Five Obscure DC Comics Properties That Would Have Great Television Shows

Marvel has hit it big with their live action properties. Not only do they have a whole universe of fantastic blockbuster films, they also are a big hit on the small screen. Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter are pretty good. But it’s definitely Marvel’s Netflix series that have been a huge hit with audiences.

Now, on the DC side, things have been okay on this front, somewhat. Sure, Arrow and The Flash are good and, surprisingly, both Gotham and Supergirl are doing well, ratings-wise. However, there is a part of me that wishes DC would go the whole gritty Netflix route. And, like Marvel, they could use some of their more obscure heroes. Here are five of them that I think would make a great heroes for a new television series.

The Question

While not an original DC character (he first appeared in the now defunct Charlton comics brand), The Question has certainly developed a rather cult following, which probably started with his appearances in Justice League Unlimited

Besides his rather cool design, the biggest reason why The Question would make a rather awesome television show are the types of crimes he tackles. Unlike most superheroes, The Question doesn’t go after bank robbers of thieves. No, he’s got bigger fish to fry! The Question primarily goes after corrupt government officials. Not only that, The Question has a lot of philosophical undertones that would be a great for a 1-hour drama.

Oh, and since Gotham isn’t doing anything with the Renee Montoya character (she only appeared in a handful of episodes during the first season), if they do make a Question series, make her a supporting character! If you know the fate of The Question and Renee Montoya from the comics, you probably know that would make a hell of a fantastic finale!

Rose and Thorn

If Marvel has Jessica Jones, DC should have an interesting female character that would be worthy enough of her own television series. For me, that would be Rose and Thorn.

Not sure if you want to take her home to meet your mom.

Not sure if you want to take her home to meet your mom.

Interesting would be putting the character Rose and Thorn likely. And, yes, I’m using the word “character” and not its plural form because Rose and Thorn are the same person! Rhosyn “Rose” Forrest was 12 when she witnessed her parents massacred in front of her. This event fractured her mind and a new personality surfaced, the ultra violent Thorn.

There are just so many things they can do with the character. You can focus on how Rose deals with the Thorn personality and how conflicted she would be by it. There’s also the violence of the fights due to the “wild” nature of the character. C’mon DC! You know that if you wanna create a dark and gritty television series, Rose and Thorn is the way to go!


Growing up, I loved the series Quantum Leap. The show was about a scientist who would, due to an experiment gone awry, would “leap” into various people throughout time, attempting to correct the wrongdoings of the past. The show lasted for a good five seasons. Well, DC Comics has a character that can leap into different bodies and take control. That “hero” is Deadman.

Boston Brand was a circus performer who was murdered. However, instead of passing on to the next life, the Hindu goddess Rama Kusha, bound Brand to the earth as a literal Deadman so he can avenge his death. As Deadman, he’s given the ability to possess other people and control their actions.

Why would Deadman be a good pick to get his own television series. I mentioned how great Quantum Leap was, right?

Adam Strange

Nope, this guy isn’t the estranged brother of Dr. Stephen Strange. Dr. Strange is from Marvel, dummy!

Kinda looks like The Rocketeer. Does anyone remember The Rocketeer? Anyone?

Kinda looks like The Rocketeer. Does anyone remember The Rocketeer? Anyone?

Adam Strange has a pretty whacked out origin story. Adam Strange is an archaeologist who was hit by a Zeta-Beam from the planet Rann. The beam accidentally transports Strange to the the alien planet. The Earthling then uses Rann’s advanced technology to fend of the various enemies that try to take over Rann.

Why would Adam Strange be a good television show. Well, we’re due for a hot new sci-fi action series set in space! There’s no more Star Trek. No more Firefly. No more Farscape. No more Battlestar Galactica even! I think the television landscape is ready for a new space television series. And DC Comics can fill the void with Adam Strange.

Ambush Bug

Not all superhero television series have to be about fighting crime! Sometimes, you just want an irreverent show where anything can happen! Enter Ambush Bug!

Clark Kent is really Superman? *GASP*

Clark Kent is really Superman? *GASP*

Ambush Bug could be the DC Comics equivalent to Marvels’ Deadpool… but without the violence. Although he did start out as a villain and did kill a few people (off-panel), he shortly turned into trying out to be a good guy. However, Ambush Bug’s creator, Keith Giffen, decided to go a different direction with the character shortly afterwards.

Ambush Bug became the focal point of extremely absurd storylines and fourth wall breaking elements, such as a fight between himself and a villain named Scabbard ending abruptly when Scabbard realized he wasn’t in his own comic. Ambush Bug stories became increasingly surreal as he does know he’s a comic book character. His own miniseries would parody comic book tropes and storylines, such as getting an all black-costume (ala Secret Wars) and attempting to make a deal with Neron to nullify his wedding to Dumb Bunny (ala Spider-Man: One More Day).

Why you would want to annul a marriage to a hot dish like that is beyond me.

Why you would want to annul a marriage to a hot dish like that is beyond me.

With the extreme popularity of comic book movies and television shows, I think the time is ripe for a television series parodying them! And Ambush Bug would be the right vehicle to do this.

Do you have any obscure superheroes you would want to get their own television show? Let me know who they are in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Five Obscure DC Comics Properties That Would Have Great Television Shows

  1. As a long time DC fan, I would love to see these, especially the Question. I think it would be awesome if they made a Green Lantern Corps show in the style of Cops (call it Corps) that follows around a few lanterns busting crime through the universe, found footage style like Cops. A Watchmen miniseries would be great too. I just worry about budget and lame tv effects for ambitious projects like these.

    • I actually contemplated a Green Lantern television series, especially since it would have a sci-fi slant. However, they’re kinda too popular and I wanted to give a chance to the lesser known properties. This is precisely why Adam Strange got the nod.

      I would’ve wanted to add New Gods to the list as well but with the potential of Darkseid appearing in the “movie” universe, there would be very little hope of that happening.

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