Episode 140: A Wish List for Street Fighter V


Last week, I shared the things I’m looking forward to in 2016. One of the things I mentioned were the new upcoming video games coming out this year. But there is one specific game that I’m really excited for: Street Fighter V! I loved Street Fighter IV (and all of its pseudo-sequels) and, even though I would say I’m just “okay” at the game, I still enjoy playing it once in a while when I’m bored.

I have been playing the Street Fighter V Beta and, well, it does get a bit getting used to! The fight system has changed a lot from Street Fighter IV and it’s very difficult to sort of adapt to all of these modifications to the basic system. But this the game is still in its Beta stages so nothing’s been finalized. Still, game looks really fantastic so far!

There are, however, some things I’m afraid Capcom is going to leave out when the game is officially released in February. So, I hope the boys at Capcom are reading this! Because I’ll be expecting them to appear when the game drops this month!

More Classic/Legacy Characters

Street Fighter V is going to come with a roster of 16 fighters. These include fan favorites such as Ryu, Ken, Zangief and Chun-Li and new characters like Laura, Rashid and FANG. There are also a huge bunch of unexpected entries such as R. Mika, Karin, Birdie and, my main character from Street Fighter IV, Vega! Okay, I may be switching over to Necalli or Bison since they’re the only charge characters left in the game. But still, Vega! Wow!

But the roster still seems a little slim in terms of more familiar faces. I know Capcom is going to be sprinkling in a few new characters as the years pass. Characters like Alex, Juri and Guile are going to be returning as well. But I’m really surprised some characters, characters that you would expect to be in a new Street Fighter game, like Sagat and Sakura aren’t in yet or not even planned yet. I mean, they put Karin in but not Sakura? C’mon, Capcom!

Frame Data and Hitboxes and stuff

When Street Fighter IV came out, I just played it. I played it just to, you know, knock out your opponent before the timer ran out. It was still pretty fun but I couldn’t figure out how to do really strong combos. Watching videos and tournaments, I saw people pulling off insane combos like Ryu’s crouching MP, crouching MP to crouching HK. And I could see that it was possible since it in the Challenge menu of the game. But I couldn’t understand how it was possible since Vega couldn’t do the same thing!

It turns out there’s this little thing call frame data! Ryu could do it because he has something called frame advantage with his crouching MP; Vega doesn’t. It’s buried in the game but you can’t access it. I had to find this out using a lot of online resources since the frame data info isn’t in the game!

I do hope that, when Street Fighter V is available and I’m playing it, I can simply go to an in-game menu and check out why some moves aren’t linking to each other instead of having to search the Internet for the information.

Speaking of trials and challenges…

Demo video on how to execute the challenges

When I’m bored, I go back and try to complete all of the challenges in Street Fighter IV. I’m going to assume Street Fighter V is going to have these combo examples embedded in the game as well. They’re going to be a way to earn Fight Money, the currency needed to purchase DLC for the game. But I certainly do hope they show us how to actually do them, though!

Some of them are pretty simple to complete so gamers competent with fighting games will probably do them pretty quickly. But the harder ones? Some of them I wouldn’t figure out by myself! Should I do it from close or from far away? How long should I wait before entering the next command? This is why I hope there’s a demo function that comes with Street Fighter V.

Better looking alternate costumes

I may be on the minority on this but I actually love most of the alternate costumes available in Street Fighter IV and I actually don’t mind paying for them. Sure, it can become a little costly, especially if you intend to buy all the available outfits for all the characters. But since I came from PlayStation Home and I paid for a lot of the stuff there, it doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that some of the different costumes are just plain ugly! Fei Long the Dragon? E. Honda the Turtle? Cabaret Blanka? Ew!

Street Fighter V already have a slew of alternate costumes ready when the game launches so I’m not going to be surprised if they have more of them available in the future. The ones that they have planned actually look pretty good so far; I really like Cammy’s alternate “secret agent” look.

While it’s a good start, I certainly hope the same care will be given for Birdie, Necalli and the rest of the ones that don’t have a different costume yet.

A way to watch official tournaments from within Street Fighter V

I don’t really get to watch a lot of tournaments live since I live in the Philippines. Most of them are held in the United States, which means I have to stay up all night just to watch it while it’s happening. There are times when I do actually do it, like Evo. I mean, that’s when the real fun matches happen! Like 2015’s semi finals match between Gamerbee and Infiltration! Now that was an exciting set!

But I don’t want to be chained in front of my computer to watch it! As all of the tournaments are streamed through Twitch, I can’t simply turn on my television to watch it. No, I have to go to the Twitch website to view them! Well, with Street Fighter V, why doesn’t Capcom make it easy for us? I

I hope in Street Fighter V, there’s a menu option to open up Capcom’s official Twitch video streams so I can watch the Capcom Pro Tour events without having to open up my computer. If Capcom really loves us (wink, wink), maybe they should make it possible to view all of the Fighting Game tournaments just as long as Street Fighter V is part of the lineup. This would include Team Spooky’s Twitch videos and the like!

Bonus: Indestructible theme song

The song speaks for itself…

I loved Indestructible, Street Fighter IV’s first theme song! It was catchy as heck! So I was kind of depressed to see that it was taken out of future iterations of the game. Sure, it’s cheesy as heck but that’s part of Indestructible’s charm! While it’s not high up on my list of needs Street Fighter V has to have, it certainly would be nice if Capcom makes another awesome theme song for the game!

So, that’s my list of things I want to see when Street Fighter V launches next month. Even if some of them aren’t going to be available then, Capcom can always add them in later as they’re prone to do. In fact, I’ve seen them already making changes to the game… by removing R. Mika’s butt slap among others!

This has caused quite a stir for fans! Which is precisely why I’m going to weigh in on it next week!


What do you want to see in Street Fighter V? Let me know in the comments section below!

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