 2017 NX release.

But that’s like, nine months from now – roughly the same amount of time that it takes to conceive and give birth to a human child. And we barely know anything about the NX. Sure, there are plenty of rumors surrounding the system, like how it’s going to be a hybrid handheld/home console. A few rumors even contradict each other, with some sources claiming that the NX is going to be on par or better than current generation consoles and some saying that it won’t be that technologically advanced. But these are all rumors that don’t really tell us what the NX is really going to be.

Nintendo has been very tight-lipped about the NX and they revealed their reason for holding back on any NX announcements – they feel that they have a great, innovative idea on their hands and they don’t want their competitors to copy it. And you know what? They’re right. There’s no denying that, despite Nintendo’s lack of sales success, Microsoft and Sony both have their eyes on Nintendo. When Nintendo revealed that the Wii will utilize motion controls, both competitors came up with similar versions of it (Microsoft had Kinect, Sony had PS Move). Nintendo simply wants to keep their cards close to their chest, and I think that’s a good idea because both companies just announced that they’re working on new versions of their current consoles.

I’ve already declared that I won’t be buying the NX at launch, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in Nintendo’s newest console. All this mystery surrounding the NX is actually making me very interested in what Nintendo has in store for the video gaming world, and here are the biggest questions that I have about the Nintendo NX.

1. What is Nintendo’s newest innovation?

We’ve known about the NX for quite some time now and yet we still don’t have any real information about it. Nintendo has done an excellent job in making sure that there are no information leaks when it comes to the NX (surprising since their other major announcements have been leaked to the public several times already) and it’s all because of this innovative “idea” that they have in their hands. So what is this new thing?

I’m very curious about this is because of how closely guarded Nintendo has been when it comes to the NX. Is this idea really worth all this secrecy? But aside from this, I honestly can’t think of anything else that Nintendo (or Sony or Microsoft) can further innovate on. Nintendo’s come up with really good innovations in the last two decades: analog controls (N64), motion controls (Wii) combined touchscreen and traditional controls (DS, 3DS and Wii U), and glasses-free portable 3D (3DS). What else is there to invent in terms of video game functionality? The only thing I can think of is VR but both Sony and Microsoft are already exploring that idea and Nintendo has been dismissing VR quite vocally.

And of course, whatever this idea is, will it result in a more successful console for Nintendo? Motion controls definitely helped Nintendo dominate with the Wii, but their Gamepad wasn’t enough to get people interested in its successor. Is this core idea going to be game-changing or will it fail to garner consumer interest?

2. Where are the information leaks?

I’m simply amazed at how good of a job Nintendo has done in limiting the information about the NX. No doubt that internally, leaks will probably result in severe consequences. But why aren’t we hearing noise from 3rd party developers?

Here’s why I’m asking this question – a secret is more closely guarded the fewer people know about it. Is the lack of NX information because not a lot of people know about it anyway? This is troubling for me because this can mean one of two things: (1) either Nintendo has had these 3rd party developers sign some strict and harsh non-disclosure agreements or (2) the 3rd party developers know nothing about the NX because they’re not developing games for it yet.

Let’s take a quick look at the third party developers who have talked about NX titles. We have Square Enix with Dragon Quest X and XI, Ubisoft with Just Dance 2017, and… Nothing from Capcom, nothing from EA, nothing from Warner Bros., nothing from Blizzard Entertainment, nothing from Bethesda. The NX is coming out in less than a year and if the third party devs are silent about the NX, maybe they’re not developing any games for it, which is very troubling because the lack of third party support has been one of Nintendo’s issues since the days of the Nintendo 64. The lack of information leaks may be a sign that the NX won’t have significant third party titles at launch.

These are the questions about the Nintendo NX that have been going in my mind lately and I’m quite excited about the answers. Nintendo’s been lagging behind their competition since Sony came out with the PlayStation and the NX could be the console that will put them ahead again – or make them fall further behind. I guess we’ll know the answers in the next nine months.

What do you think about Nintendo’s NX? Let us know by leaving a comment or two below!

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