I’ll Review Anything: Fallout Shelter (Android version)

Fallout 4 is just around the corner! It’s coming out this Tuesday and I am waiting with bated breath for it to finally be released on November 10! I became a huge fan of the series when Bethedsa got the license from Interplay and released Fallout 3. Fallout 3 is the only game I’ve ever purchased twice; I got the game on Steam since the game just jitters because I’ve literally played more than 100 hours on the PlayStation 3 version!

I never really pre-order anything but, for Fallout 4, I made the exception. Okay, it kind of helped that the store where I made my pre-order was also going to hold a raffle and 15 lucky winners will get to buy the Pip-Boy edition of the game!

Fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed!

But that was roughly a month ago! What could I do to pass the time before getting my hands on Fallout 4? Well, there is Fallout Shelter, Bethedsa’s free mobile game that takes place in the Fallout universe! I’ve actually been playing Fallout Shelter for roughly a couple of months ever since the game was released for Android devices. And, while it is a good game, Fallout Shelter has a number of issues that keep it from being an truly excellent game.

In Fallout Shelter, you are the Overseer of one of the Vaults that have been scattered around the United States. Your goal is to keep your Vault and the Dwellers that live in it safe. You do this by making sure you have an adequate supply of resources, namely electricity/power, food and water. You also have to protect the Vault from calamities such as fires, radroach and molerat infestations as well as attacks from the surface from raiders and, of course, Deathclaw attacks!



You also have to expand your Vault by building more production rooms, such as power plants, diners and water treatment plants, to ensure your resources don’t drain to dangerous levels. In order to get more access to more rooms and even more efficient production rooms, you will need to unlock them by increasing your Vaults population either by building a Radio room to broadcast a signal for outsiders to find you or, better yet, play matchmaker and have the current residents make sweet, sweet love to each other!

Oh, there’s a lot more to do in Fallout Shelter. You can increase your Dweller’s SPECIAL stats by having them work out in the appropriate rooms. Or send your Dwellers into the wasteland so they can scrounge up supplies like weapons and armor, which boosts your Dweller’s stats when equipped. You can even complete challenges the game throws at you to earn Caps and Lunchboxes (which always contain a nice surprise!).

You can fit an entire person into one of those lunchboxes!

You can fit an entire person into one of those lunchboxes!

It does seem like there’s a lot of things to do in Fallout Shelter and there is! It’s exciting to see your Vault’s population start from just a dozen people and grow! It’s always fun to unlock a new room and immediately try to find space in your Vault just to see what it looks like. It can also be hilarious reading the log of the Dwellers you’ve sent into the wasteland. Fallout Shelter is a very addictive game during this period.

However, it just doesn’t last. By the time you’ve unlocked and built the final room, your Vault will have at least a hundred people, all armed to the teeth, so much so that even three consecutive Deathclaw raids won’t be a problem. A lot of your Dwellers will also be pretty buffed out because you’ve been training them all this time and there isn’t a need to send anyone into the wasteland because there’s just no need for additional equipment. Even meeting the daily objectives to get lunchboxes won’t be a challenge as you can get them easily after a few minutes of playtime. Essentially, at a certain point, there’s just no reason for you to keep on playing as you’ll just be doing the same things over and over again.

Only exciting at the start

Only exciting at the start

Not only that, as your Vault becomes bigger, the game starts to have lots of bugs. My Vault has become so big that it takes me 15 minutes to resume my game! And that’s if I’m lucky; the game will start freezing on me randomly, leaving me with no choice but to perform a hard reset on my tablet whenever it does! I just got Deja Vu with my time on the PlayStation 3 version of Fallout 3!

Even with these issues, I still strongly recommend Fallout Shelter to anyone. It is exciting to unlock stuff and get new upgrades for your Vault and Dwellers. It’s such a shame that the excitement doesn’t last. I actually deleted my original game since, well, I got bored with my Vault. I just started a new Vault and it did rekindle my love for Faullout Shelter somewhat. But I’m just playing it to tide me over until Fallout 4 is released next week.

November 10 can’t come any faster!

Have you played Fallout Shelter? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!


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