Episode 144: Supergirl’s Super Problem


Last week, I talked about Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video “attacking” video games, which was just ass… literally! The feminist pundit put out a video complaining about how it seemed to her that female butts were so prominent. One of her main points was Batman having a cape covering his muscular buttocks while Catwoman… doesn’t. Okay, that shows a lack of understanding of superheros and comics and general. Sadly, I think this is one of the reasons why CBS’ Supergirl isn’t doing so well.

I know I did a post of this very same topic just a couple of months ago. But I’ve still stuck with the show in the hopes it would get better. It hasn’t. In the process of praying the show would improve, I’ve inadvertently noticed a big reason that keeps the show from being really the super show that it should be.

In my previous post, I already discussed some of the underlying problems of the show. I already mentioned about how I don’t really care about the supporting cast because they never really show any personality nor do they really say anything really smart or funny. I also mentioned how the two love interests, “James” Olsen and… Toyman’s son… really, I keep forgetting his name, and how boring they both are. I even mentioned how I feel nothing is really happening in each episode! I essentially closed that post by mentioning that Supergirl doesn’t really take any risks. I still stand by those comments.

But, like I said, I still keep watching the show in the hopes of something good happening. Something that could surprise me that’ll make the show all of a sudden explode with excitement. But, by the episode entitled For The Girl Who Has Everything, something all of a sudden clicked in my head. I saw something essentially wrong with how most Supergirl episodes pan out…

Supergirl gets saved… a lot. It’s kind of weird that, since Supergirl is supposed to be the most powerful woman on the planet, it’s like she has to have someone rescue her in one way or another. Oh, it doesn’t happen all the time but it happens more times than you may realize. And it didn’t start out like that in the start of the season. Heck, at the start, we saw Supergirl save a plane and then take down a some alien with an axe. So it really did look like Kara Danvers… sorry, Supergirl… could really kick some ass and be a reliable superhero that didn’t need her younger cousin Kal-El to step in to save the day.

But soon after that, it seemed like The Girl of Steel always had someone to help her out in her battles. Granted, it’s never really like the person doing the saving actually takes down the villain of the week; that honor is still given to Kara. But there’s usually someone there to lend a helping hand. When Reactron attacked the city, Jimmy Olsen, I mean, James, distracted him. When Supergirl took on Livewire, Cat Grant diverted the villain’s attention so The Girl of Steel could recover. And Alex Danvers? Well, Alex Danvers has saved her sister so many times already. Heck, I would say give Alex Danvers her own series! I mean, she’s the one who keeps on helping Supergirl! She’s the one who deserves it!

Let’s go look at the other superhero shows like Arrow and The Flash. Yes, both shows have heroes with a backup team. But most of the time, it’s the titular heroes that do all of the saving. Arrow’s been saving Starling/Star City for a good 4 years now thanks to his quick thinking and tactics. And while Barry Allen has to get help from Caitlyn, Cicso and the rest, those guys are basically just cheering him on from the safety of Star Labs.

Now, I’m not saying Arrow and The Flash never need rescuing. But that doesn’t happen that often and, when they do need rescuing, it makes it feel like the bad guy is really dangerous. In Supergirl, however, it’s like Kara Danvers can’t really take on the baddies without some direct assistance. Simply put, it makes Supergirl less super.

Honestly, this problem is really easily fixed: just have Supergirl take on some bad guys all by her lonesome. All the folks at CBS have to do is look at the blueprint Arrow and The Flash have laid out and make it work with Supergirl. Make Supergirl look more super. Hopefully, when The Flash does arrive in her universe, Barry can show her what’s what!

Besides, how cool would this be?

How cool would this be?

That crossover is going to happen some time in March. By then, I’ll already have been playing the official Street Fighter V release for several weeks! But I’m not going to wait for that long to give you my thoughts on the game! I’ll be doing that next week!


What’s your thoughts on CBS’ Supergirl? Let me know in the comments section below!

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