Five “Predictions” Back to the Future Part II Got Right

October 21, 2015. Not many people may remember this date. But, for a lot of movie geeks and cinephiles, that date has incredible significance. That’s because this is the date when Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to “the future” so that Marty can help his family avoid a disaster in Back to the Future, Part II.

It seemed so long ago...

It seemed so long ago…

We still haven’t gotten a lot of the things the film predicted, most notably self-lacing shoes, self-drying (and talking) clothing, the flying car and, of course, the toy everyone wanted, their own hoverboard. There are also a lot of other things, such as double ties, using junk for nuclear fission and, apparently, the need to fax notes to people! Stupid future!

But, believe it or not, Marty McFly and Doc Brown’s trip into the future did, strangely enough, did get a few things right. Maybe not perfectly but we do currently have some technology that kind of takes inspiration from the film. So, instead of expressing our disappointment on how we still don’t have hoverboards nor a flying car, let’s go look as some of the things Back to the Future, Part II got right!


The Prevalence of 3-D Movies and CGI Special Effects

So we may not have Jaws 19 yet. But, yes, the shark does look incredibly fake this time!

Practical special effects have taken a back seat to CGI these days. Gone are the days where movie studios would create miniature models, put on prosthetic makeup and actually mold monsters out of clay and rubber. Everything is done in a computer these days. It makes financial sense because it’s much cheaper… but I do miss the old days when they actually made something the actors can interact with!

Also, love them or hate them, 3-D movies are a thing. They may not be holograms like in Back to the Future, Part II, so Hollywood still has their work cut out.


The Kinect

Hey, is that Elijah Wood?

Okay, so this may not be a totally accurate prediction since hands free gaming still isn’t the norm in 2015. But in Back to the Future Part II, we know that it does exist because little Elijah Wood is sooooo surprised that Marty actually has to use his hand to play Wild Gunman. Bratty kids. Have you no respect for gaming history!

Anyway, we do have some gaming peripherals that do enable us to play video games without the use of our hands. Microsoft’s Kinect is a prime example of this. Still, I don’t see how hands free gaming will become the norm, especially since gamers don’t like the Kinect that much!

Thank God you're not required anymore!

Thank God you’re not required anymore!

Maybe it will be the standard but, right now, we’re just getting used to the fact we don’t have long cords connecting our controllers to our gaming consoles!


Multiple Video Streams/YouTube

Yes, I’m stretching it quite a bit here but, hey, it’s my list!

This is how I watch YouTube

This is how I watch YouTube

When the movie was released, the idea of having access to multiple channels at one time was unheard of. But with broadband internet as well a high powered computers, it’s become incredibly easy to simultaneously display multiple video streams on your computer at any time.

I liken this to YouTube because, if I’m like other people who love YouTube, I usually have multiple tabs on my browser devoted to YouTube. I also like doing this when there are video game tournaments, like EVO. So I don’t miss any of the action!


Flat TVs and Teleconferencing

Heh, heh. Faxes.

So they didn’t the the “faxes in every room” thing right. I’m not even sure if kids know what a fax is! But the movie successfully predicted flat screen TVs would be affordable and eliminated the need for CRT television sets.

They also foresaw that television wasn’t just going to be used to watch television programs; they could be used to communicate with people all over the world in an instant! We, of course, have things like Face Time and Skype that does this kind of thing on not just a television, but on teeny, tiny mobile devices. Speaking of which…


The Proliferation of Mobile Devices and Being Always Connected to the Internet

Back to the Future, Part II nailed this one almost exactly!

Ignore the hydrating pizza. What we’re looking at is Marty’s kids and their mobile devices while at the dinner table. Notice how they’re still on their Google Glass-like mobile devices. And just watch how they’re not really paying attention to their parents as they’re so consumed with being connected to the Internet all the time!

Sadly, this is pretty much the norm these days. People are now always connected to the Internet thanks to mobile devices. We are all obsessed with being online that, say, oh, I don’t know, we have someone in front of them they can actually talk to, the little beep on our phone will always take priority.


So, those are just five things Back to the Future got right. It’s sad to think that, on October 22, 2015, “the future” will be the past. Still, it does make me imagine what wonders the future will hold…

…like where the heck is my flying car?

Are there other things Back to the Future, Part II got right? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!

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