Episode 127: Siding With Sony Once Again


Last week, I discussed my favorite female characters in video games. It was hard for me to just narrow down the list to five… so I expanded it to seven. Even so, it was incredibly hard for me to just pick seven! But, when it came for me to pick out a video game console, my decision was a little bit easier: like last console generation, I’m going to pick a Sony console.

It’s not like I hate the Microsoft’s Xbox One; like every gamer, I would’ve wanted to get every console available once they get out. If everyone had enough money (or if they were much, much cheaper), I’m betting they would get all available systems without a second thought! But times are tough and video game consoles aren’t cheap. So, we’re all forced to make decisions and take a side in the console war.

But... but I love them all...

But… but I love them all…

On my side, I was given a choice to pick what I wanted for the holidays. I thought of asking for a Wii U because, well, I think it’s a neat little system. But I think of it more as a good “secondary” system and not as my primary console of choice, if that makes any sense. That left the Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. I honestly contemplated going with Microsoft this console cycle since my brother already has a PS4!

But, ultimately, I still went with the PS4. I know it sounds selfish since someone already has the console in the house. What would be the use of getting a second PS4? Well, a lot of reasons actually. None of them deal with me being a die-hard Sony fangirl! Most of my reasons are purely logical, I think.

I'm really, really sorry...

I’m really, really sorry, Microsoft.

One of the biggest reasons is more from a practical standpoint. I don’t know how Sony does it but the PlayStation 4 is much cheaper than the Xbox One, at least over here in the Philippines. The price difference between the two here is very significant. I could get a standalone PS4 with one controller for around 18,000 Philippine pesos (roughly $390) at DataBlitz. The Xbox One consoles they have available are around 22,000 Philippine pesos (roughly $480)! That’s huge! I know I’m getting this as a present but I don’t want my parents to break the bank doing so.

The second is more for aesthetic reasons. Sony purposefully designed the PS4 to be all sleek and stylish. It’s slim and just looks really gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Any where you stand it, be it horizontally or vertically, it just looks like a thing of beauty. Of course, it would look much better if it came in red… but that’s why I’m aiming for the Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain edition! The game really looks good and look at the pretty color the PS4 it comes bundled with! Oh, I know it’s going to be practically impossible to get; I’ll be satisfied if I can get it in red. But it’s not necessary. The black or white editions still look gorgeous!

Oooh! Pretty!

Oooh! Pretty!

The Xbox One on the other hand… yeesh! It looks incredibly huge and bulky! Not much time was put into designing its outer shell. When compared to the PS4, the Xbox One looks extremely dated, a far cry from the curvaceous look of its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The Xbox One took its name a little too seriously: it looks like a box! Admittedly, this reason is a little shallow but I do believe looks counts for something! It shows that they put at least a little love into thinking if the console will go well with a room!

But the biggest reason is, of course, the games. A diverse library of games is the backbone of any video game console. While both the PS4 and Xbox One do share the same library of games, I do think the PS4 comes out on top regarding exclusive titles. The Xbox One does have a good number of exclusive titles, such as Halo 5, Quantum Break and Rise of The Tomb Raider, I do think the PS4 has a better exclusive list of games.

Right now, the PS4 has Until Dawn, a game that looks really fantastic and frightening! But it’s their upcoming exclusives that has me incredibly excited. There’s, of course, the upcoming 4th installment of the Uncharted franchise, A Thief’s End, where we may or may not see the last adventure of Nathan Drake. We also will be getting a new Kingdom Hearts game (finally) as well as the (always delayed) The Last Guardian. But the biggest reason why I’m getting a PS4, even if my brother already has one in his room, is because of one particular game: Street Fighter V. I know I’m going to be crap in the game since he’s not a charge character anymore, but I can’t wait to try out the new (and possibly) improved Vega!

When my brother got a PS4, I thought I would be getting an Xbox One just to round off everything. But there are just too many games on the PS4 that I would like to get myself. So, sorry Microsoft. I’m sticking with Sony on this round!

Speaking of Street Fighter V, I would really want to talk about this game and give my reactions on the changes, both positive and negative. That’s next week!


Who are you siding with this console war generation? Or can you convince me to get an Xbox One instead? Leave your comments and thoughts in the comments section below!

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