My Apathy for Funko’s POP! Figures

If you go to any “legit” toy store, you’ll probably see a whole wall dedicated to POP! figurines. And they are pretty popular with the toy collecting community. These little vinyl statues have become a huge success for Funko, the company that produces them. These little figurines will dominate an entire wall for a good reason: they’re really popular with a lot of people.

And it’s easy to see why they are highly sought after. One, they are adorable looking. They’re cute to a fault with their huge heads and beady little eyes. They’re also very simplistic yet very detailed at the same time. I mean they’re not too simplistic that you don’t know what each figure is supposed to represent but not too detailed so that it looks like too much work was put into them. And, because of Funko’s ability to secure the licenses for huge franchises (DC, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.) to the more specific ones (Breaking Bad, Back to the Future, etc.), fans of pretty much anything can find a line worth collecting.

I'm sure someone who loves the Big Bang Theory already collected this set.

I’m sure someone who loves the Big Bang Theory already collected this set.

Now, why I understand why they’ve become a big part of the toy collecting world and the logical part of my head gets why they’re a successful line, I have to be honest and say I don’t like Funko’s POP! toys. I wouldn’t say I hate them. That would be too strong a word. It would be more accurate to say I have a feeling of apathy towards them.

For a long time, I really couldn’t understand why I just didn’t care for them. Like I said earlier, I can see why people enjoy collecting them (adorable-ness, simplistic yet detailed look, wide selection of franchises, etc.). I’ve even tried to look for a line of POP! figures that might spark my interest so I can add it to my toy collecting range. But, each time I look at them, I just can’t find them appealing enough to actually spend my money on them. I would rather spend my hard earned cash purchasing Masterpiece Transformers and some pretty specific Nintendo Amiibos.

None from the Animal Crossing line, please. Thank you!

None from the Animal Crossing line, please. Thank you!

After looking at them for a really, really, really long time, I finally figured out why I just don’t care for them: it’s for the very same reasons why they are so popular with the general toy collecting community!

Are they adorable and cute? Yes… but it’s the kind of cute that doesn’t really appeal to me. I would rather get a Princess Peach or a Kirby Amiibo, which is the right amount of “cute” that’s right for me. Are the designs faithful to what each figure is supposed to represent? Yes… but I do wish they were a bit more detailed still like the ones from the Masterpiece Transformers line. Do they have an available franchise that would appeal to the toy collector in me? Yes… but there are much better looking (and more detailed) figures available that I would rather get.

"Autobots, transform and roll out!"

“Autobots, transform and roll out!”

I don’t see myself collecting any of the Funko POP! figures in the future. I can’t really fault the people of the toy collecting community that love obtaining them, though. Maybe if I just started collecting toys, they may appeal to me more. But I already have other things to collect, like the aforementioned Masterpiece Transformers line and the Amiibos. I don’t think adding collecting any of Funko’s POP! figures would be a good idea.

If you do enjoy collecting POP! figures, more power to you. Go ahead and enjoy it. I totally understand the thrill of finding and purchasing something new to “complete the collection.” But, for me, it’s just not my thing.

Do you like collecting POP! figures? How about other toylines? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “My Apathy for Funko’s POP! Figures

  1. I’m a big Funko Pop collector ! I like them because like you said they are cute and for me they’re the right combination of not too expensive and not too big so I can keep collecting them and still have room to display them :p For instance, I used to collect Living Dead Dolls, I still love my collection but it was a lot more expensive and I stopped buying new ones a while ago because I had no room to display them anymore.
    Also I think the Pop! started to get real popular when the actors they were representing started posing with them. The Game Of Thrones actors especially (that’s actually how I got to know them!)
    And about the details, they got much better since they started making them. You should compare the early Disney princess figurines which were really simple and sometimes not really well painted to the recent Alice In Wonderland figurines that are very detailed and very well painted!

    • That’s great! Like I said, I totally get why lots of people love collecting them. They do look really lovable and cute and I do wish I could get into collecting them. But I guess I’m just more of a Transformers guy. Still, more power to you for finding something you can be passionate about collecting.

  2. I’m not a fan of Funko Pop. They all have the same look. The same eyes. I would prefer something with a little more detail and complexity in my collectibles. Something that took a little more artistic effort.

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